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  1. what a horrible unrespecting little oik!! Good riddance to him and may we all look forward to what will hopefully be the current boards final appointment!! 
  2. Out of our small army of loan players, which one of them should be top of Rodent''s list to try and make permanent? I really think Kennedy is class at this level but then so is Bertrand and Lupoli is exciting. Or there is the completely obvious choice of Elliot i''ve been sent here to play 30 games Omozusi........ i really hope no -one would choose him!!!!! Lets get a win saturday however it comes.
  3. Wiz, wiz, wiz tut, tut, tut. So many points to make but i see no point because you seem very set in your negative ways but chin up - it is only 15th june! Most players either finish hols or contracts run out 1st july so i''m giving McGranty til end of july before i judge the activity and after that give the team a while to gel then and only then shall i have a pop at Mcgranty if required - i hope it won''t be! I would like you to post on the same subject end of July if you have the time and see wat the ''sittyation'' is!
  4. .......to right Earnie off as already gone? Without his goals last year where would we have ended up? Sure his all round play isn''t top class but is goal to game ratio is for us. He has stated he wants to play in the premiership but which championship player doesn''t want to? He hasn''t handed in a transfer request to the best of our knowledge so he can''t be desperate to leave so IMO we shouldn''t be desperate to speak as thpugh he is definitely going. Am i the only one who thinks the club should fight toooth and nail to keep one of our better players and add to him rather than replace him???
  5. No gissing, you are quite clearly not alone in your view. I wouldn''t be thoroughly delighted if we were to sign him and especially not IF and thats only an IF Earnshaw leaves as his replacement! Think i might start a keep Earnie campaign. 
  6. ''Fordy - I think I use so many words because of my childlike vocabulary. I wish I could get my point across in a more concise way!'' Please don''t change on my behalf Nutty Nigel, i find your knowledge and truth entertaining to skim read!
  7. Cazza can handle big acts - definitly. I was gutted when the rumours of the who didn''t get followed up. Instead we have to trek all over the country to see the bigger acts like wembley arena next week for said band and up to manchester recently for Noel Gallagher, weller, Ian Brown at the MEN arena. There is no reason acts like these could not use our fine stadium!
  8. At last someone who shares my opinion! All the speculation is on gk''s, midfielders and attackers - missing out our main problem! Sure there has been a few defenders banded about but nothing definite! We can score goals with the forward players we have so we need to act on the defense. Maybe look at a permanent centre back and one on loan? Loan out Halliday for experience and go with Doc, Shackell, loanee and other permanent signing. Maybe Grant should have a word with one of the top 4 in the prem - they must have a promising young centre half they want to loan out? Also enquire about Davenport or Collins at West Sham if we havn''t already done so. Sigh.
  9. Got to keep posts short and to the point. Whittle gets my pointless but amusing vote. Would give it to Nutty Nigel for his seemingly extensive knowledge but the posts are just too long for my childlike short attention span!
  10. When he is fit for any length of time he will get any team goals. His goal against Estonia broke Gary Linekar''s record for goals in competitive games for England. If he stays fit and plays he''ll be amongst the leading scorers in the league whomever he ends up playing for! I''d like to see him play for Arsenal, they need an English player and think how many chances van Persie and Henry woul create for him! I think he is their fox. Think, Wenger once spent about £8 mil on Jeffers to be his fox!
  11. Here here! Lets do more than hope this year and turn the negativity towards the players into more voiceforous support so opposition teams are worried about playing an attacking norwich side again!
  12. Blainsey - lighten up!! You seem to take this board and my posts a little too seriously. I thought that this board was supposed to be a fun message board where people exchange their lghthearted views on the club we all support!
  13. I agree with all of you who are right and disagree with all of you who are wrong! If you don''t like this message board anymore then don''t use it. I''l miss all the whingers when they stop using this board.  "T''ain''t the same as used t'' be boi on dis siyt, i ''member when we all used t'' talk sense ''nd never gart excited ''bout ''vents down at Nest. Can you ''member dat me ''ol cock?" I''ve kept the writing in black and white so you old fashioned folk feel at home in reading this post! Times change and things will never stay the same. Bring on change.    
  14. If he is that good why did Sunderland not try to hang on to him? Fair point to give him a chance but strikers need to hit the ground running in this division and he hasn''t! I know he has had injuries, maybe the reason for sunderland letting him go, and suspension but what we''ve seen of him is hardly decent is it?
  15. Very fair points CC. Just as the sale of McKenzie was going through did we not nearly have David Cotteril for a price of £2mil? plus with ad ons and such like i should imagine it would reach the figure we have had accepted for Sharp. I can''t recall this amount of money being spent since then so our current transfer kitty has maybe grown over the last year or two and would explain our apparent ''riches''? C''mon Granty -keep Earnie - get Sharp -get Marshall - get a centre half and we''re nearly there!
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