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    Lambert - Offered Job without Interview

    if it not bad enough to be given a job with no interview he starts his new job on a day that all the player have off

  2. [quote user="sig"]When was the last time we were concerned because another club was sniffing around one of our managers??.......................I wonder how that feels?[/quote]the ones i can think of isWalker to Everton O''Neill to Leicester Bond to Man C. ?
  3. Footballers on Facebook ...

    those of you that have facebook, i thought id post this because i found

    it funny


    Rio Ferdinand: going to hit the Amsterdam cafes before the game, who''s in?

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    Bobby Zamora rejected Phil Brown''s friend request

    Fraizer Campbell rejected Phil Brown''s friend request

    Marc-Antoine Fortune rejected Phil Brown''s friend request

    Michael Owen rejected Phil Brown''s friend request


    Arsene Wenger is not worried about his lack of transfers this summer as he has internal solutions 1 hour ago

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    Joleon Lescott has to go to work tomorrow : ( 13 minutes ago


    Craig Bellamy has joined the group Money is ruining football

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    Alberto Aquilani: Oh no! I''ve just had my new house robbed!!!

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    Sat''day random drinks n'' antics LOLZ

    Ledley King has been tagged


    Ashley C can''t find his fone, can some1 give it a buzz for us?


    Roque Santa Cruz is looking forward to starting on Saturday

    Craig Bellamy is looking forward to starting on Saturday

    Carlos Tevez is looking forward to starting on Saturday

    Emmanuel Adebayor is looking forward to starting on Saturday

    Robinho is looking forward to starting on Saturday

    Benjani is looking forward to starting on Saturday


    Steven Gerrard hopes his ''groin'' injury clears in time for Sunday z

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    Ben Foster Ditto z


    Joleon Lescott became a fan of money.

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    Marcus Bent is hoping to start at Old Trafford - 1 hour ago

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    Andy Goram became friends with Andy Goram


    Jamie Redknapp is literally on facebook


    Frank Lampard is LOLing at Stevie G - 3 hours ago 3 comments

    -Steven Gerrard F*** off Lamps

    -Rio Ferdinand oi oi epic banter lads

    -Steven Gerrard did he dedicate the banter to his Mum


    Mike Ashley My evil plan is almost complete.

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    Glen Johnson is looking at new toilet seats in B&Q


    Tomas Rosisky is fit and loving life! can''t wait for the new season 1 week ago

    Tomas Rosisky is depressed

    3 days ago


    Samir Nasri is watching Top Gear on Dave. Cheers Abou


    David Moyes is skint

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    Didier Dropba poked Jens Lehmann 3 years ago

    Jens Lehmann went down holding his face


    Jay Spearing Joined the Group Potatoes are people too

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    David Bentley joined the group: ''Fans of public transport''

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    Alex Feguson don''t know how many I''ve had but I swear I''ve juts seen Michael Jackson walk past my office. 10 minutes ago


    Alex Ferguson F*** off Nani. 7 minutes ago


    Joleon Lescott is unsettled.

    Tim Cahill is unsettled.

    Leighton Baines is unsettled.

    Leon Osman is unsettled.

    Show 8 similar stories.

    Jo is offside.

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    Neil Warnock is absolutely f****** livid that his team were denied a perfectly good goal by terrible officials earlier.

    Stevie f******* Wonder would have seen that it was a goal.

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    Martin Skrtel is no longer friends with Jamie Carragher

    Thierry Henry is no longer friends with Tiger Woods.


    Ryan Babel enjoyed his day off yesterday - 18 hours ago.

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    Adebayor poked Arsene Wenger - 2 hours ago

    Arsene Wenger did not see this


    Neville Neville is wondering why the f*** its so difficult to change his facebook name

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    Phil Dowd and Alex Ferguson are now friends.
  4. follow the link if it works that isScunthorpe fans think it is their man on the way to Norwich http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=460&fid=12&sty=2ps the post of footballers on face book will have you lol

  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    when will be getting them? do the club hope they will all "Magically" be lost in the post?

    have you got yours yet?

    jas :)


    the plan from the club so i am told is you will get a letter after the people have swapped seats (that want to swap seats that is) and then it is up to you to take it or not
  6. if you are at the meeting tomorrow you will see how they feeland have your say too

    Luckiest Bloke Alive..

    yes you should have asked him if he was going to the ncisa meeting on thursdayhe would if he was the fan he says he is

  8. whats a wheel is it that new round thing
  9. sorry if its old but i had only just seen it
  10. * = c**tsif you were going to ask
  11. Norwich

    City have received a boost with a new team sponsor in the form of

    Tampax. A spokesman for the company said, "Sponsoring a bunch of cunts

    going through a really bad period seemed an ideal way to promote our


    Season tik refund

    why give them more money they have lost all the prem millions etcwhat will they do with my £50 or soi might let them have it if doncaster and co go

    An Important Announcement

    sorry mate but i hear his wife is not happy coming back to the uk and is still down under

    Protest at the open day monday!!!

    if you are looking for a place and time then the best place and time would beat the start of the question and answer meeting with the board and the protest can sing city till i die and sack the board and drown them out and all the s**t that they would say about we have only made two mistakes etc etc

  15. go back to the men in the white coats it is 17.000 season ticket holders that make this club worth investing inits the support that is shown by the numbers that travel show what a big club we can beis the passion shown by the fans that show people out there you can be a part of this great club
  16. lets just hope they play the game they talk in the pressand if thinks even out over a season as they say then we got to score most of the 6 pans we will get in the last two games
  17. that should read its back in our own hands to win it or blow it
  18. yes was not going to use any of it just wanted to see what city fans had to say

    what would i have said ?well it is back in our hand to blow it againwe are owed some luck when you look at what refs have done to us over the last few games so hope our players will grab what they are owed and win the last two games etc. etc
  19. thanks for your feed back but they ran out of time so no call back


    dont get me wrong he is a match winner but only when it is good for hucksso who ever gets the job of manager must be strong enouth to drop him if hucks wont play the managers wayhucks needs to know it is ncfc not hucks fcand when he says things like it is the worst team, rember hucks you are part of that team and were not part of the norwich team who started the season looking a hell of a lot better than the last few weeks


    back of hucks the man got worthy and grant sacked as he stopped playing under them and his toy flew from his pramdid you not see his total change on satgrant asked him to help out at the backm when needed he never didwell on sat he was the only player who would get within 5 yards of a bristol playerhe also played where he was putgrant at qpr played him as a striker 5 mins in to the game he was playing on the left



    just found this as wellhttp://www.gopetition.com/petitions/sack-pierre-littbarski.htmlwhere have we heard this type of story b4

    Sack Pierre Littbarski
    24 Signatures

    Created by doug on Jan 07, 2006

    Category: Football

    Region: Australia
    Target: Sydney FC


    January 6, 2006

    This Petition is for the immediate sacking of Sydney FC coach Pierre Littbarski.

    I myself am sick of his tactics, playing players out of position etc.


    We, the undersigned, call for the immediate sacking of Sydney FC coach Pierre Littbarski.


    http://au.fourfourtwo.com/blogs.aspx?CIaBEID=147copy and check this out