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  1. [quote user="McCanary"]Not sure that I`m excited but this guy has produced silk purses from sows ears in the past [/quote]Well that''s Matt Gill sorted from now on then...
  2. I''m thinking:-"Staggering around like a newborn Lamb-ert" (when we lose our first match under him)"Lamb-erts to the slaughter." (when we next lose 7-1)"Silence of the lamb-erts." (when he gets sacked and mysteriously disappears from media scrutiny...)....And 20 Lambert and Butler.
  3. Being a long-time Norwich fan, short-time forum user, I would love to meet the faces behind the names. I hope you don''t find this funny or creepy, but in the short time I have posted on these forums, I feel I have got to know one or two of you guys already! Unfortunately my Aunt Wieks and Uncle Zomba are coming to stay from Poland. Don''t want to bore you, but they have both been rather ill of late, but both are feeling much better now and apparently can''t wait to meet up with us, so we can take them for a bite to eat and show them around our Fine City, so I can`t let them down.[:$] Have a good time guys, and have a glass of Klavachko for me. "Peace"
  4. Bearing in mind I got this news from a Polish newspaper - admittedly a well respected one, akin to The Times and the like - I have not heard much since. I and my two brothers and their friends had indeed heard of this chap some time ago, he was a real "one to look out for". And they want a decent sized fee for a young player  (FAR MORE than the £100k somebody on these forums believed he was worth!!) which suggests he has potential. And whilst it may be true that Premiership sides may get first refusal, I don''t think we would bother sending scouts to Poland unless we had a serious chance. My grandma gets the previous 7 day`s worth of Polish newspapers delivered every following Monday. I daresay I may have more to report after scanning through them this coming week. Unless the EDP tells us more in the meantime (am surprised one of their hacks hasn''t got wind of this yet). I think we have a strong chance with this fella. "Frava ne lipsinc" "May your night be joyous"
  5. [quote user="SPat"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Sorry but i will continue to speak out for what i believe in. [/quote] Oh no, not another self proclaimed maverick all set to save "his/her" club from the evil clutches of a self-publicist/binner/woman/cook/owner (delete as appropriate) Or are you just another troll perchance? [/quote] I actually support Mr Wittle''s comments, and like a chosen few on here, I too question the unswerving and undeserved loyalty that Mr and Mrs Wynn-Jones seem to receive on these boards. After three seasons of long hauls to the likes of Millmoor, only to see abject displays from players who''s talent turns on and off quicker than one of Delia''s gas hobs, I too say enough is enough. I have been a Norwich fan for over 30 years, even during the "wilderness years" when I was forced to return to Poland for National Service, trying to find Roy Waller''s dulcet tones on a longwave radio in the barracks, and I thank Mr Whittle for bringing up these pertinent points. I would ask that other members on the board give the man the respect he deserves, whether you agree with him or not. After all, we have a saying in Poland: "Laski on carvosh, util rem nar ponflic" Which translates to: "Do not slaughter the mongoose, just  because he sits on your acorns" I am sure we can all see the relevance of that statement here....  
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