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  1. So he is the one who wants to leave, but the club is in discussion about paying up his contract?? How does that work??
  2. How about Leroy Lita''s wages for 12 months?   The money was for playing budget if i remember. Meaning if we sign a player for £400k and pay him £6k per week, then the £700k is wiped out!    
  3. Does anyone know if we will be due any money when Rob Green makes his competitive England debut? Looks like its coming with all the injuries to English keepers. Could this be some uch needed money for the coffers??
  4. Could be a fantastic deal for us. An extra £1m in the kitty and the possibility of aa certain striker being freed up at anchester City. Could we get Ched for the £1m??
  5. Is Andy Cole the other one. There are a few rumours in the papers about hm this morning
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