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  1. Some confusion seems to be about what a Yankee bet is.

    Yankee Bet explained.

    A Yankee is bet consisting of 4 selections, be it horses, football matches or whatever. You need at least 2 selections to win to get a return on your stake.(a double) Any 3 of the 4 selections win is a treble. All 4 selections win is a 4 timer.

    = If all 4 selections win, you get 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four timer. But if only 3 selections you get 3 doubles and 1 treble. 2 selections win and you get a double.

    Amount staked can be to suit your pocket, but it is 11 bets in total.

    I hope that doesn''t confuse you even more.

  2. [quote user="arrdee"]

    Now I have some exciting news, for you lovely old Pickers , I have been asking some of my local firms for sponsorship for the Free Bet and so far I have found a few that will sponsor to us as well as Dixmar as just a one off, one week sort of thing I have been asking for £11 and I have had a response from 3 who have agreed , why £11 well that would cover a £1 yankee bet ,where the Picker selects his 4 best of his 6 or however many he picks with his main bet with Dixmar , so 7rew when you make your selections if you put your 4 best at the top they will be covered in a Yankee bet which means if you only get 2 right we win .

    Now arrdee is not going to miss out on this , so arrdee is shoving those others aside . Its arrdee meats  that is going to be the first  one in on this , I don''t intend to mention any other business interests I have. I don''t think it would be right and proper. 

    If you don''t understand what I am saying to you I am sure that Nutty can explain it far more better than me. I will just say that you wont be joining Yankee and Fellas on arrdees line of fame only if you get all your selections right .[Y]arrdee.

    Yankee 2,fellas,                                                                                                                                                                             £167.


    Exciting news indeed Arrdee. Well done. It makes for even more interest and more regular winnings, because we should be able to get our 4 more dead certs to get a result easier than 6/7 selections.

    Do i understand that you will be putting up this weeks £11 stake, to be followed by other business''s in following weeks ? If so it''s a brilliant idea and i can see us winning a regular, if smaller amount for the academy each week.

    We caught Ivory Coast at right time at the weekend. Ive just watched them get thrashed 4-1 by Egypt.    

  3. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]

    if anything happens to dublin or evans this may be our best option? what do people think? personally i remain unconvinced about chris martin.

    does anybody know if we have any other good strikers coming through the youth set up who may be ready for a chance?


    Regarding the younsters, we can speculate all we like about their merits but only Glenn and his staff will know if they are ready for the step up or not. I hope Chris Martin realises this is a golden opportunity to get his career back on track, if he cant make the most of it more fool him. Hucks can only be an impact striker coming off the bench to produce a moment of magic (hopefully) but you know he wont be a conventional striker cos he cant help drifting to he wing. I trust Glenn to know what he''s doing and if he feels we dont need another loan striker so be it. Maybe Gibbs or Henry could be the answer. Thiery Henry was a winger until Wenger converted him. James Henry is 6''1". very tall for a winger, if could convert to striker like his namesake........    

  4. England 2 Croatia 0 Played at Swindon Crowd 11300.

    All 3 started for England. James Henry played a blinder, but was subbed after 79 minutes (hope he wasn''t injured , the report didn''t say.)

    The other 2 played 90 minutes.

    Scott Sinclair, penalty and Ciaran Clark scored the goals in front of 11300 fans in horrible weather conditions. I would think thats a good size crowd for Swindons ground.

    I''m pleased Kieron Gibbs got 90 minutes as i dont think he''s had a lot of football lately. Well done lads.    

  5. [quote user="arrdee"]

    I  think a special mention should be made for those other Pickers who helped "Fellas" Trent, Pboro,Cosmic ,Leeds,and of course "Yankee"

    I was thinking about the regular Pickers we have in our team with the experience and youth mix , we have "Yankee" "Blah" Gentleman Jim ,Lucky, G .T, City A ,we also have the talented Nutty ,what would we do without him ? those I consider are the ones with experience .

    Then we have the young guns , Fellas , 7rew, we8,norfolkchance , p boro, c george, leeds ,shack ,trent, jas, cosmic, lapp,

    Then there''s myself who has ...er..er..er..er..sausages.[:)] arrdee

    Yankee2 Fellas.


    Ray, you lovely old boy. I was chuffed to bits to see myself as 1 of the young guns.

    Unfortunately i''m 16 in reverse next week. When i was 16 Kevin Keelan and Ron Davies were having their first season with us. (1963)

    I''m still young in my head, but the body carried on getting older. lol. But you say it''s good to have a mix of youth and experience in our "team".

    Now. Come on boys and girls lets keep the momentum going with another win at the weekend for Norwich and the "Free Bet Team"


  6. Com''on everybody, get behind Ivory Coast to beat Guinea in the Africa Nations cup. It''s the last leg of our 7 match accumulator on the Weekend Free bet. Our leader (Arrdee,) Nutty Nigel, Fellas and the rest of our mottley crew would appreciate your support to complete a rare occaision (it will be only the 3rd time the bet has succeeded this season if we win) I ''m feeling very confident.

    The game kicks off at 8-30 on B.B.C.3. 


  7. It seems to me that nearly all the goals we''ve scored in the Roeder revolution have been either scored or created by Dion with a flick on. He''s crucial to us. We''re gonna miss his leadership when he goes.As somebody else said it''s like having another manager out there on the pitch. I know he''s got no coaching badge but he would be so valuable to us when he hangs up his boots.


  8. [quote user="arrdee"]

    What an exciting day we have in store , we have Inter Milan first up k.o.2 o''clock , now does anyone know how we can keep in touch with that match? and if Inter win Its all riding on the Ivory Coast this evening k.o.7 30 that match is live on B B C 3 also I believe on Euro sport . Now this Is what the Free Bet Is all about entertainment and excitement .

    "Fellas" this is your day , well just relax and let it wash over you ,we all know you are going to do It , If we lose no one is going to blame you , besides you provided more than enough excitement yesterday and you know us family of lovely old Pickers don''t do any finger pointing ,arrdee wont have any of that on the Free Bet thread .

    We all admire you "Fellas" for getting so close anyway, especially me and I know I can say the same for Nutty,I know he Is proud of you young man, I can''t wait to put you on arrdees line of fame alongside "Yankee" you will be in good company . Talk to you lovely old Pickers later [Y] arrdee.



    Hello Ray, Channel five have got Football Italiano at 13.45 Inters not the main game but they keep up to date with the other scores.

    B.B.C. 3 Have got the Ivory Coast game live kicking off at 20.30.

    Lets hope we can see our Free Bet "Coasting" to our 3rd win of the season, fingers and everything else crossed. 

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