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  1. Dont no if this vid has been posted, but i thought i would put a link, These lads (including me) go to all the home games, and as many away games as we can, and we always sing and have a good time and get behind the team,..   http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bP7SDQZ8L90
  2. I Also Went In The Car With Famile And Friends.. Parking Is Really Bad. It Is An Doggey Estate. We Were Pusshed Into A Garrage Wasnt Sure If It Was Going To Be There When We Got Back.. Going On The Bus This Time : )
  3. Jan 21, 2008, Clarky 27 , United Kingdom Im a norwich fan, was sitting right next to the bury fans at the 1-1 draw.. was great to see them all having a good time.. dont be sad southampton   Done :D
  4. you mean... Exeter 2 - 1 Norwich (chadwick)
  5. How can you all take the mick and say "Andy Hughes" should go!! he was one of our best players in my eyes at the end of last season , his work rate is quality and when we cheer his name (wich alot of fans did) he loved it and it made him give more...   Andy Hughes a quality player!!! 
  6. Would be good to have one. see all the replays and goals but no chance i dont think becasue it will encure the view of the people watching the game from the hotel windows. 
  7. Mine comes up that but instead of after entering your login information   click "login" or what ever the message is with your cursor   allways works   let me no if what i have said is correct for you....?
  8. Just scored in the playoff final.. if only we would he got him
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