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  1. I have a spare ticket- Grant The Cat, I have e-mailed you.
  2. I know Greeno used to drink in The Rose (Rupert Street) if that''s of any interest?  Doubt any contract signing would happen in there as the last time I went it smelt of sick!
  3. Wonderful question ''P''! I think my celebration would be a simple rendition of ''Patter Cake, Patter Cake Bakers Man'' opposite the away fans with the main man Neon Leon!!! You''ve gotta be mad not to agree!?  
  4. My friend Paradox & I were thinking about the above subject and were wondering the whereabouts of this illusive character and what the hell he''s up to?? You can''t blame us for reminising of the 5-1 victory against Hunddersfield in 1998? Anyways, Love from London S & P 
  5. Not at all Normann, it''s a nervous time for all!  I''m off to the game on Saturday and am, yet again, a bag of nerves and excitment, there''s always a chance, just need to start the game at 0 minutes not 45. We''re a different side in the second half.......... every game!  Maybe we should play 45 minutes before we kick off!! 
  6. Calm down Gazza, who knows were meaningless conversations can lead?? Paradox, surely ''Three Lungs, Holt'' is on the Ginger favorites list??
  7. Mr Paradox, enjoy the prawns and champers! Perhaps you could enlighten us as to the story behind your picture!
  8. Big up''s to the man Malky.  We''ll miss you and all the best for the future. Just don''t assist in the Hammers getting promoted!!  
  9. Check it out! You can have your very own cheeseboard, it''s all the rage and the ultimate NCFC accessory!! http://www.bacchuscellars.com/cheese/cheeseboards.htm
  10. According to a freind of mine, a mutual acquaintance (intoxicated at the time) did a Robbie Fowler along the touchline and was hurried out of the ground by the stewards missing the second half. Although I didn''t see this ''Half time entertainment'' I''m sure it was a wonderfull site for the City Stand fans!!
  11. Just had a look on good old Yell.com, and these are the pubs I could find: Secklow Hundred 316, Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK9 1EA. Tel: 01908 202180 Med Bar Cafe Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK9 2EA. Tel: 01908 609342 J.D Wetherspoon 201, Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK9 1EA. Tel: 01908 606074 These are all near to the ground and each other. Come on CITY!!
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