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  1. A truly exciting player to watch. He gave the impression he could just run through players, jumping over tackles and always looking like he could at least make it into the box. I''m sure fellow Scot Fotheringham had never watched him or anyone like him, play.
  2. "VanWink asks: "How on earth can he put his faith in Naismith?" I''ll stick my neck out and say his skill and work rate will come through. He''s barely had enough game time to be match fit and yet he''s frequently slammed for not scoring enough goals. He''s not a striker - but he is an intelligent and willing player player. I''d ask: "How on earth can he put his faith in Bassong?"
  3. Despite the 2 penalties at Fulham, we never looked like scoring from open play - yet the basically the same team selection has prevailed. Understandable when it''s a winning team but arguably it hasn''t been that for several weeks, despite the results. Glad that Thompson is in but Naismith will never be match fit if he''s only ever played in the dying stages. key today IMO will be Klose''s and McGovern''s performance.
  4. Agreed Indy. As much as I like Naismith his form has been no better than Brady''s and on form Brady seems the better choice. Hope Odjidja-Ofoe gets on the pitch. We need Pinto to have a good game too. The options are not good and with Howson and Tettey out, Dorrans is probably the best choice. Good to have Bennett in the side.
  5. "whoareyou?" asked: "Why oh why do managers persist in trying Wes on the left?" Agreed. Would have preferred Brady in front of Olsson at the expense of Hoolahan. Even if Hoola and Naismith interchange I don''t believe it''s his best position either - but it definitely is Brady''s. But what do I know? I''d also have Bennett in for Bassong.
  6. The Wise Shepherd wrote: "Beginning to sound like yet another c@ck up by McNally in the transfer market Becoming far to common" Yawn. (If we could transfer CEOs then we''d make a killing on McNally). Everton want to sell but a) the club is in takeover talks with the Americans and b) want to ensure they have secured a replacement. Naismith wants to come but knows little about Norfolk and isn''t sure it is where he wants to see out his career and his agent is naturally looking at alternative options. All surmise of course. Added to that, he cost Everton nothing from Rangers and hence will probably be on a huge salary. He''s 30 yrs old in September. Great player and am sure would be a good signing but remember he''s not an out and out striker - nor midfielder.
  7. Given how little is known about Pinto, especially his ability to perform at Prem level, I think talk of Martin stepping down is way premature. Unless Pinto''s wages are top of the band, it could be him who warms the bench. Whittaker looks the obvious casualty. That said, I''ve always thought Howson looks potential captain material, though he has his critics and I wouldn''t say recent absences from starting lineups have been a problem for us.
  8. Jacko said: "I would say that if Naismith comes I doubt he would actually fulfil the role of a primary striker. He''s played for Everton either in the number 10 position or on the flank". Quite right. Evertonian says he is no midfielder nor striker - but will score goals if played alongside a recognised striker. A top bloke who does a lot for local charities. But until the club''s takeover is sorted, transfers in or out may not happen. Note to all readers: posts which are not immediately clear may not be due to laziness or an education seemingly not as good as the reader''s own. Just saying.
  9. ZippersLeftFoot said: "He remains head and shoulders the best striker at the club and one to keep starting" Agree 100%. And head and shoulders above Grabban almost literally. The play-off final goal, the disallowed overhead - he scores great goals and I always think we drop a gear when he is taken off for Grabban. Would like to see Lafferty and Hooper come into the reckoning but to suggest CJ is not up to it at this level is daft.
  10. Well personally speaking - I''d just like to award top marks to both efforts. A lot of work or not, I think they''re very good. Take the rest of the month off now chaps.
  11. Bor Bor Bor: "Hooper struggle with banjo and backside of cow" And your source? methinks I smell bullsh*t on the bluegrass . (Hooper has scored some good goals and has hardly been tested this season)
  12. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard "]Given ''we'' cannot do anything whatsoever about Grabban, it''s best to let our capable Manager manage...[/quote] Indeed. AN is/was a huge supporter of Grabban - personally I was relieved he wasn''t match fit for the play-off final - you never know. It was only a cup game. AN knew what Grabban could do but needed to see RVW in a competitive match situation - as manager he was entitled to do that. And if he wanted Grabban as back up on the night ''just in case'' he was entitled to demand that. Managers must be allowed to manage. If Grabban comes clean and behaves himself I think AN would give him one more chance. Personally I would take the money from Bournemouth and give both RVW and Hooper a mission.
  13. Can''t fault him - attitude, clever, skilful, nice bloke and not only a great goal scorer but scores great goals. At Wembley, from that angle, was class. And how about that backheel v Forest? Just imagine our season without his contribution - yes the same might be said of any one of our players but for most there is a worthwhile sub as an option. Jerome is in a class of his own IMO. He''s good news. Hope he makes us his home now.
  14. [quote user="kdncfc"]They are getting desperate now and some have even described our support at Wembley as embarassing.Apparently they have suddenly become the best fans in the world on the strength of getting a bit excited at the prospect of beating us in the play off semis.They also supposedly outsung us at the second leg but I can honestly say the only song I head clearly was the when they sung theres only one Bobby Robson near the end.They really are a bitter, pathetic and delusional bunch of idiots. [/quote] Sorry if this has already been posted - but anyone see the banner over the A14 at Ipswich? "Good Luck Boro!" Raised a few smiles Tuesday morning. Who needs good luck like that?!
  15. There''s a world of difference between wanting to change your manager - and being able to (by having a suitable list of candidates to choose from). The sacking of Hughton when it finally occurred drew criticism (mainly from commentators outside our fine city) at the time by some who felt he should have been given the chance to finish the job. Had he gone at Christmas the criticism would have been louder and with some justification: there was ample time to turn things around and Hughton''s record was not a complete disaster. Harry Hindsight is a poor master. But I believe the real reason why Hughton was given more time was simply that there was no-one suitable who could be tempted away from their present post. A successful manager is unlikely to risk a move half way through the season just for a bit more money - and an unsuccessful one would be no reason to change. Going down to the lower Scottish division has given us a hungry and successful manager. Full marks to McNally for having done the spade work so early on. No manager can guarantee success (think of our reaction when Lambert left - and consider Villa''s fans views then and now) - but I believe McNally has done his job and done it well. If we hadn''t got relegated last season we wouldn''t be having this discussion - and I don''t believe the principal fault for that can be laid at McNally''s ( or even Adams'') door.
  16. Phil Boyer''s AT said: "I love your satire but at some point this man has to be held accountable for his decision making which has led to directionless and tasteless times recently as a city fan. No? " ha ha ha ha ha ! You are an Ipswich supporter and I claim my £5! (I must have missed your tenure as CEO at wherever....)
  17. "Should we lose you cannot judge him on the 1st game " Given the step up I suggest it will take longer than a single game in charge for him to suss out his players. Local radio this morning suggested he would be in charge for tomorrow''s game but his video interview suggests otherwise. Makes sense if he hadn''t even met the players until this afternoon. Arguably the players'' incentive to "turn it on" will be as important as formation and tactics.
  18. Dav1dson wrote: "I appreciate Norwich is a step up and a big one for him but he certainly deserves a move. " Nice post D and thank you. Funny how some think it HAS to be a known name to guarantee success. Like Roeder? I recall a few years back there was quite a lot of support for Paul Ince. Fact is at this stage of the season few English really successful managers are going to jump ship and trek right out in the sticks to join Norwich (why should they?) - and those deep in the bottom half of the table(s) are every bit a risk. But Norwich is undoubtedly a step up for some of the Scottish managers - just our home gate alone must be tempting. McNally chose Lambert and if he should choose Neil then I for one will give him the thumbs up. After all, what do I know?
  19. Like many of the posters, I think Phelan is likely to get it - or at least be given an extended run. A new manager will want to appoint his own No 2 - which means Phelan''s position would then be in doubt. How do you motivate him in that interim situation if he thinks he is also on his way out? And I could see Culverhouse joining him. 3 straight convincing wins should see him safe....
  20. Think Mick McCarthy is now a shoo-in. Why, he wouldn''t even have to move house....
  21. Nothing as exciting as visiting the supermarket - I was pulling out weeds in my front garden when my transistor told me that Robins had come on as a sub. In fact, I think ti was his debut for Norwich but that may be my memory playing tricks....Honestly, even at 0-2 I always thought we were going to get a draw today.
  22. "Is it just me or does Josh Murphy seem to offer much more than Redmond and, therefore, deserving the starting place?" Nope, it isn''t just you. Have you missed all the callers to Canary Call have said much the same plus all those who have posted something similar on this board? Adams isn''t stupid. There may yet be an offer we can''t refuse for Redmond so he needs to be in the shop window and the last thing NA wants is a transfer request from an unhappy player. But Redmond does a good job - as far as it goes, taking pressure off the defence and although an individual in style, he''s very much a team player. Murphy''s time will come and quite soon.
  23. Whilst I agree with the OP and believe young Murphy has shown his ability (eg v Blackburn); Redmond is improving, he rarely loses the ball when running forward and while he is running forward, the opposition are not. Credit to him also for the way he seems to have forged a working attacking partnership with Garrido. That said I''d like to see Murphy on earlyish in the second half - he has (almost?) as much pace and is prepared to take the ball to the line before putting it into the area (surely Adams''s coaching?). I think Redmond can learn from the youngster Murphy and the two of them can plague tired defences. Adams will be all to aware of Murphy''s potential of course.
  24. Totally agree Hogesar. No-one had a poor game today and there were several top notch performances - but long before his goal I thought BJ was having the best game I''ve seen him play - he wanted the ball and his passing was excellent. He almost got a 2nd in the 2nd half - a diving glancing header which just clipped the bar. Lots of positives today - BJ, Wes and Lafferty must surely be first on the list for Tuesday.
  25. Terry Anderson was a "Mr Dependable". A good, competent, honest player but not showy. Don''t think I''d call him a great player though. (Ron Saunders was good at making a team of individuals gel into an effective force, even in (what was then) the First Division). I don''t ever recall any one ever criticising Anderson''s contribution or effectiveness but neither do I recall him ever being the fans'' favourite - just well liked and respected. Stringer & Payne were much the same. I do recall his death was considered unexplained rather than suspicious - and very, very sad.
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