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  1. appinitup wrote the following post at 01/08/2014 8:33 PM:

    "43 - GOAL: Norwich City 2-2 Celta Vigo (Krohn-Dehli)

    Sublime drive from Krohn-Dehli. A lovely bit of quality, and as you may have sensed - the equaliser had been coming. #ncfc 2-2 "

    NCFC have it down as a deflection.

  2. Newton wrote the following post at 31/07/2014 8:51 AM:

    "What the F$$K

    No chance - put your brains back in the right end of your body

    The loss grows every week he is paid for doing NOTHING

    No one will take him on loan if we do not heavily subsidise his wages

    This board is full of day dreamers with little or no common sense - what a stupid posting - give me strengthy

    J Gray I am sorry to tell you but Mr Blobby is not a real person"

    Clear off back to portman rd you binner cunt.

  3. The only realistic way to do it is going commercial.

    From my personal point of view pay-per-view technology would be the way forward (for all the non-commercial channels) but the cost of tech needed to handle this would probably be prohibitive. It would also add the incentive to switch the box off more often thus saving energy and getting people away from the damn thing to do something else....like talk to each other.

  4. Herman wrote the following post at 30/07/2014 1:24 PM:

    "No it''s worth it for the radio alone."

    My argument is that I don''t listen to the radio, don''t need to access their website and only watch a few hours of their TV output every year. I have equipment capable of receiving TV signals so by law I have to shell out £145.50 for this ''privilege''. If I had the choice I would save myself a large portion of that by buying the Doctor Who DVD box-set every year instead.

    Then there is the argument over the political bias of the Corporation and the various scandals that plague it. For once I agree with nevermind, a British Institution it may have been but it''s one that needs to be buried.

  5. A mixture of seasoned Pros and lads from their B team;

    MOUEZ HASSEN - 19 yo - £250k

    ROMAIN GENEVOIS - 26 yo - £1.76m - 32 games in Ligue1 last season

    MATHIEU BODMER - 31 yo - £1.78m - 27 games in Ligue1 last season

    GAUTIER LLORIS - 19 yo - From OGC Nice B

    GRÉGOIRE PUEL - 22 yo - £1.1m - 29 games in Ligue1 last season

    NAMPALYS MENDY - 22 yo - £4.84m - 35 games in Ligue1 last season

    JORDAN AMAVI - 20 yo - From OGC Nice B

    NIKLAS HULT - 24 yo - £1.58m - From IF Elfsborg

    PAULIN PUEL - 17 yo - From OGC Nice B

    DARÍO CVITANICH - 30 yo - £3.96m - 31 games in Ligue1 last season

    VINCENT KOZIELLO - 18 yo - From OGC Nice B

  6. Stanton Canary wrote the following post at 29/07/2014 10:30 AM:

    "At his age he''s likely to only get a one year contract at most. He played 29 games for Qpr last season in a promotion winning campaign. We have to get real! We''re a championship club now, which means we might need to sign a free transfer every now and then. Because these internationals you speak of want out from all accounts anyway! "

    Which Internationals want out?

    We have five CMs, only Tettey and Fer have a national career. Where is the proof that they are angling for a move or that anyone is actually (realistically) interested in them?

  7. Stanton Canary wrote the following post at 29/07/2014 9:46 AM:

    "I think an older experienced head is what''s needed. These players often bring more than just their ability on the pitch."

    Ridiculous statement. We have just come down from three seasons in the Premiership, we have Internationals playing for us, even the youngsters have spent time out on loan. We don''t need ''older, experienced'' cast offs!

  8. Ray wrote the following post at 27/07/2014 6:44 PM:


    Possibly if Lafferty, Grabban and RVW are still recovering as it only leaves Loza and him up front and Loza didn''t feature today, "

    Reads post.

    Wonders what happened to Hooper.

    Thinks if I''m missing something obvious and will look like a prat.

    Posts anyway.

    "What about Hooper?"

  9. Canary73 wrote the following post at 25/07/2014 7:43 PM:

    "I''d prefer it that if Norwich put out any message then it is we want a team to right last seasons wrongs and prove they are premiership players. We wish retain last season''s squad and we don''t need to sell so accordingly each player has a minimum value of £31m if you want to make a bid. We dont want to run the risk of them being sold on 31 Aug with no replacements in what is a grueling league. "

    I''d like to build a world a home

    and furnish it with love.

    Grow apple trees and honey bees

    and snow white turtle doves.

    I''d like to teach the world to sing

    in perfect harmony.

    I''d like to hold it in my arms,

    and keep it company....

    Get real Buddy.

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