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  1. Hi guys, sorry to disappoint but it wasn''t Sarah Allman who competed today it was me `Northern Canary'' Sarah Symonds. It was a great honour to take part in front of the Barclay!!
  2. i am at the grassroots coaching exhibition @ the NEC & have spoken to a salesman on the Errea stand who confirmed the worst kept secret that they would be the new kit sponsors. This is to be unveiled on Weds. I had a good chat with him & he said that our promotion was a complete bonus to the deal & be great exposure. I felt the kit & it is of a decent standard. They have also released a range of cold weather gear in yellow co-incidently.
  3. I am at the Grassroots Coaching exhibition @ the NEC & have spoken to a salesman on the Errea stand & although he couldn''t officially confirm the worst kept secret, he did confirm that an annoucement would come on Weds @ the Rod Stewart concert. The deal was done last October. He said that the promotion was a complete bonus to the deal. He said that it was again pure co-incidence that they have started to produce cold weather gear in a yellow colour. Gutted it''s not Adidas but having felt the gear it''s not bad & is a good quality, should be good times ahead.
  4. pete, slightly off topic but is there any chance that you can get the going up, up chant on the ringtone downloads?
  5. I''ve looked at the official website and there is a paragraph at the bottom of the page regarding the Away shirt 2009-11. It says: The new away kit will run for two years, up until the end of the 2010-11 season. The current home kit will be replaced at the end of the 2009-10 season. In the event of sponsorship or ***kit manufacturing changes***, the club will display notices in its shops a minimum of four months prior to the launch of any replacement or away kit. Does this mean that we are getting a change of kit supplier or sticking with Xara? Ideally I''d like a different supplier but then we have no control over the final decision.      
  6. Squire, spot on. I''d add I''m quite new to this board and only post when I can be arsed. Refering to your observations I like to think that I am 2 + 7, but I am definitely 10, 11 & 12.  
  7. Anyways, we are getting off the point. The point is that fans will take bits from songs that they have heard and will try and work them in so that they fit their club. There are very few original songs these days and if a crowd takes to a song then so be it. Again rather than being a boring old fart. Try supporting your team for once!!!!
  8. I can use the words `chill pill'', mint & simples as it''s the language that I commonly use. If you would like me to use longer words then I can. I can also write in french if you would like. "Le donner un coup de pied, le lancer, avoir une petite mêlée"
  9. Mate, take a chill pill. I don''t care if you think its embarrasing, I''m a 36 yr old woman and I don''t feel embarrased at all when singing it. At Oldham the song sounded fantastic. Like with anything in life, you have choices, you can choose not to sing. Simples!!
  10. I agree with birchfest, I love the new Grant Holt song, I was at Oldham at the weekend and heard both the McNamee song and the armband song and they both sounded well mint. They were both catchy and I found it quite easy to sing along to both of them. However, what follows below is what I was actually singing on Saturday. His armband shows hes yellow and green grant holt grant holt, He gets the ball, he scores a goal, grant holt grant holt, He''s the leader of the team, he is a goal machine, lucky for us, he''s in our team Super grant holt, Norwichs number 9!!! na na na na na na na na    
  11. 2-0 City. I believe that the boys will come out firing, desparate to prove a point. Theo will stay in goal but Adeyemi will come in for Tudor Jones. I also think that Cody will start and City will play a 4-5-1 formation.[H]
  12. Yes, jokers at my workplace left a bottle of 7 Up on my desk, I was not amused.
  13. I agree with the others, we have to be realistic about our chances of attracting even more new investment. Yes we do have the potential but in order to get to where we want to be we have to be prudent rather than overburden ourselves with even more debt in chasing the dream. I am fully behind the board as it stands now[B][B] Stop whingeing[:$] and start singing[H]
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