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  1. Waveney Canary wrote the following post at 25/07/2014 1:05 PM: "We really are in the * " Not WE, just YOU, you''re full of it and you talk it.
  2. Herman wrote the following post at 24/07/2014 4:55 PM: "...Whoever is responsible for such a mess..." No one at our Club. Nothing to see here. Keep calm and carry on.
  3. Jenkins wrote the following post at 24/07/2014 10:17 AM: "Just had a look at the 2010 pre season fixtures Dereham Stevenage Dag & Redbridge Newcastle Lincoln Everton " This year''s scheduled opponents would have been a tougher test as they are much better teams.
  4. A few parks have fenced off areas specifically for dogs. Now if they could do the same thing for cats....
  5. mrs miggins wrote the following post at 22/07/2014 2:18 PM: "....imo it would be beneficial to get a CB and LM." LM - Howson, Pilkington, Johnson, Josh Murphy, Surman can all play Left Midfield.
  6. YellowNets1901 wrote the following post at 22/07/2014 12:00 PM: "....I''ve read some of Rudolph Huckers'' posts in the past and thought they were written well with some strong points, but this is just a bit stupid, to be honest. ..." That''s because he used to post all his anti-Club rubbish under a different username.
  7. simmo_2 wrote the following post at 21/07/2014 12:01 PM: "Keep smiling and happy clapping, bet you love the goal music! " You are either a child or a complete idiot. Go away and try to understand why we played a STAND-IN team rather than the scheduled opponents (you may need an Adult to help you). Then you can come back and apologise for being a complete bell end.
  8. The only joke here is simmo_2. Thick as shit.
  9. lappinitup wrote the following post at 20/07/2014 6:50 PM: "Any of the squad didn''t get a game?" Grabban.
  10. Why would we use him as cover for Whittaker? He is not a right back.
  11. It''s pretty clear that the three Bs are not worth their wages and will be shipped out at the earliest opportunity. I can''t see why there would be a smokescreen over RVW, there is no point.
  12. Nice guy but think he belongs on the bench as a right sided utility player. We have better wingers and right backs than him in the squad.
  13. Newton in Anti-Club post shocker! Seriously though, there''s a whole clutch of members here who do nothing but post negative, depressing crap all the time. I know following NCFC is not all rosy but surely they could make one slightly positive remark once in a while?
  14. Splendid Rush wrote the following post at 14/07/2014 7:52 PM: "Have you got shares in the company that designed that angry emoticon Wiz?" No, that''s how he looks with his Meths addiction.
  15. McNally will already be invoicing them for compensation.
  16. Haveney Canary wrote the following post at 14/07/2014 7:25 PM: "For sure we won''t get value for money. Shambles total shambles" You get value for money when you buy something, not sell it you plank.
  17. jaemae2 wrote the following post at 13/07/2014 5:40 PM: "Are you a moron? They started 3-4 regulars, and the rest of the team was kids and reserves. The 2nd half they had Negredo and Nasri and 2 more and kids, they weren''t playing anywhere close to their first team. Wow are you an idiot.. " Not their first team, but... Caballero - £4.4m Kolarov - £10.56m Boyata - £1.54m Navas - £17.6m Fernando - £15.4m Rodwell - £10.56m Jovetic - £22.88m Guidetti - £3.96m (all values from transfermarkt) They really should not be losing 2-0 to an SPL side. Back to TWTD with you.
  18. As all the pseudo-binners are predicting mid-table or below then it will be refreshing to witness their silence this season. After all you can''t complain about something that exceeds your expectations.
  19. Dave wrote the following post at 11/07/2014 8:28 AM: "No Pilks or Hoolahan either" They were playing for the ROI so get an extended break.
  20. So..... ...as I was saying; http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/update_report_into_cley_helicopter_crash_finds_us_air_force_pilots_knocked_unconscious_by_multiple_bird_strikes_1_3676291
  21. "Norwich City target Callum Wilson looks forward to proving himself at Bournemouth." Who gives a flying fug about this? Give us real stories (however trivial) about our Club, this is the pinkun not the Bournemouth Echo!!
  22. Eadie''s Left, Hucks''s Right, Iwans Heed!!! wrote the following post at 07/07/2014 12:34 PM: "That said seems strange if we are keen to sign Lafferty as well?" It may have escaped your notice but....
  23. Actually his agent is (rumoured to be) touting Fer to A.C. Milan. Probably along with a few of his other clients.
  24. “It’s pointless him going to a massive club and sitting on the bench,” he said. “He’s got to kick on. I would love it to be with us but he’s at the juncture which is absolutely life changing because I know exactly how much has been offered to him, communicated through his agent. It’s one of those situations where success can work against you as a football club but I’ve got a policy where I never, ever stand in the way of a player or a manager if it’s deemed to be the right thing.” I don''t think Waggott is talking about Bournemouth here...
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