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  1. I suppose the likes of Ipswich have had little choice but to use their Academy players recently, and the results could have gone either way. As much as it pains me to say it, you have to give them credit for bringing the youngsters through like they have and still challenge for the play offs. This season might be asking too much of them though. I know Jarvis hasn''t scored bagfulls but he clearly is talented. Hendo is sharp up front when alongside him but I agree they don''t seem to be able to cut it at first team level, particularly Hendo. While we''re relatively rolling in money I guess Worthy isn''t going to chance things with nippers - although McKenzie''s injury might just give Jarvis the chance. And may I say how nice it is to have a debate about something other than whether or not Worthy should stay. OTBC
  2. Isn''t spawning many players is it? Granted, Shacks is here but it''s been going for a while now and no-one seems to be pushing through. When will Hendo prove his worth? What''s happened to ''the most exciting young talent in years'' Ryan Jarvis? These two have been around for years but it aint happening - and where are the others? I''ve not been to many reserves games but there always seems some good players in there - what the hell are we doing with them? Anyone know of any prodigious talents we can expect, or is the Academy just an expensive waste of time?
  3. I think Little Mac and Ashton could be quite a handful. And his touch is a lot surer than Leon''s. My only concern is that Little Mac gets shoved off the ball quite easily. Huckerby is becoming part of the problem, not the solution, but that might be down to Worthy''s instructions. Keep him on the left, supplying crosses and cutting in, what he does best. He aint no striker, that''s for sure. Some nice intelligent stuff from him, Ashton and Little Mac might work wonders...
  4. The problem is that the ''quick throw to Hux'' from Green got us out of a lot of holes when we won the league 2 years ago. Since then though, we''ve become way too reliant on it and every other team has sussed it out. His quality as an attacking winger is undoubted, but we''ve got to stop using him as the first option every time we get the ball at the back. Two perfect examples against Palace this season: Ashton''s goal was a beauty, played with patience from the defence to midfield, midfield to Ashton, bang. Just what we like to see. However: Palace put us under a bit of pressure at the end of the half, Green plays the ''quick throw to Hux'' panic ball, he loses it, Johnson scores. This happened too often last season as well and we haven''t seemed to learn from it: maybe 3 games out will make us come to our senses, just like when we learned to stop lumping the ball up to Iwan (but my god, that took long enough..)
  5. It''s bizarre that he hasn''t put Jarrett in yet, unless he''s completely unfit. We need some kind of spine though - someone solid and experienced (with a little more pace and ball-playing ability than Flem) next to Shack and someone to lighten (the so far excellent) Safri''s load a little by getting into the box and picking up that second ball from the strikers (like that bloke Francis used to do). So many times against Leeds the ball came out of their area to the 18 yard line from our crosses, only for none of our players to be near it. For the last two years we had someone to do that - Francis - and if he didn''t score, someone would pick up the rebound. Our entire midfield seem afraid to get anywhere near the box at the moment.
  6. I''m not sure spending £2m on a striker who Steve Bruce hopes "has better luck in front of goal" would have been that sensible really. And let''s face it, none of us on were that excited about it, which wasn''t only due to our worries about Ashton. If Morrison was worth that much money, why was he 6th in Brum''s striker line up? I think this might turn out to be a blessing in disguise - and we could do with a little luck after the week we''ve had. Now let''s spend £2m on a decent centre back and attacking midfielder, please....
  7. Hucks didn''t actually say it was easy to stay in the premier, he said it was easier than getting promotion. And he has a point - we''d have stayed up quite easily if we hadn''t made so many basic defending errors.
  8. The point was that we do have a fair bit of transfer money, and surely we could splash a little on a decent defender, and that somebody of Lescott''s quality would be ideal. I agree he wouldn''t come here. We can but hope though? 
  9. Strangely, I shall miss the quality of football on offer at every ground we visited (and at home), but I guess that''s just a small thing... sigh...
  10. Flem has not been the same since Malky left. The amount of balls Flem lumped up the field last year made you appreciate just how (surprisingly) good Malky was at bringing other players into the game. I don''t care how good or loyal he has been, we MUST replace Fleming with a strong, influential centre back RIGHT NOW. I''ve met the bloke and he''s lovely, but he''s lost it, and at his age it doesn''t come back. Is it too much to ask to spend maybe only one of those 27 million pounds we''ve been given this season and last on a decent bloody defender? Perhaps then him (Lescott from Wolves, ideally) and Shacks can have a season creating an awesome partnership that we can take into the Premiership with pride, rather than trepidation.
  11. I think you''ll find there is such a thing as ''overlap'' on these pages, which means I hadn''t seen your other post, so let''s all calm down, caaaalm down like.
  12. And how do you think the other players will feel when you start booing? I''ll bet they''ll be really chuffed with you. Not to mention the advantage it will give the opposition. Grow up.
  13. Aye Wiz, I hate to say you told us so but I''m starting to think that, well, you told us so...
  14. [quote]The only logical explanation for me is that he has Bentley ready to sign!?[/quote] Of course - I''m sure the not-in-the-least-bit-tetchy Mr Bentley would kill to play at the likes of Gresty Road this season... And to the ''Jonson was siht'' brigade: well, were you applauding Iwan as he waved goodbye to us? Probably. Were you booing him (privately or otherwise) in his first season? Probably. At least Jonson''s been honest about his efforts and surprisingly up front about wanting to stay. Surely he deserves our respect, and another chance for that?
  15. Can anyone tell me how we''re going to get promotion by signing players who''ve been stuck in the middle to lower reaches of the 1st division? And saying "so-and-so''s not going anywhere" and then selling them the following week? Shouldn''t we be signing some winners? A couple of bloody good defenders woudn''t go amiss. Oh, I forgot, we''ve got Flem and the Ginger Pele. Silly me.
  16. Hallelujah, those of us who can''t afford to go to away games will no longer have to listen to the commentator for the over-80s. Whenever I listen to Roy, I always get the impression the game is in black and white or sepia, and the players are wearing long baggy shorts and smoking pipes whilst kicking around a pig''s bladder. However, I fear Boreham will be like his young erstwhile sidekick, afraid to inject any pace into the commentary in case he offends his ageing mentor, so we ''aint got much to look forward to there. Plus we''ll still have to listen to that whining nonce Adams who''s still afraid to criticise anyone in case they won''t make him welcome at Delia''s dos. Saying that though, I guess Radio Norfolk''s catchment age group doesn''t go much under 65 for the rest of its programmes so why should we expect any different for the footy?
  17. Just what we need - another ''hard working'' midfielder. Maybe I''m being a bit harsh - after all, this is the Chumpionship and we''ll need players who get stuck in at times, and we''ll need cover for Safri''s inevitable suspensions. Good luck to him. Gary Holt to Hearts, anyone?
  18. I''m probably not saying anything that a million of you haven''t already said this season but I left Norwich to travel the world the day after beating Southampton with hope and pride in my heart, but right now I''m really ashamed by what''s going on. We were a match for anyone at that point - we just needed a goal scorer and to tidy up a bit at the back but what happened? I''ve seen many games on the TV in various lands and I cannot believe that a manager with such defensive pedigree would allow the kind of schoolboy defending I''ve been witnessing around the world. The Man City game, for me, was the perfect example of everything that has been wrong with our team this year. Sure, I haven''t seen all the games but friends and websites have assured me that I''m right. Against Man City, our strikers had earned their money after only 20 minutes. The least they deserved was not to have all their hard work undone by our appalling defence and midfield. And hasn''t this been the case since Ashton was signed? I know we had injuries but this is no excuse for Edworthy conceding countless headers because he is 5ft away from his man at every set piece. There is no excuse not to have played experienced players who have proved themselves around the world. There is no excuse to not have a tackling ball player in midfield - how else are our strikers supposed to get the ball in the first place? Francis has been great but he is held back by Holt, a man who is incapable of playing a pass more than 10 yards. There was no excuse not to give Jarvis a go after scoring one of City''s goals of the season. I''m no longer going to believe that the ''look where we were 5 years ago'' brigade are right. We, as a club, know better than that because we are a Premiership side, and it is appalling that Worthington has not learnt the many errors of his ways this season. He did last season and it got us up, so why be so resigned to relegation this time? He owes us an explaination or at least the chance to see our ''new'' signings play out the season and not go down without a fight. Because, even though I''m 1000s of miles away, I can hear the Ipswich taunts from here, and that hurts. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, Yours, King Juan
  19. Wow - I''m amazed how many people have suddenly seen the light and realise that we need to be playing the guys we brought in with EXPERIENCE. No matter how hard Eddy, Flem, Holt etc try, they simply don''t have the experience of loads of caps for Denmark, Rep. Ireland, Morrocco, Sweden and so on - the type of experience we desperately need in this league, the type of players who have played against quality, often. These players are the types of players who will be able to give Hucks the support he deserves, play that extra fine ball to him where he can do the most damage, or be confident enough to shoot themselves, or (as we have seen from Jonson) hold onto the ball when there are no options, rather than punting it hopefully and thefore giving it away (the source of most of the goals scored against us). Worthy''s had a lovely time being loyal to the boys but it''ll be a complete waste of time and money if he doesn''t start bedding these players in NOW. Some of our most loyal servants may be playing fairly well (Eddy, Francis) but it doesn''t mean those not even on the bench can''t play better. My team for Sat: Green, Helveg, Doherty, Charlton, Drury, Jonson, Safri, Mulryne/Francis, Bentley, Huckerby, McKenzie. Experience, pace, height, creativity. And hopefully some goals...
  20. It''s an old Worthy tactic. He knows it''s not really Hendo being booed, but the decision to play him. He''s just deflecting attention from himself. He''s right though, it''s not fair to boo him but he can hardly blame us for groaning when the ball''s given away (especially when we should be cruising it against ten men...). It''s only a natural reaction!
  21. It''s not a case of slagging Hendo off - it wasn''t his fault, he was just the wrong man at the wrong time. Worthy just got it wrong; we needed someone with a little more savvy attacking them. Unfortunately for Hendo, he just hasn''t quite got the skills (yet) to be able to put his foot on the ball. Too many times he tried to get past the last defender, lost the ball and we found ourselves caught on the break. He''d do well to learn from Jonson, who I think is excellent at being able to look up and say, ''ok, no options, I''ll keep hold of the ball until there is one''. But then half our fans boo when we pass the ball around at the back - we''ve still got the ball but they still ''aint happy, so what do I know....
  22. Totally agree A47 - it''s not as if we''ve been playing badly all the time. Maybe if we had been, we''d be seeing these draws as a good thing, so perhaps we should be grateful that we''re able to match teams. The important thing is not to panic, relax and let it happen. The same could be said to the team...
  23. Anyone hear Simon Charlton on Radio Roy last night? Asked whether he felt like our first win was a million miles away, he took the longest of breaths and said he couldn''t see where it was going to come from. I think he talks a lot of sense - he was spot on about defending too deep yesterday and us going missing in the middle of the park - but if even he can''t see a way out then I worry that the rest of the side already think we''re screwed?
  24. The Blackburn game really showed the two sides of NCFC at the mo. Great going forward but panicky on the defensive. Worthy MUST learn that if he''s going to go on about players not giving the ball away, well, he''s got to pick players who won''t give the ball away. Henderson and Holt were precisely the wrong people to have on the pitch yesterday. This isn''t the first division any more, we can''t just play kick-and-rush and hope a quick player gets hold of it. Yesterday''s 2nd half was a perfect opportunity for Mcveigh, Helveg, Mulryne, Safri and even Bentley but half of them weren''t even on the bench. What a ridiculous decision to replace the excellent and improving Jonson with not one of them but Hendo; we went from an accompished looking side to seriously first division again. We must do the following: DROP Holt and bring in a ball player: Safri, who is a good, tough tackling ball player (despite what the idiots among us say, who have seen all of about 180 minutes from him and slag him off anyway). Even Mulryne would be better, although his tackling is a little ''wayward''. Holt brings us no way out when we''re up against it, because he has no vision. Drop him now. STOP playing people ''just cos they make the effort''. I''m tired of reading people on this board stand by the likes of Holt just because they work hard/did well in the past etc etc. Holt is NOT up to premiership standard. Hendo shouldn''t have even been on the bench yesterday, but because he tried hard against Newcastle, he gets a game. Ridiculous. We bought these new players to add experience and calm heads to the team (such as the excellent Simon Charlton), so why the hell isn''t Worthy using them? Even Helveg should be getting more run outs. Just because he hasn''t done it yet (again, we''ve only seen about 180 mins of him, all you fools who call him a ''disgrace'') doesn''t mean that he isn''t a vastly experienced player who we could bl00dy well do with right now. Whilst Edworthy has been excellent, I really think we need more stability at the back and him bombing up and down like a headless chicken doesn''t always help. Again, he''s a battler, I really admire him but we need to be realistic and ask ourselves whether we''d rather trust a player with 80 international caps who''s played at the highest level. Same goes for Safri - premiership experience, international captain. Mcveigh - the same, 20 odd international caps, same as Mulryne but they don''t get on the pitch in front of Hendo. Where''s the sense in any of it, I ask you?
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