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  1. "...and the real story behind the MH17 downing is now coming out, i.e. that a military plane has shot it out of the sky."

    Did you actually read the report you linked to?

    The Dutch Prosecutors are willing to entertain the idea that the airliner was shot down by a military aircraft IF the Russians supply them with the radar evidence.

  2. Deptford Canary wrote the following post at 20/10/2014 5:47 PM:

    "What about that bloke we bought from Swindon and loaned straight back ? Are there no Wiltshire canaries in a position to give updates on his development?"

    Played 14, 2 goals, 3 assists. Not bad for a 19 year old.

  3. Thisisbabyish wrote the following post at 15/10/2014 12:30 PM:

    "The club has its own agenda due to the investment in him, the facts were he was outshone by an 18 year old kid just back from Oxford and didn''t register a shot on target. "

    He is at Oxford to the end of the year but is not getting much game time at the moment so he was allowed to play for our U21s.

    Same thing happened with Loza last season as far as I can recall.

  4. TCCANARY wrote the following post at 07/10/2014 9:18 AM:

    "You can''t argue with non-existent facts."

    I presume you are referring to the Swedish Government who have not only stopped reporting anything that may show immigrants in a bad light but also arrest people who report facts that show immigrants in a bad light?

  5. nevermind wrote the following post at 06/10/2014 11:12 PM:

    "I can vouch for the Electoral Commissions toothless resolve in these issues JG, after all they are dependent on the goodwill of parliament and work to their guidelines.

    But, I can also vouch for their report with regards to Blackburn and Darwen, because I sent them a report and they received many others. I worked there during the 2010 elections as an election agent and campaigns manager, it was horrendous.

    Jack Straw has them all singing and dancing his way. The local police/council/university which he encouraged to be established and most importantly the local electorate from many regions of Pakistan, Some Indians, Bangladeshi''s.

    Indeed Labours harassment was on a daily basis, from ripping down large posters to threatening houseowner with regulations and council action,s to take the posters down. Physical violence in front of his personal[police, delays at police stations when we reported the incidents , ignorance of an affidavit which proofed a clear breach of electoral law regards treating people, some 700 of them.

    and we are not even at election day and we have not talked of postal votes, but I don''t want to bore you with it."

    It''s usually a Labour candidate that they are ensuring gets the votes through this type of action. It''s just Pakistanis doing things the Pakistani way, you only have to look at the news stories of the elections over there to understand that.

    You could tell us about the postal votes and how they are doctored and fraudulent but it will not be news to me.

  6. nevermind wrote the following post at 05/10/2014 3:52 PM:

    "Good news today

    Sweden will recognise Palestine as a State, the first in Europe after the UN general assembly accepting it in 2012. "

    What do you expect from a country run by traitors to their own indigenous people who will go in the history books as the first Muslim country in modern Europe?

    I pity the poor indigenous people who have to put up with skyrocketing rapes, violent assaults and muggings from those who the Swedish Government fervently imported.

  7. ricardo wrote the following post at 03/10/2014 10:07 AM:

    "I quite agree, postal voting is a scandal and is wide open to fraud. It was brought in supposedly to encourage more people to vote."

    All part of the plan. Postal votes (without having to state a reason) were brought in by the Labour Party in 2001, the same Labour Party that opened up the borders to mass immigration to "rub the Right''s nose in diversity".

    The Electoral Commission produced a report in January 2014 - "Electoral fraud in the UK";

    "3.1 While the data reported by the police shows that every UK police force has investigated cases of alleged or suspected electoral fraud in the last three

    years, it is clear that there are some areas where cases are more frequently reported and therefore investigated.

    3.2 These areas are generally limited to individual wards within a number of local authority areas. We have identified the following 16 local authority areas

    (out of just over 400 across the UK as a whole) where there appears to be a greater risk of cases of alleged electoral fraud being reported:


    Blackburn with Darwen












    Tower Hamlets



  8. The IS is funded by foreign donations, not only by those you mentioned but by criminal and ''charitable'' activities in the rest of the World. In fact, donations from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey and Qatar have lessened since the shift of power from A.Q.I. to I.S. and their subsequent different objectives. Let us not forget that various government agencies are also monitoring and shutting down these financial supply routes.

    I.S. also receives a lot (the majority) of money from extortion and ''taxation'' of the local populace and Oil sales to locals and neighboring countries (such as Turkey). There are also the multi-million dollar ransoms paid by various countries France for hostages.

    As for bombing civilians, no doubt the strike teams will be aiming to lessen collateral damage but at the end of the day how many of those ''civilians'' welcome the brand of Islamic governance that I.S. bring?

  9. Creative Midfielder wrote the following post at 24/09/2014 9:00 AM:

    "It didn''t just not work, it''s completely unprofessional and totally disrespectful of the supporters who trekked over to Shrewsbury."

    A lot of us on here predicted the team (more or less) and we were all confident of a comfortable win whilst expressing the lack of playing time together as maybe a negative. The fact that it failed was not unprofessional or disrespectful on the Manager''s part but down to (some) of the players.
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