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  1. Absolutely right. Quite how the EDP can say Holt was our best player is beyond me. He had his worst game all season. Worthington HAS to get this ''I''ll always go with the tryers'' nonsense and admit when the likes of Holt are having a bad game. Henderson did virtually nothing all game except score (good on him for that) and that gave Edworthy far too much to do. Granted, the conditions were awful last night, but Mulryne should have been on with 30 mins to play, with Rivers on for Hendo not long after that. That way we could have kept the ball down and really taken it to them. As for taking Crouch off.... well, last night was the first time I''ve booed a substitution since the days of Hamilton. I think that says it all. A good, top two performance with sensible team selection on Saturday please Mr Worthington.
  2. Blimey. I don''t think we need ever write anything again after that. There speaks a veteran - and I think you''ve just summed up every post on the entire message board. It''s amazing how simple it should all be - let''s just hope Doncaster reads it...then follows UNi''s advice.
  3. Couldn''t agree more - I nearly left the ground when I heard so many people cheer his substitution on Saturday. People seem to forget he played a MASSIVE part in us getting to Cardiff, and played very well on the day. His tackling and distribution were good, if a little cagey for the first 30 mins against Watford but who knows what happened to him after that. He wasn''t the worst player on the pitch (Henderson, Iwan, did nowt all game). What can''t help is people waiting for him to screw up - you could feel the frustration from the moaners in that first 30 mins whilst he was doing well, then BANG, one half bad pass and off they go. I admit he''s not the best, but we saw him do well in the run up to the play offs and we know it''s there somewhere. It might never work out but booing him and cheering his substitutions is not why I''m a season ticket holder. Those of you that do are a disgrace and should think about supporting someone else, because you aren''t welcome in the same ground as me. SUPPORT THE TEAM. OTBC
  4. I don''t think Mcveigh is strong enough to play up front. Defenders have worked out that they can just muscle him off the ball. He''s much better playing behind the front to and running at people. It panics them. Worthy really screwed up on Saturday. The worrying thing is, he''s done it twice this season already in games we could have had points from (WBA being the other one). He keeps saying ''I haven''t got a big squad'', but on those two occasions didn''t use the decent players he has got. Jarvis should have started on Saturday - Watford aren''t great defenders and the way him, Mcveigh and Huck can play the ball would have destroyed them.
  5. The amusing thing was that Marshall was quoted as saying "this is a great opportunity and I''m going to grab it with both hands". Mind you don''t drop it, Scum Boy!
  6. Walker should be dropped, nay taken to the Tower, for that crime alone.
  7. I couldn''t agree more. Greeno has been quite magnificent of late - in my view as valuable as Huckerby - and surely deserves to at least train with the squad. What annoys me is this: last year, Eriksson came to Colney and said he didn''t look at players in Division 1. This year, when England played at Sh1teman Rd, in the programme he writes "of course David James will be considered even though he''s in the 1st Division, every player in that division should know they could be picked". Funny that - it takes the Hammers going down to suddenly make him look there. If he''d looked a bit harder he might find quite a few players worthy of a place. And when was the last time you saw Greeno have a howler like James did against West Brom last week? Er. Never!
  8. Very true Mook but let''s not see the glass as half empty. We were a very good side for a few seasons but we got screwed. We are becoming a very good (1st Division) side and I think we should live with this hope: The Board have set themselves up for a MASSIVE fall if they don''t continue the good work of the last 2 months. We have to hope (and boy I''m praying) that they have some kind of long term plan, rather than just bringing the circus to town for 3 months then letting it ride off into the sunset. My theory is that we will keep Crouch on loan, sign Harper and replace Huckerby if we can''t afford him - probably with another good, expensive loan striker. SURELY the Board are not fools, and realise that going back to being the most impotent strike force in the division will only lose everybodies'' faith. Including the manager, because I really believe he will walk if we don''t carry on as we are. They must realise that not backing him now will set us back 5 years, again!
  9. Agreed - make the fourth loan signing a towering, ball-playing, pacey centre half! (does such a man exist??!!)
  10. Chicken for Captain it is then! I agree - Beckham makes an excellent captain in my opinion and I think Drury is much in that mould. I think i''d like to see him shout a bit more encouragement - he doesn''t have to bark orders - but just so the boys know he''s up for it. But, like Beckham, I think it''ll take a bit of time and Worthy is the type of bloke who knows all about leading a team, so I reckon we''ll be fine.
  11. I thought he had his best game of the season on Saturday, and most of the national press rated him highly (Drury, not IDS). However, I kept an eye on him and he barely opened his mouth. There is no doubt he was made captain to keep him from disappearing to the Premier. I''m not sure that anyone would be better though; Mackay (as Worthy says) doesn''t need to be made captain, and his form isn''t good enough anyway. Flem, possibly? Getting on a bit though... Francis? Maybe so, but he''s as young as Drury so would need to grow into the role, which I guess is what Drury needs time to do...
  12. Dear Mr Wizard, Whilst I recognise every fan''s right to have their say, I feel there are a few points you should understand: 1) We have no money. We have lost one game in eight, against mostly wealthy top sides, mostly away from home. That is good. 2) We are described by the national press as ''Perrenial Promotion Contenders''. Two years ago we were described as relegation fodder. That is also good. 3) We have the best home record in the Division, one of the best in the entire country. That is very good. 4) Worthington is highly qualified, ambitious (if a little cautious), liked by his players and bosses, doesn''t want to go anywhere else, is learning by his mistakes and persuaded Huckerby to come here on loan rather than go to Wolves or Celtic on a permanent contract. And he is not Bryan Hamilton. That is very, very good. 5) Please don''t ever suggest that any Ipswich manager, past or present, should be Norwich manager. That is very, very bad. So stick with it Mr Wizard. I don''t doubt that you are a true fan (although I suspected you were a Blue for a moment), so please let this season happen. At least reserve your judgement for Christmas, when I fear we will be less concerned about Mr Worthington than we are about the Board. Until then, get behind the team, don''t boo them (like some IDIOTS were doing before half time last night) and enjoy the rocky yellow and green rollercoaster ride. You may not like it Sir, but you can''t say this season hasn''t been exciting... Yours, King Juan of Spain
  13. Well said Swiss. We are going through a period of acute schizophrenia at the moment. At home we are the best team in the land and ''should beat anybody'', yet away ''at least we got a point'' seems to be the mantra. We must remember that we have still only won 5 - yes 5, games away from home SINCE AUGUST 2002 - that''s 14 months and over 30 games! Now while I don''t dispute that recent away results have been very encouraging, Saturday''s negative line up was handing a one-niller on a plate to West Brom. We were never going to score with Iwan up front on his own, despite how ever many of you think he has been ''reborn'' this season. The bloke is only good - and he is good - for 20 minutes these days. How much of a kick in the teeth must it have been for Crouchy to be on the bench? He was gagging for it after the West Ham game and Worthy peed all over his bonfire. Moral of the story: we are never going to win away if we don''t take it to the opposition; we were getting there and Worthy got scared. Let''s hope he''s learned his lesson.
  14. And as if to make my point, all the match reports are saying the same thing! Worthy''s got some making up to do, because if West Brom were as bad as it is said they were, we really should have won that game. I fear, for once, our beloved leader may have lost us that game.
  15. I''m intriuged, nay a tad dissapointed by Worthy''s team selection against West Brom. Leaving Crouch and Mcveigh on the bench until the 2nd half was surely suicide. He may have had ''squad rotation'' in mind, but we aren''t Chelsea, Iwan aint Hernan Crespo and this was one of our biggest games of the season. Would Sir Alex have left Van Nistlerooy on the bench versus Arsenal because he had a game against Bolton coming up on Tuesday? I think not.
  16. I think that''s a little unfair - after all, we didn''t have any front men capable of receiving assists last season. Nor did we have any midfielders giving him options. He''s not the best winger but he does very well at drawing defenders out of the box. Now that we finally have a) someone for him to aim for and b) two decent strikers to pick up on his hard work, we should see some vast improvement. Personally I think he started this season better than any, and his ability is very much down to his confidence. Let''s make sure we don''t start destroying that like we have with Easton. By the way, I thought he did very well last night, but you''re right, he''s not an out and out striker!
  17. Totally agree: if we can take on West Ham like we did without Huckerby last night, we can take on anybody. Players love coming to Clubs where the expectation is high - that''s what being a success is all about. What''s he supposed to do? Stop playing well so no-one expects anything of him?
  18. Strange isn''t it? I seem to remember feeling like this when both O''Neil, Rioch and Walker were at the helm. I don''t want to be over dramatic (but I''m gonna be), but we have always chickened out of this situation and until someone grabs the club by the balls, we always will do. Gambling on one player (whoever that might be) might just be the difference we need. The Scum did it with Stewart and it worked. All we need to make sure of is that we don''t then follow suit and p*ss loads of money away on highly paid, unproven foreign players. We CAN keep the club''s stability but make the odd gamble. What''s wrong with that? Buying one good player doesn''t mean we have to buy seven! Let''s just hope that we are in the top four at Christmas and the board are left with no choice....
  19. All good points, and I agree that if we are not careful we will become the best First Division side to never go up. Huckerby would represent a massive gamble, but we will have to gamble to get anywhere, or find a Sugardaddy. But I guess we have to realise that if we couldn''t afford the likes of Hulse etc, how can we afford Huck? Also, Huckerby is a great player but he is not the only player on earth. Hulse, Earnshaw and Co. are all banging the goals in and I daresay we could have signed them for cheaper than Huckerby would cost now. Plus we could have paid them far less than a player coming from a Premiership side, keeping our wage structure pretty intact. We should just enjoy it while we can (because it''s bl**dy great at the moment isn''t it?) and hope the board have the foresight at Christmas to buy a good young striker with lots of goals in him, or loan another star who just wants to score.
  20. Shackell needs to be on the bench - we''re screwed if we lose someone during a game because Holt is possibly the only other player that could fill in. He also needs to get some games under his belt; he looks solid and pacey but his distrubution on Tuesday was dreadful. But he''s only young and has time to develop that; Malky doesn''t. I''m not the biggest fan of Malky and I don''t think he''ll last the season but he certainly got us out of trouble in the second half against Reading. They weren''t short of pace but he adjusted to that and read the game well, much like Fleming does consistently. However, it''s a good job Defoe and Connolly are out of the West Ham game because they would have made mincemeat of old Braveheart. My concern is that Malky panics too much, hoofing the ball when a simple pass would be more constructive. Fleming, not a bad passer, follows suit and we end up playing ping-pong, which is made all the easier now that Crouch is up front. They need to remember that he likes a ball to feet as much as Huckerby, as he showed in the second half against Reading. We need a ball playing centre half - as simple as that. We might get by this year, but the sooner we start passing from the back, the sooner we go up and stay up.
  21. Fair point, but I reckon Mr Rivers is on course for his best season yet. With his skill and pace, added to Francis'' distribution and driving runs, Huckerby''s pace and touch, Crouch''s domination and Mcveigh''s trickery, we will be irresistable going forward. But where to play them? It''s got to be the diamond - Mcveigh and Rivers with ''free roles'' and Francis and Holt/Mlryne in the middle. Brennan could always come on for Mcveigh if we wanted a flat middle 4. The important thing is that we are buliding up a better squad, especially if we sign McCourt. And why not ''do a Bolton'' and sign a load of short term players - it''ll keep the rest of our team on their toes at the very least, and we can be a VERY complacent side at times.
  22. Good god - from having a strike force as penetrative as the Iraqi army, we now look like we have the strongest front line in the division! Well done NCFC! Can''t wait for the Burnley game.... However - what to do with the rest of the side? Should Mcveigh play? He''s not scoring but he''s very creative. Time to drop Mulryne/Holt, play one of them with Francis, or drop Easton and go for the diamond with Mcveigh at its tip? Where does Rivers come into it? One thing is for certain though - we need cover at the back. Malkie is starting to look like the cart-horse we always suspected he might be. Let''s just hope we''re so good going forward that we don''t need to worry just yet...(Copyright K.Keegan, 1997)
  23. I think you''ve forgotten the most complete player we''ve signed in years - Mr D. Francis. He might not have the trickery of Mcveigh or the long range passing ability of Mulryne but he was involved in every goal on Tuesday night. He has given us something we haven''t seen for years......yes, you may remember it.....the through ball. For the first time since god knows when, we were running at a team down the middle. That''s how he scored, how Holty got his penalty and how we found ourselves in the box several times in the first half especially. Mulryne is a great passer but he has the Ray Wilkins syndrome; he stays in the centre circle and only passes to his left or right. Rivers is also a creative player, whose game is coming on a treat now he has someone like Francis to work with. Drury is another, who, once used to his extra responsibilities, will become like the Mark Bowen we used to know and love. What we really need is: A centre half who can bring the ball out of defence (Leigh Bromby?), and a good striker who will be the Lineker to Mcveigh''s Beardsley.
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