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  1. [quote user="August 64"]Careful now this is getting spooky.  Arthur''s sister n Excalibur, was supposed to have practiced Necromancy.  The Arthur Witless connection could go deeper than we think and who knows what Wiz might make of it all![/quote] How funny do you think you are? This is the sort of pathetic crap i refered to the other day when i said people who cant argue a case seriously against Arthur etc resort to the lowest form and either make a drab attempt at humour or call him a binner. Next, you will be on tour supporting Harry Hill no doubt. Keep on trying, you never know, one day someone may even laugh.
  2. [quote user="lappinitup"] 7rew. where did you find THAT. And Arthur, I think that what the majority of the posters on here don''t understand is, and while a lot of us may agree with your views regarding the board and the way the club has been heading over the last three seasons, we would like to know what positive plans  you have to bring about changes. It''s one thing to go hurling insults at Delia and the board on this message board and to have a pub meeting with like minded souls but it''s an entirely different thing to organise a properly organised campain to achieve that goal. In that event, all that I ask is that you -   1. Detail all the grievences that you have with this board. 2. Provide proof of any wrongdoings. 3. Explain how you will remove this board. 4. Who you have in mind to replace them. 5. And how ?           [/quote] As i recall Artur has already said he will display his ideas here or in public saturday at the coachmakers pub st stephens saturday. So either turn up, or wait for his plan to be posted before slagging him off.
  3. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"][quote user="Herb"][quote user="Putney Canary"][quote user="Smudger"] Truth is nothing has changed and furthermore nothing is likely to this coming season either... you and the others who have willingly subscribed to another season of c**p by re-newing your season tickets so easily have seen to that!!! As I have said before...  City must get off to an absolute flyer this coming season and never look back... otherwise it is the end of the road for Delia & Co See you at the demo''s in early October maybe??? [/quote] Nothing has changed, apart from two new board members worth 275m, who are Norwich fans. Why are you ignoring this? Because you stated that Delia was lying when she said she WAS looking for further investment? She wasn''t lying, was she? [/quote] Don''t expect an answer mate. Smudger ignores anyone who calls him out on stuff. He''s been repeatedly proved as an expert on being wrong, but seems to have an amazing ability to filter out well reasoned posts which point that out. He just waits for one of his exclusive little band of mutual backslappers to appear and they all get together for a rousing round of "Good point, Smudger!" and "Why, thank you Cluck!" and all is well in their little fantasy world again. It would be funny if it wasn''t so pathetic. They''re either binners, or they''re incredibly stupid. (well obviously if they''re binners they''re incredibly stupid anyway, but you get my point!) [/quote] You really are taking the biscuit if you honestly think people are wasting there time to make petty arguement. It seems to me that anybody who,god forbids,doesnt agree with your points and views then that makes them a binner/stupid! Why on this website are there a minority of people who will not except this is a forum for discussion of views and different opinions. Didnt we once have a war to banish this small minded outlook? [/quote] Well said Arthur. It seems strange that the ones accusing YOU of being a binner are the same ones who have refused the chance to meet you in person and discuss this all next saturday. Maybe they are the binners? Maybe they wont come because they live in suffolk? Maybe they only defend the way the club is run because they are ipswich fans and want to see the club return to the days of robert chase?Love or hate Arthur, you have to admit that at least hes prepared to meet in public and wont shy away from his views unlike certain others, or should we start calling them binners and sink to there level?
  4. The meet is on then! Jas, Arhtur, etc is 5ish at the coachmakers on st stephens next saturday ok with everyone?
  5. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Sorry guys,  public mass debating just isnt my thing. [/quote] Sorry to hear that Zipper. I just thought it may be a laugh, clear the air and a chance to see what peoples opinions really are as a lot of stuff gets edited and some people can be percieved wrong by what they type on posts on here. I also think it would be a nice way of getting a bit of friendship going on this site rather than the insults that some resort to from behind a keyboard, maybe having something to hide? Its fair to say that the REAL binners on here wont attend due to being stuck in suffolk or being caught out. Obviously those who feel more strongly about their opinions than others will attend and good on them. A date of next saturday around 5ish is a suggestion and if anyone has a more convienient time and date please post it. Hope to see you all soon and put some faces to the names. What do the web team think? Would you send a representitive along chaps?
  6. Well im no good when it comes to organising. maybe the web team could contact the landlord of the coachmakers and ask him if its ok? Or failing that Arthur could organise it.
  7. please go to the thread bellow to discuss us all meeting up in person. Arthur, Jas, and co-a PinkUn Users meeting this Summer???  
  8. Mr Arthur whittle, Jas the barclay king and all that use this forum This is an idea of us all meeting in person to discuss the thing that brings us all together-NCFC! Im putting across the idea that people like Arthur, Jas, and myself all meet in person and have a friendly chat and drink over all things green and yellow. Arthur could put across his views on Delia, Blahblahblah his against. I suggest Arthurs local the coachmakers on St stephens { very city central} and maybe the web team would like to join us and take a few pics for the pinkun. Maybe the landlord at the coachmakers would lay on some grub-im partial to the odd pork pie. Wouldnt it be nice for us all to put faces to the names and perhaps it would call an end to the tit for tat posts. Hey, maybe we might even know each other? Wouldnt it make a change from insulting each other behind anonymous names, none of us have anything to hide do we? A couple of meetings during the close season may help pass the boredom of lack of football. Maybe our first meet up could be next saturday? Over to you web team!  
  9. Arthur, i just cant decide if you are just a wind up merchant or genuine fan who feels as i do about our current board. I hope you are real Arthur, but i checked your transfer rumour about an american and he does not exist. The only one to back up your claim is NOR1985 which seems a bit suss as i cant find anything about the player you mention yet he claims to know who you are on about. Are you now using NOR1985 as an alias? IF you exist what plans do you have for your campaign? Myself and some friends live not far from the coachmakers so will pop in and try and have a chat 1 day or night about your ideas and decide if we are with you or not. Look forward to hearing from you Arthur.
  10. Reading what people have said on here they seem to have an obsession with the anti delia brigade moaning because of last seasons pathetic contribution. In fact we have been in decline from the moment we won the league due to lack of investment. That is 3 years of crap! And people have the nerve to make out those who are complaining are fickle because its only been 1 season. for me worthy was far too much the scapegoat. People need to seriously think what positive influence has our board had since winning the league?
  11. Sorry but i feel the need to ask as it seems that we are no longer allowed to have different opinions. I joined up this morning but am being told already by people what i can and cant discuss. it seems talking football is no longer wanted and now on the pink un site we are supposed to discuss things like last nights apprentice? I do apologise i thought we still allowed freedom of speach.
  12. dont get the criticism of neil warnock. warnocks a good boss and proved that promoted with plymouth, huddersfield, nottts  co, sheff utd, bury, to name the ones im aware of. took sheff utd to 2 fa cup semi and 1 league cup semi. sir fergie once signed veron for 30m is he a crap manager? warnock spends 1.2 on adie so hes crap! gordon strachan got coventry relegated then got southampton to the cup final and won titles at celtic, but warnock got relegated with notts co and sheff utd so hes crap! dont think getting relegated with crap clubs makes you a bad boss. has every succesfull manager never signed a bad player? has every decent manager never been sacked or relegated? NO! even jose mourinho was sacked by benfica.  
  13. FAO NUTTY NIGEL: comparing us with colchester is a ridiculous example. do we not get 5 times athe gates they do? How have i made this a personal thing with delia, i simply asked who would get the blame.
  14. My workmate has drawn my attention to this site and theres one big question i have for all norwich supporters. If next season we continue in the same standard that we have since winning promotion-3 years-who then do we blame? Delia will have been there for the duration of this regin and worthington took the original blame, but if it continues would you blame her or grant and why? Grant or Delia? and why?
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