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  1. Every time Norwich play teams who Havn''t won or not scored or are on a Bad Run always beat us it Happen''s far to often !!!!
  2. He hasn''t been the same since he got injured against Everton tbh ... Rudd should play
  3. Should of been dropped ages ago not been gd enough for a while now
  4. Its all to do with Dion Dublin Annoucing that we were going to Craig Mckail-Smith on that program they use to show Monday nyts a few years bk and if I Remember Right the Club didn''t take it that well .... P.S I''m glad we didn''t sign him lol
  5. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/adam-drury-becomes-community-sports-foundation-ambassador-2097058.aspx
  6. I still believe Adams is the Next Mike Walker in the making even before his first game at Fulham looking forward to the rest of the season ..
  7. IMO Fer will be making a mistake joining QPR they are a Smaller club and I think they come straight bk down Fer is better off staying at carrow road full house every wk lovely place to live ! And surely there is a better club he can sign for if he is leaving that is ?
  8. Am I wrong in saying that McNally Quoted " that any players leaving will be replaced by better one''s " ? Yet to see this tho ???
  9. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11709/8471008/Ilombe-Mboyo-explains-Norwich-transfer-snub-after-Gent-stayWell according Mcnally twitter there was no intrest ....
  10. Football footballers show at 10pm talking about depression in the game .
  11. If city pull this off surely we will be used as a stepping stone for lucas cant see us keeping the lad if he came in and done well for us ?
  12. Anderlect argentina Defensive midfielder in talks for a season long loan deal
  13. I just hope if saints pull this deal off it backfires on them coz nothing will make me more happier than seeing Matt Le Tissier  beloved saints going doing coz all he does on soccer saturday is Slagg Norwich off and TBH im fed up with it so the bloke can joke for all i care Rant over !!
  14. Yeah crap on the Galaxy s took me ages to read garrido news bloody lagging big time but runs ok on my pc
  15. joined team name = Fight or Die Trying City players =  Howson , Holt
  16. Matt jarvis was top with 199 lol i found the link on the Norwich Total news App on Android Bale was like 11th
  17. On talksport they have the Top 20 premier league crosser''s and pilks is 2nd with 179 successful crosses go pilks hope to see more of the same again :-)
  18. Premier league world skpsports2 HD at 6pm 2nyt for those that didn''t know
  19. According to the sun 2day city have had 2 bids turned down by forrest for gunter and they want 2.5m im abit suprised we are even after him as forrest are down at the bottom atm, but if true then in lambert we trust. ...
  20. could be a possibilaty with Naughton''s loan deal ending in january ?
  21. Stowmarket in suffolk and also i was born in the Binners land but i had one true gift and that was Commensence say nomore city till a die
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