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  1. [quote user="Salahuddin"]Is he any good?[/quote]

    Kevin Mcdonald. 19 year old. Dundee, Scottish 1st div. 39 games this season, 11 goals. If he''s a midfielder, thats a good return. Seems to be a bit fiery tho. 8 yellows and a red card. Only young, so could have a lot of potential.

    Going by our recent history with  Scottish Premier players, the Scottish 1st div. is probably the equal of our div. 1 or 2. 

  2. Playing Gibbs in the startimg eleven was another strange tactical choice from Roeder. Is he trying keep Wenger sweet ?

    Dions influence was missing. The Turners. If they are not going to put up big money in the summer, should be told to eff. off. If they came to the club thinking it was another money making opportunity, by now they must realise they''ve backed a loser.  

    I think we will stay up this year, but not by our abilities, but the failure of other teams. Thats a disgraceful state of affairs.

    I don''t blame Delia and Michael Wyn Jones at all, they have put more than enough over the years.

    It''s the Turners that have to step forward and save the club this time. I hope they will, but i''m not holding my breath on that.  

    They need to fund the club in the summer to the tune of 15-20 million pounds. If not, we will definitely go down next season. They have the money. Time to put up, or shut up.

    Before the start of this season, it was glaringly obvious to everyone that going into the season with just Doc an Shacks as central defenders was crazy, but because the Board thought we would get lucky once again, no central defender was paid for. Doc and Shacks aint good enough.The loan players have saved us this season,  but we can''t go into next season with 15 or so loan players. the money has to put up. Not £5 million or so, that won''t even paper over the cracks. Step forward Mr and Mrs Turner,or step aside. You have the money, if you truly support this club, no more piddling little "loans". We need investment.

    I have supported this club since 1962, and seen some great times. Lack of investment has bought the club to it''s knees.

    C''mon let''s be avin you.    

  3. Dont be afraid to give a selection thats already been picked. It''s much better than having 25 people giving a different game, just to be different. If 3 or 4 people or more give the same selection, it is much better than giving a 2nd best choice.

    Good luck to the bet.

    As for the Grand National, if i was having a bet in it, i''d be on Comply or die @ 10/1. But the National is such a lottery and it''s more luck than anything if you get the winner. Be lucky !

  4. Now, Watton earth have you started here Ray.


    Carlisle to beat Yeovil    Nap. Carlisle are the stand out team when they are odds on at home, according to that Footballl Anorak site. And at 8/15 not bad value.

    Grand National selection to follow on Friday night. Good luck, gang. 

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