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  1. i cant believe you are apparantly 40, and are mature enough to hold a job and a family! what must arguments over who stole the last cookie be like in your household! and just for your information im not exactly a green warrior - but what the original post was trying to say is that norwich city is trying to reinvent itself as a ''green'' football club through energy saving etc so having their players drive around in hummers seems slightly double standards. or did your little mind not understand this? actually i take the last sentence back. you clearly havent and will never understand the post - because it wasnt a post which YOU made. oh mighty cluck.
  2. thanks for the reply! im glad that he gets that kind of reception - his arguments are completely ridiculous! i dont know how even this ''smudger'' character can stick up for him - even agree with him! absolutely ridiculous! i love this message board. i dont know how on earth i ever lived without this!
  3. give it a break will you. i cannot believe someone who is apparantly as educated as you are, and as ''intelligent'' as you are is trying to form a strong argument against global warming and recycling! its quite sad! and saying that things are hijacked by the global warming activists... what do you mean ''hijacked''? global warming activists wouldnt just take something and say to each other - ''well this one sounds pretty good.... SHOTGUN!'' it is people with attitudes like you which is causing all the problems at the moment. youve seen the facts, you know the causes and effects - i dont understand why you are arguing against pretty much everyone on this forum for your opinion. surely the fact your outnumbered is a clear sign..... you might be a lil bit wrong?
  4. hah, yeah he rubbed it in fosters face. he made it clear hes the number one!
  5. hah yeah, just read over the way i phrased it - i didnt mean the best product of english football! although i do predict and england career for him.... ? no ... well, maybe... i just meant for his age and his consistency at the moment, it would be a very wise move to keep him!
  6. well said. a little bit of optimism and faith in your club goes a long way. perhaps you would like to apply that sometime jjohnny?
  7. i will tell him. and a smile it will spread across his holy face. and the people will feast upon the lambs, and the sloths and the anchovies. doc bless you young padowan.
  8. grow up. you dont sound very much like a norwich city supporter. and as for the first post - i think it is relevant to this forum, and to all norwich city fans. so i think that you and your friend are just looking for arguments. you are the one making a mountain out of a molehill here.
  9. i agree completely with you - although earnshaw is norwichs top scorer at the moment, you have to look beyond that. martin is possibly england finest upcoming player - and hes going to go onto play amazing football as he grows up, but he aready is now. and as it has been said in previous comments, huckerby is playnig his best football at the moment. a team up between huck and martin would surely benefit us a lot more in the long run. i would even go so far as to say if we got offers from earnshaw to consider taking them in order to pump money into transfers to strengthen up our team in other departments.
  10. to be honest - if we manage to keep hold of chris martin i think we will destroy the championship next season. he seems to be an amazing all round player, and so young as well. him and huckerby both seem to be working well together at the moment. the goal today came from an assist from martin to huckerby. but as i said, its if we can keep hold of him.
  11. the doc. and coming in a close second..... ruel fox. he dominated 90''s football. what a legend
  12. i think you should all think about rearranging the team slightly, john terry was originally a midfielder and now look at him - one of the best centre backs in the world. its for this reason that i think we need a strong forward, someone like... gary doherty. with his fiery passions for revenge im sure he would be firing in goals left right and centre. no really. doherty is the key. are we forgetting he was the ginger pele? are we forgetting he was originally an attacking player? we should move him back. doherty needs to shine.
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