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  1. Anyone in Manchester know where I could catch the game on Saturday?  I''m visiting for a hen weekend but hoping to sneak of for a few hours.  Don''t know Manchester at all but we''re staying somewhere central.
  2. [quote user="Newbury Budgie"]Had a season ticket for the last 13yrs so still travelling up for the home games. Seen us this season at dartford, yeovil, exeter and brentford so far. Missed the Wycombe game as I had a free ticket to the Oval saturday to witness some Aussie bashing[/quote]Obviously not a real fan if you chose cricket over the mighty canaries.
  3. Me. I live in Reading. Not sure I''m looking forward to it though as my boyfriend is a Reading season ticket holder and will be unbearable if they win! He has a theory that if he buys the Reading Chronicle from the local newsagent then Reading always win, so I kindly bought him one from WHSmiths earlier today[;)]
  4. Well doesn''t NORWICH stand for (k)nickers off ready when I come home
  5. I''m female and it only took me 30 seconds.  Do I get a prize?
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