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  1. Am I the only person who thinks it is disappointing that no word has yet been said on whether Huckerby will be offered a new contract. He has been THE best player for Norwich in the past 4 years, and he obviously has alot of passion for the club. Therefore if it is indeed his last home game, Saturday will be a big ocassion for both him and the fans and he will need a massive sendoff. Whats the point if he isn''t even going anywhere?   Come on Glen, put it straight.
  2. Does anybody know when it is as it is usually around the end of April?   thanks
  3. Playing with Hucks now is a luxuary. We are still not out of the relegation battle and can''t afford to play a player who cannot headder or tackle, leaving our left side vunerable. I love Huckerby and would love to see him continuing with us until Dions age, but every footballing legend has had to retire sometime (usually when they have lost their ability they are known for) and I dont think that Hux can make his amazing runs anymore. He is probarbly the highest payed player at city, and in my books he is not even the first name on the teamsheet anymore. Look at yesterday, we were playing a league two team and apart from a few runs in the first half, Huckerby did not even terrorise their left back much. Allthough it may be hard to take, I think most norwich fans need to admire the legend that he was and realise that the club has to move on. 
  4. Dorethy, the best player tonight? He looked shaky all throughout the game and I always thought we were in trouble when he got near the ball and once again he seems to like cuddling his man. Also thought that Huckerby and Fozzy had a poor game tonight, overall I think we were lucky to win it.
  5. Good enough or not? marshall- no, considering Ipswich got Alexandra on a free we were ripped off. He cannot catch a ball and makes too many silly mistakes semmy- possibly as a right winger, but lets men go past him too easily doherty - no way shacks - possibility, but I believe he needs a decent centre half beside him lappin- lacks quality brieller no way, whoever signed him needs to be shot. Against Ipswich I hardly noticed he was playing russell - He is ok, I believe he is the same as Shacks and needs a good midfielder to mop up his mistakes  croft - would be excellent, only if he could cross better huckerby - no doubt he is our best player. Ok he sometimes speaks out of place and hasnt really been playing that well lately, but at least he has had the ball to speak out and he missed most of preseason so he will become better in the next few weeks martin - scored in his first five games or so and was hailed as a legend, but when has he scored since then. He is not good enough but perhaps has the potentiual to become a good striker. chadwick yes, looked good against Ipswich brown - I think he would do well as a midfielder, but has not got the ability to score goals cureton - He is a good striker, but needs to learn the offside rule and get more service from the midfield big dave - Possibly could be a great strike partner with cureton. I believe that he just needs to be given a chance jarvis - not really got enough quality yet spillane - Yes looked good in midfield against Wednesday should possibly be paired with Russell   Bring on the january jumbe sale! I think there will be alot of free agents floating about come winter.
  6. y are u all  saying he is so good u are only sayinfg that because his name is hartson when he is a has bin big time he is abou 20 stone over wight to play th game he carnt turn a man he carnt shoot he carnt run  when he tries lol ha ha ha  he is a fat lazy silly fat fatter even fatter stuiped idot that should be playing for a pub team  o and i wont to know y dose big dave not gate anof time on the pitch  i would play him over curaton and fatty any day and martin is going to be wolrd class super chris
  7. When he came on I was waiting for the ''who ate all the pies'' comments coming from the ipswich fans. I can''t take him seriously. Looked like an embarassing dad or one of those big fat bullies who cant play football and just runs around pushing everyone over. Yeah ok, he had a few decent shots, but he was just lucky to be in them positions, put it a few more yard in front of him and he would have no chance in hell. The only reason the ipswich players were scared of him was because he would probarbly have bowled them over if they did not get out of his way.
  8. Who actually plays on the pitch? I don''t see Grant ever kicking a ball. You can''t blame him for the PLAYERS poor results
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