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  1. I know (no I really do) one of the goalposts at Colney, who Steve Foley sometimes leans against when watching training, and he told me that Foley had to go because he was having an affair with a unicorn who lives in Costessey. Apparently they had a horn-headed baby together and he was caught stealing NCFC tracksuits from the changing rooms to cloth it in. Him and Worthy had a massive ''it''s the club or the unicorn'' row on the training fields and Foley had to leave with his tail between his legs, which is a shame ''cos I''d heard he was the best horse-whisperer at the club, which Worthy didn''t like. Another mate of mine, one of the training cones at Colney, reckons David Williams is the next to go because he''s made of orange play-dough, and Worthy doesn''t like orange, even though Williams is loved by ALL the players ''cos he can be moulded into pretty star shapes and pretend footballs. Worthy doesn''t like him being popular for that either, so Williams is gone, you mark my words.
  2. [quote user="Dionysus"] The Preston fans probably kept faith in Preston because of his obvious ability for a while too. Juan - specific coaching! You''re having a laugh. Our lot couldn''t coach a fish to swim. [/quote] Must every conversation turn into a slagging of the management? I thought we were discussing players here. Give it a rest for once!
  3. From what I''ve seen of him he seems to like to control the game. With a bit of specific coaching I think he can focus his game and become a strong player. Maybe when Saf is fit they can draw up their lines of battle and start a good partnership. I''m really encouraged by his and Safri''s determination to get going next season - let''s hope the talk turns into reality! 
  4. It''s amazing how many people on this board seem to have the inside story on what''s really happening. Funny how no-one predicted Foley''s sacking though...
  5. GJL - I can understand how you feel, and I won''t take it personally, but that doesn''t mean those of us that stayed behind should be subject to abuse. I didn''t stay because I support Worthington, as I mentioned it''s because I wanted to applaud some loyal players who quite probably won''t be here next year. I think those who left showed their displeasure in the right way and I have absolutely no problem with it. It doesn''t make you or I a better fan than each other, and I''d like to think we both did what we did for the right reasons. However: CJF: I''m not sure there''s any need to be so personal is there? Your first rant seems completely unconnected to anything I''ve actually said, even though you''ve copied and pasted my quote (as you are so adept at doing). I haven''t at any point in the post said I support Worthington, or that I believe anything he says. I don''t get what you are trying to do here - you are capable of eloquent posts yet you stoop to levels that really ought to be moderated. Calling me a pleb is a bit out of order, frankly, although I could be patronising and point out that we are all plebs if you look at the true meaning of the word. But I won''t. Perhaps you could accept that while not all of us agree on certain things, we are entitled to support the team and for that we should not be subjected to mindless criticism. 
  6. Did I say I was supporting Worthington? Or is that just another ridiculous assumption? Perhaps I might have wanted to be there to applaud Robert Green, who we probably won''t see again, for his years of service? Or The Doc, for making the effort all season? Or Hucks, one of the most skillfull players we''ve ever had, for staying with us when he could have buggered off with Ashton? Or Leon for making it through such an appalling year for him personally and getting out on the pitch again? Or Shackell, because I believe he''s a good player and I want him to stay? Or Fleming for years of service and at least having the heart to carry on? Or any of our highly talented youngsters to whom I''d like to show my gratitude but probably can''t wait to get away because of blinkered ''supporters'' like you? Shall I go on?
  7. We never started well and never recovered. This is how these players pretty much started the season or their NCFC careers, or at the very least was the state they found themselves in within the first few games of the season.. Marney: Injured, long term. Louis-Jean: Injured, long term. Thorne: Injured, never regained full fitness. Safri: Injured too often. McKenzie: Injured, long term. Shackell: Injured, long term. Ashton: Carrying injuries. Hughes: Injured just as he was getting going, which can''t have helped a player of his limits. Jarvis: Injured, long term. Hucks: Carrying injuries. Charlton/Fleming: Lost that special ''yard'' they used to have through age. Etuhu: Unfit Jarrett: Didn''t settle, got injured, didn''t settle again and was never really given a chance by fans or management. Showed potential though (however fleeting). Unfair to judge him on so few starts. Is it any wonder we didn''t do well? In an ideal world, I reckon Worthy had high hopes for a Safri/Jarrett midfield, which I think we shared for a while. I''m not sure they ever really got to play together, so we''ll never know if it would have worked, but based on the player Jarrett can be, it could have done. Hughes, I''m willing to bet, was bought for those horrible February mid-week games away in some hole of a ground where a real battler is needed when Safri doesn''t fancy it. Hughes ended up filling too many roles and we have probably seen the last of him, not knowing what he could have brought to the team. Granted, it might not have been much but it is unfair to judge him harshly when he''s not really been allowed to settle into any particular role. People baulk at his transfer fee but remember we had just earnt £25m, and other teams wanted some of it. Because of the injuries, we had to rely on people who could ''do a job'', which brought down the team''s skill rate which in turn made it difficult for those with more ability to fit back into the side. By the time we had any semblance of a side with skill, we had been fire-fighting for so long the regulars had forgotten how to pass the ball. Coupled with the understandable anxiety on the terraces, it made for pretty desperate football at times. Whatever one thinks about Worthington, I don''t see how we could ever recover from such a bad start with such a small squad. With no transfer window open, we were at the mercy of our ''jobbers''. We should have spent more money at Christmas, but perhaps we would have had to sell Ashton for less money to do so. We probably made another £2m by holding out for so long. The important thing is that Worthy and, crucially, the board, must have some guts this summer and buy big. That means both good, experienced players and young, highly talented potentials. The squad must be bigger, and it must contain people with more skill. There MUST be a signing who is an inspiration to the players, as Hucks was when he arrived, whether he be a Sheringham-type figure or someone who can mesmerise. We have one of the best playing surfaces in the land, so there is no excuse not to have eleven skillful players on the pitch when we are at home. Stick a jobber on the bench and let him loose on unsuspecting midfielders away from home when it''s shafting it with rain. Most of all, bring some tactics back to the team. We''ve looked clueless all season. Whether you like Worthy or not, we have always had some kind of game plan which has worked, but this season we looked lost. Drury said ''something''s not right'' a few games ago, but we were all saying that in September. Let''s sort that out and start winning again. Please.      
  8. GJL How dare you suggest that those of us who remained in the stands are ''weak minded sheep''. Comments like that do more damage to this club than a poor season ever could. You make me ashamed to call myself a fellow supporter if that''s the way you see the rest of us. This is a sad, sad day. I hope you''re proud of yourself.
  9. Surely the best and most honest way to show discontent is to not turn up to the last game? It would be far more powerful than the cringe-worthy stuff that happened last weekend or any petition. Empty stands would say a lot more.
  10. Well done Wiz, having been astute enough to realise that the Pink''un/Evening News is now getting a lot of its material from any old ''citizen journalist'' (including that patronising, sexist drivel about Delia on the front of WOTB), you''ve decided to join the bandwagon in the hope they print you too. Although something tells me you''ve probably got a scrap-book full of your posts from this message board at home anyway. I don''t agree with you, by the way.  
  11. Madrid fans applauded Ronaldinho beacuse he was awesome - in the same way we applauded Arsenal when they beat us 4-1 last year.
  12. Hope you''re proud of yourselves, all you who applauded QPR''s goals on Sat. You were doing exactly what the Wolves fans have been doing at their games. Perhaps you''ll be happy to applaud them if they score against us, while at the same time singing ''we only hate Ipswich and Wolves''. I CANNOT BELIEVE some people on this board are happy to applaud opposition goals, and then even admit it! You make me sick to my stomach. If I cancel my season ticket it won''t be because of the rubbish season we''ve had, it''ll be because I don''t want to be anywhere near you people. And you have the gall to call yourselves fans.  
  13. It may have escaped your notice but there isn''t actually any money to be made from football unless you are reaching the semis of the Champions League each year and every kid in Asia has your team''s shirt. You can check Deloitte''s website if you don''t believe me but it''s very boring, so take my word for it. Delia is not in this for money. The bank have first dibs on everything that comes into the club, she just ploughs money into it with no return other than the catering side.
  14. Does anyone remember two years ago, when we often came from behind to win a game? Don''t remember the boos ringing out then. Perhaps if the more picky amongst us could accept that this season was dead and buried by October (injuries, bad signings, appalling petulant behaviour by spoilt fans making things worse for a team which consisted of only 4 players who started in the Prem), we could have lifted the pressure off the boys and got on with it. But we''ll never know will we? Some people seem determined to destroy this club. Well I hope you''ll be proud of yourselves when Delia takes her money away. Maverick, best post of the season mate.  
  15. Disgraceful behaviour making us look like the small minded carrot-crunchers people think we are. I''d like to see any of you who booed Hughes try and convince our young players to stay at the club. Why the hell would they want to after hearing that? 
  16. I would recommend everyone watches the Championship winning video to remind themselves of what a good side we were, and that this season (and his first) have been practically the only ones where we haven''t passed the ball as we should. (Cue general foaming at mouth, rabid replies about how we haven''t passed the ball at all in five years, etc, blah.)
  17. It doesn''t account for who those were though - Bentley, Safri and Helveg all had long term injuries and they turned out to be key players. Neither does it account for the size of the squad.
  18. But at least he wants to try. Wouldn''t rather that? Or would that mean you had nothing to moan about?
  19. Why don''t you give him a break? At least he''s being honest about things.
  20. I don''t remember Hendo getting any leeway from the fans in his first few games, quite the opposite, and I''d be very surprised if the youngsters would feel comfortable playing with the amount of nastiness coming from the stands. This is the problem. You talk about the alternatives but right now there are none. This season has been one massive mistake, from start to finish, but a club like us are tied by the transfer windows. Worthy screwed up in the market last summer and it (and injuries) set the theme for the entire season, but when you are a relatively small club like we are, it is difficult to arrest the slide mid season. We are stupid to believe the board have or are not listening to us but they would be stupid if they threw every player out who doesn''t quite work out in the first season (I''m only talking about Etuhu (watch him in training - you''ll see what I mean) and maybe Colin here). I hope they stop this needless signing of players on loans and not playing them though. The board and Worthy must take stock this summer and stop messing around. However, if you want Delia to walk away from the club then carry on being the reactionary you are. If you want us to do well, have a little patience as Braveheart says - then you''ll have ample reason to want Worthy go if he doesn''t produce the goods next season. You don''t have to offer Worthy vocal support but if you can''t support the team, don''t bother going any more. I don''t think Worthy will prove to be the right man but I''m not about to p1ss in the wind and watch Delia walk away with her money because of ungrateful fans, because we''ll end up in the Conference.
  21. Dionysus, I agree Etuhu''s last performance was terrible - I still think there''s hope though. I''m not sure we had much choice with Robinson - the rules are send him back or sign him, and I''m not sure the youngsters would have been worth the gamble in a league where we could play this inconsistently and still be in with a play off shout up till the Burnley game. Delia talked at the AGM about the number of times we''ve nearly signed ''bigger'' players only to be shafted by their agents at the last minute and I believe this is true - that''s why we go for the likes of Robinson - experienced if somewhat lacking the extra edge to push us on, but within our price structure and willing to come here. Chicken, One of the most articulate posts I''ve read this season. I agree entirely with what you say. Even if I didn''t, if only more people could think quite so clearly before posting we wouldn''t have to trawl through reams of what is essentially the same old blinkered bitching with nothing new to add. Good on yer. OTBC
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