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  1. I''d say give Granty a full season at the very least. Its been a very disappointing season theres no denying that, but we need to look at the positives. Next season the deadwood (Thorne, McVeigh) will be shipped out. Youth is being given a chance, whether its here or out on loan. Grant has made some good signings. Lappin seems to be a hit and credit should be due for the way he brought Chris Martin into the fray. The loan signings of Marshall & Warner are also good aquisitions, however, the jury is still out on Fotheringham.
  2. How the mighty have fallen! LOL If we end up selling Earnie then Healy might be worth a bid.
  3. I agree with the majority. £8,000 a week for no league goals is a pretty poor return to put it generously!
  4. Don''t see the point in playing the two dutch teams. We''d probably get a better challenge against Conference sides.
  5. [quote user="allways travelling"] Another youngster we realeased looks like he has a couple of clubs chasing him palace and millwall keeping tabs should have been given more chances another worthy mistake i think. [/quote]   My only assumption is that his attitude stank, hence his disloyalty to Barnet!
  6. I don''t think the East Anglian derby is losing its passion. But I do think there will be an electric atmosphere if the kick-off time is switched to 3pm Saturday, which lets face it will never happen!
  7. I was a season ticket holder there from 1999-2002. [N] I managed to sing up the River End in my final game there, when we beat Wolves 3-1 in the play-offs with the follow the boys in yellow song. Altogether now...
  8. I''d rather spend £500,000 on bringing in David Marshall than sign Warner on a free. But should we fail to bring in Marshall, I''d be happy to see Warner join us on a permanent deal as Jas pointed out.
  9. Craig Dargo might be worth a gamble. I wouldn''t have thought he''d demand too much in wages.
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] And Contract signed... Chris Martin then, almost completed his first half season in the 1st team side...[/quote] He hasn''t been quite as sharp since he signed the new deal. Must have something to do with the £10,000 a week he is now getting!
  11. [quote user="Canary Boy"]I can''t believe were offering Drury a new contract. [/quote]  I would''ve released him to Derby whilst we had the chance. His man marking at times has been shocking! Drury has been a good player for us over the years but since he was re-elected captain his performances have been nowhere near the same.
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