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  1. Flecky''s Flip-Flop wrote the following post at 22/09/2014 12:12 PM:


    Whittaker (RB)

    Garrido (LB)

    Miquel (CB)

    Cuellar (CB)

    Odjidja-Ofoe (AM)

    O''Neill (CM)

    Josh Murphy (LW)

    McGrandles (RW)

    Howson (CM)

    Hooper (ST)"

    My team exactly but swap VOO with Howson.

    It is a team packed with quality and can not be called a B-Team by any means. The only thing that might go against us is the lack of familiarity with their fellow team mates.

  2. hexem wrote the following post at 19/09/2014 10:21 PM:

    "Frankly it was a bit rubbish for never mind to reply with some quasi political point . hex or not. "

    Indeed it was, but leopards and spots etc.

    Back on track though I have spoke to quite a few people looking for the type of jobs that the OP wants and I understand they are in short supply(?).

  3. nevermind wrote the following post at 19/09/2014 9:06 AM:

    "...in 30 years, will be open to housing."

    We need houses for all them IMMIGRANTS.

    "..All of Lightsource energy workers will be Italian and polish, afaik."

    Shame we have to bring over all those EUROPEAN IMMIGRANTS, what hapened to local jobs for local people eh?

  4. MrFruit wrote the following post at 15/09/2014 6:58 PM:

    "Agree "Standard uneducated reply to this forum" But by you! Spurs was a pre season friendly so why have you got that in your list & not the other pre season U 21 matches. Even canaries.co.uk has Spurs as a pre season match. My reply to your post referred to 3 league matches. "

    Sorry, my bad. You are of course correct and I messed up, my apologies.

  5. MrFruit wrote the following post at 15/09/2014 1:11 PM:

    "We have only played & lost 3 league games. Goals 2 for 10 against. All games away where we tend to only play younger pros."

    Standard uneducated reply for this forum.

    Spurs away - lost 5-1

    Man Utd away - lost 3-0

    Chelsea away - lost 3-1

    Man City away - lost 4-1

    Even taking into account canaries.co.uk has not updated the results page with the Man City result you still can not count....

  6. Paul101 wrote the following post at 15/09/2014 6:50 AM:

    "if anyone read any of the news storys about the young scots lad you would know he was playing in holahoops position and not on either wing for most of last season"


    Season 13/14;

    Right Wing - 26 appearances

    Left Midfield - 6 appearances

    Central Midfield - 5 appearances

    Right Midfield - 3 appearances

    Left Wing - 2 appearances

    Defensive Midfield - 2 appearances

    Attacking Midfield (Hoolahan''s position) - 2 appearances

  7. You have seen the pictures just like I have.

    I tend to agree with the experts who say that it looks like damage caused by dozens of differently sized and shaped pieces of shrapnel puncturing the aircraft.

    It does not look like it was hit by a handful of high explosive shells.

    I can see the difference and am not stupid enough to blindly believe whatever crackpot conspiracy theories you subscribe to. You are consistently wrong again and again and you are wrong again on this one.

    Just give it a rest why don''t you?

  8. mrs miggins wrote the following post at 12/09/2014 11:06 AM:

    " Now you have every right to post what you want, but I wanted to see what your argument was and if you could support it...and we both know the answer there. "

    Yep, that you waffled on about some ''facts'' that were not relevant to the issue you raised. If the British Tourist Agency say that the presence of the Royal Family boosts tourism I tend to believe them. Now I''ll leave you to your plans to have the Royal Family turfed out of Buckingham Palace so you and your chums can turn it into a hotel for those poor misfortunates in Calais.

  9. We could discuss the benefits or not of the Royal Family all day and still not get anywhere. I am not a Royalist by the way, more a realist.

    At the end of the day I find it amazing that such a minor matter raises so much vitriol with some people when there are far greater concerns that need addressing.

    I''ll leave you to your ranting now.

  10. Your argument is flawed because it does not make sense. You seem to try to hang the whole thing around the Royal Family (or lack of one) as the only deciding factor for the status of a country''s tourist business.

    But, to entertain you, the UK does not do too bad as a tourist destination given that our weather is crap, we drive on the wrong side of the road, we are more expensive than a lot of countries and other Europeans can''t simply pop over the border by car for nothing.

    Countries such as Spain are blessed with good weather and a massive beach industry, as are most of the the other Mediterranean countries. France has this as well as good ski resorts and a few unique attractions (although the figures you quoted for them are way too high given they cheat when collating them). BTW, Congratulations for going there as a tourist yourself; such an exotic and unusual destination.You must regale us all of your travels some other time....

    Anyway, back to your point - The British Tourism Agency estimates that the Royal Family generates close to £500 million for the tourist business every year which would go some way to providing nappies for William and Kate''s next ''useless'' thing.

  11. You have seen the pictures of the damage? Dozens of very different sized puncture marks spread all over the aircraft.

    An air-to-air cannon would be lucky to get a couple of hits on target and even then the HE shells would blow up the area hit, rather than the wholescale destructive breaking apart in this case.

    Can I ask what you did in the Luftwaffe?

  12. nevermind wrote the following post at 10/09/2014 10:56 AM:

    ''High energy projectiles'' are not from a randomly breaking up HE fragmenting warhead, but from the barrel of an air to air combat system, very likely a 20/30 mm gun from an aircraft flying nearby.''

    It was a ground-to-air missile. You just have to look at the pictures of the damaged plane to see that.

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