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  1. If we get 3-3.5 million for the pair of them how much do you think will be made available for replacements ?

    I reckon about 500-700k if we,re lucky and the residue will go in the usual black hole same as always.

    Next  we,ll hear that the club is going flat out to sign quality replacements. (yeah, as long they,re freebies or cheap)

    Hucks is fuming. yeah so are we mate.

    I,ve supported City since 1962 when i was 15 years old i''m now 60 and can''t remember being more demoralised about where we''re heading.

    Grant said on saturday that Etuhu did''nt travel to Exeter because he had tootheache. (Alarm bells imediately start ringing)

    By the way the reason i did''nt start supporting City until i was 15 is because my family moved here from Essex where i supported Saafend.[:''(]      

  2. with his no-nonsence tackles but im worried about Brellier giving away too many penalties/free kicks in dangerous areas.

    Maybe i''m paranoid. But his disipline record at Hearts was 22 yellow cards & 2reds in 50 starts. How many more free kicks/penalties did he give away.

    Dont get me wrong i hope he becomes a legend for us but it wont help if he''s suspended half the season and given away shedloads of goals from fouling too much.

    i''m hoping he''s gonna be "hard but legal" (The Judge)   

  3. i''ve been thinking the same thing.

    we were a small squad last season, we''ve released/sold about 7 so far (how many more to go?)

    the players we''ve signed look good on paper but, they might not be in reality.

    we need a decent squad to push on for promotion.

    c''mon you Yellows.  

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