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  1. I''m only guessing, which is all any of us can do really, that Kenny doesn''t have him in Liverpools plans.

    Younger players than Dani have made the breakthrough already, and apparently Liverpool are planning more big name signings in the summer.

    My guess is that Dani will be sold back to a Spanish club, rather than to a rival premier team, just in case his career does take off. His reputation in Spain is probably even higher in Spain than here or at Liverpool, so they would probably get a higher transfer fee.

  2. Bore Bore Bor wrote the following post at 12/05/2011 8:58 PM:

    Sometimes distance can lend you a perspective on things that isn''t possible when you''re caught up in the moment.

    I note that between 40,000 and 50,000 Norwich City "fans" turned out to see "their team" at City Hall. Would these be the same fans who failed to fill Carrow Road for the first 12 games? The same fans who didn''t take their places in those extra seats that McNally and Bowkett thought would be needed?

    Dear, oh dear. Whatever happened to For Better For Worse, For Richer, For Poorer? A little success and all the plastic fans come scuttling out of the woodwork. Still, perhaps after an initial taste of success they will get hooked and come back time after time. Or perhaps they will drift away with the Autumn leaves once we''re in the bottom half of the table come November. Who can tell? At least thanks to the BBC and Match of the Day, The World And His Wife can watch without a satellite dish.

    I think there are something like 400,000 people worldwide, who follow City in one form or another.

    Just how are they all supposed fit into Carrow Road every week?

    Looking at your location i''ll hazzard a guess you don''t go every week either, but just felt you had to have a moan.

  3. This surprised me. Since our first season in the top flight, 1972-73, next season, 2011-12 will be our 22nd season in the top flight in those 39 seasons.

    So 17 seasons we weren''t in the top flight out of the last 39 seasons.

    I''ve supported Norwich since 1962, and never felt so excited about the summer incoming transfers, that may surprise many of us, but trust Paul Lambert and staff to get the best value for money and develop the players into a competitive squad that should surprise a few people next season.

    I didn''t feel at all happy with the squad Worthy assembled last time we were there, but i''m sure we''ll be fine this time.

  4. This is how I see it

    1. On Monday, QPR will be deducted enough points to put them bottom of the Championship.

    2. I am glad we are up and dont have to worry as we are already up

    3. I think Burnley will beat Cardiff, and Swansea will beat Sheff. Utd, meaning the best team we have played this season, Swansea, will take 2nd place, behind us.

    4. After QPR''s deductions, Cardiff,Reading, Forest, and 1 of Leeds, Millwall or Burnley fight it out in the Play Offs.

    5. I don my tin hat and get ready for incoming abuse from all quarters

    6. FA should have black and white rules in place where all fines or points deductions are laid out so all know where one stands

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