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  1. skeps wrote the following post at 23/08/2014 6:20 PM:

    "better than the murphy''s put together."

    You think? If Adams was given the choice at the start of the Match to play both the Murphys instead of Redmond I''m sure that he would go with the extra man option.

  2. Had a quick look at the OUFC forum, not a bad word said about him after the first game. They recognised he could probably do with a bit of help up front but were complimentary of his skills and expect goals from him.

    After last nights game;

    "Morris - 9 (MOTM)

    What a performance from a man making only his 2nd senior appearance. Held up the ball well, got into some great positions, made a lot of big tackles to win the ball back and capped it off with his first goal. Love how he was getting the crowd going and was even bowing to us after his goal! He seemed to love it last night and the game must have given him so much confidence. MAPP might just have found us a little (big) gem."


    "Morris was unbelievable, his touch and control is sublime."

  3. nevermind wrote the following post at 10/08/2014 8:09 PM:

    "hearing voices again JG? I don''t care much what you say, as its very little and mostly unsupported."

    Unsupported? My view on the Palestinian situation would probably be that of the majority in this country;

    "It''s not our problem, they are always at each others'' throats, can''t they just sit down and work out a peaceful resolution?"

    Whereas your solution, going by your post history, is only shared by the Extreme Left, Radical Muslims and those that think the wrong side won the Second World War.

  4. swindoncanary wrote the following post at 07/08/2014 9:29 AM:

    "I don''t like the conditions with this deal, he goes on loan for a season, If he turns it around and scores loads of goals, they get to sign him. If he continues, as last season, they give him back to us."

    If he scores loads of goals (anything above 15 is good in Ligue 1) then they have the option to buy with us getting nearly all our money back. We also have a 20% sell on clause. The best we can hope for is for him to notch a couple of dozen goals for the next two seasons and then for him to be sold for BIG money.

  5. Herman wrote the following post at 07/08/2014 6:34 AM:

    "Check out Ginja''s post if it upsets you."

    That directive does not differentiate between watching and recording live TV and watching and recording live BBC TV. Therefore I would have to give up watching and recording all live TV (the majority of which is not BBC output). That is something I am not prepared to do.

  6. Herman wrote the following post at 06/08/2014 4:33 PM:

    "I speak English. It is broadcast in English. I live on this planet and i want to hear what is going on on this planet. Therefore i am part of it''s target audience."

    Really? You might think you are but the BBC don''t think so. This is from Rob Crilly of the Telegraph, who at the time of writing was working in Pakistan;

    "Whenever I air my complaints to BBC executives (former and present), the response is the same. I – as a British expat from Tunbridge Wells living in Pakistan (Disgusted of Islamabad, perhaps) – am not the target audience."

  7. grefstad wrote the following post at 02/08/2014 4:55 PM:

    "If 4.5m is set in stone, and St.Etienne pay his full wages for the loan, it should be around 6.5mill total for the deal incl wages. "

    But they are paying his wages and getting something in return (hopefully goals in their case).

    What are we getting out of it?

    Especially if he goes for half of what we paid for him.

  8. "Is anybody out there?

    It feels like I''m talkin to myself

    No one seems to know my struggle

    And everything I come from

    Can anybody hear me?

    I guess I keep talkin to myself

    It feels like I''m going insane

    Am I the one who''s crazy?"

  9. Herman wrote the following post at 03/08/2014 9:21 AM:

    "As i said previously the window is still open. If and when it shuts and we''ve only bought Grabban,Lafferty and O''Neil then you can ask this question. As would many, many others."

    Why would questions be asked though? At the moment we have nine players rumoured to be attracting attention or being pushed out of the door. Depending how many (and more importantly which) leave may force us to buy.

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