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  1. It''s never too late in this league. Everyone seems to have forgotten how we managed to get there before - the epitome of how to scrape into the play-offs at the very last minute... We may not have confidence but at least we have hope.
  2. Why not go to the game, support the team (as you all claim to do anyway) and make your feelings known there? Those who went to Derby made much more of an impact than those whingeing on this board, and those who grumbled quietly in the corners at the AGM but were too gutless to stick their hands up and say anything. If you''re not there, no-one will notice you. Boycotting games is for supporters whose directors are ripping the heart and soul out of the club. This is not the Chase era. Make yourself seen and heard and be proud of it, and stop hiding behind message-boards and ''stay-aways''. Anyone would think you''re scared of admitting what you think.
  3. You''re right Salopian, we haven''t looked the same since that 5-0 win at Crewe 2 years ago. I really believe we have had a generally ''clueless'' look about us since the start of the premiership and I think a lot of that was down to not replacing players of the stature of Iwan and Malky. I don''t for a minute think they could have coped in the Prem but we haven''t had anyone on the pitch to inspire the other players when things have looked down. Although it pains me to say it, we need to check our expectations of this season because last season was pretty much a disaster. I know we had a decent run towards the end but let''s be honest, it was against teams with nothing to play for. It gave us false hopes. We were relegated in February. The Fulham game just proved the point. Had we let Helveg stamp his undoubted authority on the team earlier in the season (difficult, I know, as he took time to adjust), I think he could have made a good captain and leader in place of Malky and Iwan, but Worthy did his usual thing of ''going with the hard workers'' and putting us into headless chicken mode. When the time came to get down to the post-xmas scrap, we had no leader on the field and everyone was looking at each other for answers. No one had them. The fact that we didn''t sign Morrison at the start of this season was another bad blow. While I didn''t think he''s worth £2m, it was a signal to other teams and, more importantly, our own players that we meant business. We lost out and have continued doing so ever since. Worthy baffles me sometimes but I''m prepared to see what happens over xmas and in the January transfer window - where the board really ought to prove their worth - until I make a judgement. I''ve been watching for 20 years and the one thing I know is that you can''t predict what''s going to happen five games from now. Five good wins and we''ll all be talking about beating Man Utd again next season... OTBC
  4. Having what appeared to be a very animated discussion over a couple of pints. Lots of point making by Balls, lots of hand gestures by Doomcaster. Wonder if we''ll be privy to the conversation in the press this weekend? I doubt it....
  5. [quote]Don''t get all worked up by what Munby says, remember he once said that the club wouldn''t risk buying Hucks, (in fact he told me that personally as well as numerous press releases at the time), and the...[/quote] Wouldn''t you go back on your word about buying Hucks if people suddenly came up with the money? I can''t believe you reckon you shouldn''t trust Munby because he said we wouldn''t buy Hucks, that''s just ridiculous. There''s a lot of old flannel being spouted on this board at the mo, and our new wonder signing hasn''t even kicked a ball yet. I think we should all say a silent prayer for what we really need: A nice run of injury free weeks, a settled team who can finally work together without thinking who they''ll be playing alongside next week, some confidence building wins and a cracking set of results in the run up to xmas. And let''s remember, a solid run of results in this league puts us in a play-off position.
  6. I was at the AGM last night and there were a lot of ligitimate questions asked, some of which were answered honestly, some in the usual PR manner. The most annoying thing though, and the most TYPICAL was that none of the people grumbling under their breath around the edges of the meeting had the balls to stand up and actually say anything. They''ll be the same people who''ll boo Worthy from the protection of the stands and run away to pub complaining about our ''disgraceful'' team. None of them voted against the board, either, which they should have done of they don''t believe the cub is being run in the maner they think it should. Gutless wonders, the lot of them.
  7. This is an absolutely pointless post Wiz. We have lost a few games and things aren''t going to plan, that''s all. We are not even remotely back in the Chase era. Calm down.
  8. Why Charlton for Jarrett? Why isn''t Jarvis playing regularly, or at least coming off the bench more often? Why didn''t he start Hendo on Saturday? Why is he tinkering when playing a basic shape with players in the correct positions would surely be more sensible? My mate at the game just told me the team''s shape left Brennan hopelessly exposed for at least 3 goals. I just don''t think Worthy''s got the intelligence to bring the best out of our players-at least consistently, anyway. That''s why we keep having games where we don''t concentrate for the full 90 mins.  
  9. GO ON DEANO I didn''t see Ashton last season as I was out of the country, but I tell you what, he''s rubbish at the moment and still scoring so I can''t wait to see him on top of his game. Assuming we don''t have to sell him at Xmas, that is (which we will if we carry on like this).  
  10. Wsan''t putting the blame on anyone Stevenage - just going on what Adams has been saying. He''s also saying we''re not playing that badly, which is bizarre. Whilst it''s not good having so many players out, we do have some pretty experienced players on the pitch so it''s inexcusable really. Something tells me the mentality is wrong and there''s generally only one person to blame for that... (although I hate to say it)
  11. 4-0 oh dear oh dear oh dear Sounds like the Doc is having a mare
  12. Mr Waghorn''s comments of late have had a certain air of exasperation about them. He gives the impression that he''s actually feeling the same way as us - thoroughly bored with being back in a rubbish division, watching pretty awful football, knowing it''s going to be a long, cold, hard winter and having to discuss the same points that come up every time Worthy gets his team selection and tactics wrong. The difference is, he won''t be allowed anywhere near Colney if he starts saying precisely he''s thinking; that''s why he always quotes the message board when things get hairy. I should think that being back in the press box at Brighton rather than Chelsea after so many years of loyal service is as much of a come down for him as it is for for us to be in the stands watching this tripe again after a year of hope. I do think it''s time he stopped telling us ''everything''s alright in the dressing room'' though.
  13. Having bowel cancer doesn''t make him a good commentator though, eh Wiz? Goreham is a breath of fresh air. Let''s at least usher in our latest period of mid-table mediocrity with some vaguely enthusiastic commentary, rather than the miserable droning of ''Rather be having a cup of tea'' Roy.
  14. Top work Eddie. Being as pretty much none of us know what we''re talking about when it comes to Ramadan, I''m going to try fasting on Sunday to see what it''s like. I''ve got a match that afternoon so I''ll let you know what happens. Anyone want to do the same?
  15. The way we used our formation last night was as balanced as I''ve ever seen it. We didn''t over use Hucks like we normally do and therefore were far less predictable. There was no panic running and Safri''s distribution was extra-special. Still appalled at the amount of people moaning at the ground when we were keeping excellent possession in the last 10-15 mins last night. 2-1 up with that amount of time to go and we nearly always get nervous, but not last night. We were composed and in command yet people STILL wanted us to attack! We did something we never normally do last night - we killed off the game! That''s the sign of a damn good team-enjoy it!
  16. Absolutely spot on Shardy. I''ve been a season ticket holder for more years than I care to remember but I was there during our strictly mediocre times under Hamilton, because I love the club and can''t bring myself to support anyone else (unlike several ''fans'' I''ve noticed passing on their season tickets after a couple of bad games). I can honestly say the reaction to the start of this season has been the most disgraceful and embarrassing I''ve ever encountered. Even worse than when we went to Fulham a few seasons ago (when they were top of the 1st) and people were singing ''we''re sh1t and we know we are''. If half of these people just shut up and let the team get on with it, remembering - sorry to break this to you Glory Hunters - that we only started winnning last season against teams with nothing to play for, we had no injury worries and still a relatively cheap and small squad, then perhaps they''d stop acting like spoilt children who seem to think that this division is going to be a ''cakewalk''. Mistakes will be made in football. Worthy is a funny old stick sometimes but still very young and inexperienced in managerial terms, just like Curbishley was when Charlton went down. Stop whingeing and give him a chance. And I''m sick of hearing this ''I hate booing but I reserve the right to boo if I want to'' nonsense. Either turn up and support the team or go and support the Binners, where booing is about the only noise they make at all.
  17. He''s said he''s sorry. I don''t hear any boo-boys apologising for their DISGRACEFUL behaviour this season. Now''s your chance! Start tonight! Get behind the team and remember that booing someone like Fleming, who has contributed more to this club in the last few years than anyone in the squad, both on and off the pitch, is far worse than Worthy having a heat-of-the-moment rant about some of the ridiculous, petty behaviour going on in the stands. I heard people booing when we were passing the ball around on Saturday. What the hell do you people want? Long ball? Right now I am ashamed to be a City fan. That''s the same City fan who was prouder than anything last year to travel and share the same stands and pubs as the likes of Newcastle, Man Utd and Arsenal fans, to hear them say what a great club we were with amazing supporters, how jealous they were that we supported our side through thick and thin. If they could see us now they''d laugh. Make the difference tonight - this is OUR club, for God''s sake start acting like you support it or don''t bother coming back.
  18. The point is that he didn''t need to say it at all. I think it''s a bit unnecessary considering how good the club (especially Worthy) were to him over the summer even though they knew he wanted to be elsewhere. Still, loyalty means nowt these days. All those fans who boo know that!
  19. It had to happen-he couldn''t keep his mouth shut. Kick us while we''re down, eh tosser? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damien Francis believes Wigan are better equipped for top-flight survival than his previous club Norwich City. The 28-year-old has settled in quickly after moving from Carrow Road following the Canaries'' relegation and scored the winner against Everton. "I had a taste of the Premiership last season and want a longer one this time," Francis told the Manchester Evening News. "It is where you want to be as a footballer and the whole of this club is geared towards doing that. "We are not here to make up the numbers, we are here to stay. With no disrespect to Norwich, Wigan have more quality in most areas."
  20. "Derby games are always an exception. So let''s not read too much into it." Normally I''d agree with you but we performed exactly as we keep doing this season after going a goal ahead: badly. That second half looked distinctly familiar to me.
  21. Three at the back tonight? WARD; SHACKELL, FLEMING, DRURY, HUCKERBY, JARRETT, BRENNAN, HUGHES, HENDERSON, JARVIS RYAN, DOHERTY. SUBS: GALLACHER, SAFRI, MCVEIGH, ASHTON, JARVIS ROSSI We don''t appear to have a right back in the team. Does this mean even more tinkering with systems by Worthy? How will Flem cope with his new captain? Will Jarvis get 6 goals and be elevated to the first team at last????
  22. I''ve had the same ''lucky'' thoughts about Worthy but I can''t make my mind up... Perhaps we should accept that Worthy might simply be a limited manager. He''s proven, over the last season and a bit, to not have that extra something when it really gets tough...
  23. "We''re too up and down" he says. "It''ll all come right eventually - you don''t become a bad team overnight" says everyone else. Well we''ve become a bad team overnight. We''ve had 9 games to get it right and it aint happening. Did anyone notice how only Hughes and Ashton applauded the fans on Saturday? That can only mean one thing: there are a lot of players here who aren''t happy. It''s been obvious by their body language from game one of this season. Something is wrong, and it must be Worthington. The players know what we know: he got us relegated by refusing to use talented players, and sticking with his old faves. He''s doing the same this year (Flem), and they''ve had enough. Lose on Sunday and he must go.
  24. I played really well on Saturday and even scored a goal. To show his appreciation of my part in the best team performance this season, the manager decided to drop me. Then he took my mate, the club''s best defender, off at half time against Watford tonight and replaced with a chap who''s been here about 5 minutes and doesn''t know anybody''s name, apart from Grandad''s, who he had to play next to. The manager also asked me to come on, realising what a mistake he''d made in the first place. I wasn''t very happy but I did my best and, funnily enough, we started remembering how to attack. Unfortunately though, because of Grandad''s mistakes in the first half we had a bit too much to do and lost the game. Ah well. This Sunday we''ve got a fun trip to Suffolk. It''s going to be a real adventure I think, because when I asked the manager what we were going to do there, he said he "hasn''t got a clue."
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