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  1. A couple of crucial games on Sky today and tomorrow.

    Today, @17:15. Forest v Leicester. Although, at the moment this result doesn''t concern us.

    @ 19:45 Leeds v Reading. Really hope Leeds can prevent Reading taking all 3 points. Com''on you Leeds.

    Saturday @ 12:30. Cardiff v QPR. Same again. Com''on you R''s!

  2. Dr. Ink wrote.

    "Because effectively they are already up! Their spies in the FA will already know their punishment will just be a paltry fine from Ecclestones billions."

    Not necessarily. Q.P.R. could still be deducted enough points to put them out of the frame (unlikely, i know) and those odds are still for whoever finishes highest, whatever happens to Q.P.R.

  3. [quote user="a1canary"]Sorry, but i don''t agree with this. Unless PL knows for sure (or as best as he medically can) that his injury is fine. Why else would you give him the chance to go out and rip it again? It''s not as if he can now say, "sorry boss, fans, i don''t fancy it tonight".Strange.[/quote]

    PL knows what he''s doing, It keeps Watford guessing.

  4. CaptnCanary wrote the following post at 09/04/2011 1:30 PM:

    Herman wrote:

    question marks wrote:

    Herman wrote:

    I was looking at west end rocker,also State of Play.

    west end rocker will be about 14-1 when it starts, get your bets on early

    Just got it at 34s.41s for State of Play. 365 are doing the first 5 on each ways.

    Will Hills doing first 6 I do believe!

    It''s Victor Chandler bookies that are doing first 6.

  5. Vokes would be a back up for Holt, i should think.

    Macheco, seems very similar to Hooly, at 5'' 6", plays left sided attack, or free role off, or behind the strikers.

    Certainly more attacking options, and more competition for places now.

    Get a chance to see Macheco tonight online in France v Spain under 21''s.


    Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

    Eleven debutants as Young Lions draw 0-0 in Koper.

    The England U16 team played out a 0-0 draw with Slovenia in their traditional February friendly.

    Although there were no goals, this match gave Head Coach Kenny Swain the opportunity to give eleven players their England debut. Norwich ‘keeper Angus Gunn, son of Bryan, kept a clean sheet on his maiden appearance, while Jack Jebb, Ryan Innis, Alastair Gordon, Kieran Wallace and Chuba Akpom were also handed their first international starts.

    Tom Fry, Joe Rothwell, Luke Shaw, Darren McQueen and Josh Webb all came off the bench for their debuts. Diego Poyet, son of Brighton manager Gus, captained the side.

    Due to the bad weather late in 2010 causing two Victory Shield fixtures to be re-scheduled, this was only the second match the U16s have played this season and they will finally complete their Victory Shield campaign in March. Next up is a trip to Northern Ireland on Wednesday 23 March.

  7. I prefer to let Paul Lambert & the back room staff identify who we can get, make the offers, & sign the best we can afford. Then train them, and only Paul Lambert & his coaches are qualified to know what players and tactics are best suited to the upcoming game.

    If we manage to get any players in tomorrow, fine, but you won''t find me dreaming up this or that player is on his way, i''ll just wait until it actually happens. I''ve got xperteleven for the fantasy football stuff.
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