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  1. We could say...........Where are ya?......Where are ya?
  2. Now another buyer comes in for Ipswich..what''s wrong with us?http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/showNews.php?id=5444
  3. New city boss named...http://www.frontpage-news.com/berichtown.html/139/David%20Yarbell/London
  4. How many managers are we going through in such a short period of time? Hamilton, Worthington, Grant. We will never be a stable football club while we keep chopping and changing, it isn''t good for the players. I think we need to try to hang onto a manager for more than a year at a time. What does it cost to keep sacking every manager we get in both money and destabilisation?
  5. Jose Marinho? Do you think we could get him?
  6. How can we change managers again already? It doesn''t seem five minutes ago we were calling for Worthy out.
  7. Which would you now choose? (Knowing what we know now)
  8. I said we should keep Worthy didn''t I? Delia agreed saying he would turn it around and now after that silly protest we all agree that Worthy should stay. The recent results on the pitch prove that I was right all along don''t they? I was critized at the time but right in the end.
  9. I''m feel sure that''s what Delia and her husband said on TV..she said something along the lines of..if things don''t improve by next year we reserve the option to change our minds on the situation.Can anyone confirm?
  10. Well we all seem to be arguing with each other, what is the matter with us all? I say Worthy should stay but we don''t all seem to agree. Delia said give him to the end of the season and then see what happens, surely we can do that can''t we? lets get behind the team and make a bit of noise for a change and cheer them on....agreed?
  11. I''ve been saying all along Worthy must stay but got abuse for my thoughts.Worthy has done a lot for us.
  12. You asked us the question..now we ask you..Where are ya? Where are ya?She has always fed and watered us and I still think she is brilliant for our club..do you agree?
  13. It''s based on the fact that we don''t have any youngsters coming through to join the first team, I have just noticed that there is another thread on here saying much the same thing. Do you think the academy is producing enough home grown youngsters then? Worthy wouldn''t need to have borrowed the cart horses (other people words) that he has if this wasn''t the case would he?
  14. Although I say keep Worthy I do agree that our youth academy is pretty rubbish, where are all the youngsters coming through? There is no chance of them getting in the first team as there just seems none at all coming through....Why is this?.......Does anyone agree on this?We seem to have to beg borrow or steal from anywhere (and spend lots of money) so where are our youngsters? Are we not capable?Are you saying this is Worthys fault? Is that why you want him out?
  15. Has anyone heard of disloyalty? He got us into the premier league and now a few of you want him out, I bet you all went to see the tour bus when it came through the city with the players on, how wonderful that was, did you call for him out then? if you didn''t then why now? Do any of you feel guilty?He won''t walk..click the link.
  16. I take it some of you don''t agree then.Well I notice there are several more threads on here saying more or less the same as me, I just can''t see how changing managers all the time is going to result in a settled team. I personally think we should get behind Worthy and give him all our support. Imagine how difficult it must be for him at the moment with you all on his back.
  17. I won''t be going, I actually quite like Worthy and want him to stay. Reasons for him to stay. He got us promoted. He has brought in good players..Hucks..Ashton..Earnshaw etc. He works well with Delia. He loves NCFC. He tells us after a game all that he thinks is positive and Negative..You know where you stand. He states the commitment in the team. He won manager of the month more than once. He gets the best out of the players and works well with them. He loves the supporters. He is a good manager. Delia loves us all and has all our best interests in mind stating..(at a football match)..Where are ya? Delia does all our cooking and keeps us all well fed and in the money. So why would we want Worthy out? It is disruptive changing managers all the time, let him stay and let him get on with the job I say, you know it makes sense. Don''t support the protest I say and give it a wide berth.
  18. No replies..I take it no-one is getting behind the team then?
  19. Well I''ve shouted my support week in and week out, I just don''t know what else I can do.Are we all giving enough support do you think? Is that the problem?Worthy says get behind the team.
  20. When things are going bad why do so many people tag such sayings as this at the end of their posts? Club in a spin..no not at all???? Don''t make me laugh.Passing the buck, not the ballKeeping the faith, evading the fall? Club in a spin, no, not at all! Tranmere away anyone?
  21. Worthy is not all bad.We should support the team..Cheer them on..I''m sure we will go up the league.Stop being negative.Opinions?
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