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  1. [quote user="chicken"]One thing that no one has mentioned is how this may actually help Strihavka.

    I remember Holloway saying last season - or the season before that his Hungarian(Buszaky and another) players were playing better because they had the companionship of another of their countrymen to share their experience with.

    This could happen with Strihavka and Iliev. Iliev may be able to give Strihavka a boost - maybe Roeder already has this in mind, it could act as a double bonus.

    Personaly you can see quality in that shot against Liverpool - he makes it look so simple but it was exsquisit. I don''t want to jinx anything but am looking forward to see him in action! He may even go on to make Taylor look like a rip-off!

    Oh yes, that''s right, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic all just tiny states of that country called......


  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Boris"]

    big lol

    according CSKA chief executive Aleksandar Tomov Norwich have new investors that espected to invest good money and to bring back team next year.

    This is reply to press that they ask Tomov why good player like Iliev go to play for team in secund english level 4th from bottom.

    here is on BG

    "Нашият доскорошен капитан и звезда на отбора е пред трансфер в Норич и аз нямам моралното право да го спирам да играе в един от най-силните шампионати в света. Норич не се намира в добра форма и кондиция, но вероятно малко от вас знаят, че там вече има нови инвеститори, които са готови да върнат клуба във Висшата лига в много кратки срокове", разясни "червеният" шеф

    "our last year skipper and team star Iliev is almost sure to sign to Norwich and Im not have any morale to stop him to do that and to play for one of the best championates in the world.Norwich is not in best form and condition but possibly not many of you know thet at team have new investors who is ready to back the club in Premiere League in very short time"say the red boss.



    lol! somone aught to tell Delia about this Investor then!

    jas :)



    Second rumour about new investors that has cropped up today....maybe Delia knows something that we do not...

  3. [quote user="Scottlarock"]No he doesn''t need permits and all that jazz. If he''s Czech Rep international standard (or even bench) then we''ll have him. The Czechs are technically superb and if he scored against Liverpool then he''s obviously UEFA/Champ Lge standard. Czech Rep always does better than England internationally. Take all this into account with the two names Shackell and Doherty then mix it with the intelligent reasoning of Roeder then I think it''s no risk at all. If he can defend and has any notion of going forward and that a centre half could actually start a forward move by passing and not just ballsing stuff up then GET HIM. A million euros is roughly £750,000. Bargain. Forget Tiny - he''s never since he left said he wants to come back.,regardless of the fevered speculation on here. Lets get Illiev - sounds cool as well :-). This frees up Shacks to man a kiosk with Big dave, the Judge and Gunny at half time in the Upper Barclay. Survival and knocking out the Mars Bars and pies - the hierarchy will be well chuffed too.

    Which would be fine and dandy if he was from the Czech Republic but (and the clue is in the Topic Title) he is actually Bulgarian.

  4. Boris reported this yesterday evening in the "transfer talk" forum. Seems like a proper fulltime Moderator/Administrator is needed around here to pull all these Topics together. Seeing as all posts need to go through Moderation first surely that can not be that difficuilt?

    As for the attempts at translation of these articles can anybody actually use thier brain and not just cut''n''paste from altavista, etc?

  5. [quote user="newyorkcanary"]Agreed that by banning him defeats the purpose of a message board.  Unless he truly incites riot and promotes violence or cruelty, then Smudger is just part of the community.  Perhaps the crazy uncle that you don''t want anyone to know about type of community member, but banning him for being a moron would reflect poorly on Norwich as a community.[/quote]

    He should be banned for his own safety, in the last few days he has insulted FMs by calling them;

    "Spineless fools"

    "Mindless morons"



    "Yank fool"


    OK, not quite the worst case of swearing ever but insults no less, in any other Forum he would be removed for this reason alone.He is antagonizing a certain "class" of people, he should really learn to be quiet.....

  6. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]

    Most Canary fans want us to try, to really, really try - and to be seen to be really trying.

    We would like to see elements of boldness and  good doses of determination in the way we source players.


    Why the italics? Are you qouting someone here?

    [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]

    I mean, players are opting for League 1 clubs over us. That is ominous. What next?


    I know Grant was interested in him, that was reported on this very site but did we actually talk to him? Did he come here to look around, etc.? Perhaps we just were not that interested.

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