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  1. [quote user="SuperWesIrishWizard"][quote user="Aza City4life"] Simon Lappin!!! that would be a huge mistake... I say we play:                               Marshall Otsemobor    Doherty   Clingan   Bertrand Bell               Russell     Fotheringham   Croft                      Lita            Lupoli [/quote] A huge mistake? It annoys me when people pop in once every three or four weeks, to go and post something that has been said a million times already (20 minutes of reading and thinking before posting) and then goes and shows that they are clueless and not up to speed by saying "Simon Lappin!!! that would be a huge mistake".   I guess you did not go to the reserve friendly against Arsenal then, which we won 4-2, and in which Simon Lappin was our joint best perfomer of the night..... playing at centre back. [/quote] That would be the game where he was mostly up against 16/17-year-olds. Yes, he did indeed play well, but try and put him up against the more experienced 26/27-year-old forwards of the Championship and then see how he gets on. Has your memory blocked out his performances at the back for us in the past, in the first team? Even a half-fit Drury or Bertrand would still be more capable in my opinion. Aza City4life - you say about Lappin being picked would be a huge mistake, but then you go and stick Lee Croft on the left...[:^)]
  2. To be fair WWWB, Adeyemi was excellent in the Arsenal game too, barely giving the ball away in the centre once. I think you''ll find that Daley at least will also feature for us by the time the season''s finished.
  3. [quote user="SuperWesIrishWizard"] Another 3 points tonight, 3 points against the scum..... And suddenly we will all be happy and excited again. Thats the plan anyway. I hope that I see it happen. [/quote] So do I, but don''t forget we go to Hillsborough this Saturday...
  4. It''s got to be Sunderland away for me, had an absolutely cracking weekend up there the last time we played them. [B] [:D]
  5. [quote user="cityangel"]I still think we''d be mad to let him go anywhere before January when Sibbi and Lita won''t be here but on the otherhand I''d love to see him go on loan to Doncaster, score masses of goals so he can stick his fingers up at Roeder and prove that he just needed his confidence building.[/quote] Well, wouldn''t he have proved that he''s grown up to be a classy person if he did that!! Why would you ''love'' to see him go to a relegation rival? Where is the sense in that comment? If he was sent there, any goals he MIGHT score could well contribute to our downfall and therefore relegation into League One.
  6. Forest 0 City 2, Clingan to score and put in a MOTM performance on his return to his old club and Lupoli to make sure of the points. [:D]
  7. [quote user="Fellas"][quote user="CT"] Why the hell are certain people on this board blaming Roeder for J.C''s poor form? The fact is that atm he is the worst striker we have. I would pick any of : lita, sibs, lupoli , ahead of him. Yes he may have scored a lot of goals for Colly-who? but he was playing alongside the quality hold up play of Iwelumo. I blame Roeder for a lot of things, J.C''s poor form? I do not [/quote] Really? The same Roeder who couldn''t get goal-scoring form out of any of the strikers we have had at this club (apart from Lita but we can all see he is well above this level). Why has Alan Irvine managed to turn Chris Brown into an effectively player at this level yet Roeder has made nothing of either the players he had when he arrived or any of the players he has brought in. [/quote] Do you include Arturo Lupoli in that Fellas? [:^)]
  8. Thanks for that cam, very good and not in the slightest bit patronising neither [:O] LOL [:D] [:D]
  9. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="sponger"] doncaster our interested in signing jamie cureton any thoughts. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/sport/story.aspx?brand=ENOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=ENOnline&tCategory=Sport&itemid=NOED20%20Nov%202008%2009%3A56%3A13%3A207 [/quote] This is such an easy decision. 505 minutes on the pitch.  No goals scored.  High wage earner. Loan him out and use the wages for someone who can score goals... or give Renton (8 in 8 for the reserves) a shot, he can''t be worse. [/quote] Fair comments there Mr C, but it is still a very risk strategy in letting a striker go out on loan to another club who are in a similar mess to us, no matter how his form has been. I LMAO when Chris Brown joined Preston, scored a few useful goals for them though hasn''t he? However, it might be bearable IF the club do what you say, and use the wages for someone who can score goals, like Lita for example. As for Kris Renton, I see your point obviously, but I think it might be wise if we nurtured him more as he must still be getting 100% fit after his broken leg. I think I''m right in saying that he was out of action for the best part of a year or more? I''m also not sure if it''s a good idea in throwing inexperienced youngsters, no matter how talented they are at reserve level, straight into what is (at the moment) a relegation fight. If they fail to do a job, their confidence could be shattered by any booing and abuse directed at them and then Roeder will be accused of putting in boys to do a man''s job. It''s easy for us to say "He can''t be any worse" etc., but it''s quite a big step up for them. Renton''s done that only once remember, a lot has happened since then - mainly his broken leg! Anyhow, back to Curo - anyone read this? http://www.essexcountystandard.co.uk/sport/localsport/3861915.Loan_move_for_Cureton_/#show
  10. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Oh dear, there seems to be some earnest types around who''ve had a humour bypass.[:-*] Watch out! OTBC[/quote]I found it hilarious Bly, especially the bit about the twenty-five year old wife. Clearly the only twenty-five year old female you have contact with is your......''nurse'' One lust [/quote] Would that be before or after Wiz has finished with her? [+o(] [;)]
  11. I''ll be there too, I''m quite looking forward to watching the young ''uns from both sides perform. 1-4 in Arsenal''s favour though.
  12. Some great posts in this thread, well said, especially TCF, Darren and Robert. [Y]
  13. [quote user="Yellow Rider"] [quote user="CDMullins"]All of the above[/quote] Why? Palace and Coventry are both immediately above us in the table whilst Charlton are below. Hardly inspiring current CV''s from the managers you would prefer. All would ask ....''what money have I got to spend''? Upon finding out the answer was ''zilch'' I expect they would politely decline any offer. We have absolutely no option but to perserve with GR and hope he turns things round. I am concerned (and have been for many months) about his man management but I still think that (on the whole) we not playing as bad as the dross under Worthy or Grant as the noose tightened round thrir necks. Had that cracking effort from Pattison hit the back of the net instead of coming off the post, we may not be having this conversation now, who knows?  Starting a ''Roeder Out'' campaign will only accelerate the headlong decline of NCFC into the abyss marked '' ADMINISTRATION''. If we stop slagging off the players every time a pass goes astray and really get behind them we may just avoid relegation. The alternative is unthinkable.       [/quote] Very good post YR, I totally agree with you. GR certainly isn''t perfect, but the anger and frustration should be directed at the board - they are the ones who have presided over this decline. ANY manager would struggle to do a job under this lot.
  14. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"] [quote user="bringbackchippy"]See theyve taken my post off about Hucks willing to play for free, hmmm funny that !![/quote] Blimey that''s the 2nd thread thats disappeared lol [/quote] It hasn''t disappeared, it''s just been moved to the correct section, that''s all. http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1465813/ShowPost.aspx
  15. [quote user="Snakepit boys"]I work with a Forest fan and he is a Level 3 FA coach, I asked him about Sammy when he signed. His reply is he is ok, will do a average job but nothing spectacular. Fans on here have been talking as if he is Maradonna. I have not seen anything pro-active myself. Our side is that bad that very, very average players such as the Doc and Clingan look good. I believe we are worse off now than we was under Grant! [/quote] Have you forgotten already where Grant left us? Rock bottom, with one foot in the third tier of English football and about 8 points adrift of safety. We were absolute total dross. If anyone had said to me then that we would go on a 13 game unbeaten run, let alone survive, then I would''ve immediately arranged for whoever said it to me to be carted away by the men in white coats and locked in a padded cell. I know we''re in a frustrating and scary position at the moment (it''s possible that we could actually be in the bottom 3 when we kick off next Saturday against Forest, in front of the dreaded Sky cameras!), but if we can just cut out those stupid schoolboy errors, keep our concentration more and take more of those chances when they come along, then I''m confident that we''ll get the results to help push us up the table. As for Clingan, yes he didn''t have a particularly inspiring game yesterday, but overall he has been very effective and takes a good penalty too. I fail to see where fans have been talking on here as if he were Maradona and I read this forum quite regularly. One poor game does not make him a poor player - or a ''very, very average'' one.
  16. I think a loan move, with a 24-hour-recall option, to a League One club or something then that might be the best move for all concerned. I know that he desperately wants to do well for us, that''s obvious, but he''s just not cutting the mustard here like he has done at other places and we can''t really afford to be sentimental in that respect. It''s a great shame that it''s worked out how it has for him, I was really happy when he rejoined us in the summer of 2007 after such a successful season with Colchester and, even though he was our top scorer last season with 14 Championship goals, he really should have had double that amount with the chances he had. He had an excellent chance to have a very good career with us, and probably a better career for himself to boot, when he first broke into the team back in 94/95 and he pissed it up the wall instead. You can''t just keep someone on at the club just because they want to play football, they have to be good enough and, in Curo''s case, score goals on a more regular basis than what he has done, and he just hasn''t. You might point to the fact that he was our top scorer last season with 14 in 46, but three of them were in the same game. That''s not good enough and I think he should go out on loan. He''s only started 3 games this season for a reason - why do some fans think that is? I''ll tell you - it''s because he just isn''t good enough with us, simple as that. And nobody can solely blame Roeder for knocking his confidence, Cureton hasn''t exactly helped himself in some of his performances and some of the chances he''s missed plus don''t forget Peter Grant had a very firm hand in that too.  However, if Curo does start alongside Lita tomorrow and gets himself on the scoresheet, helping us to a win in the process, then I''ll of course be really pleased for him - but I fear that, even if it does happen, it could be too little too late for him.
  17. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Bigmarkcanary"][quote user="cityangel"] Gunn Roeder - Foulger - Wynn - Doncaster Clark - R Martin - Goss - Stephenson Doncaster - Ferrari Let the staff get us out of the mess we''re in!!!! [/quote] LMFAO CA!! [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] Gunny would fill the goal and then some, plus you''ve got Doncaster playing in two different positions LOL [:D] [:D] [/quote]   About time he earned his money [:D] [/quote] LOL I agree, let''s have him bloody work for it [:D] [:D]
  18. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] taken from the AGM article.... Addressing a packed room of some 500 shareholders, Mr Munby said: “In my book that old fashioned idiom ''the wisdom of the crowd'' holds true - all of us are aware of and recognise the enormous contribution from Michael and Delia over 12 years. “And when all at Norwich City will say: ''Thank you, Michael and Delia,'' I personally say: ''Thank God for Michael and Delia.''” Read between the lines.... i think we are close now.... jas :) [/quote]   Until I read something in print then I won''t believe anything is close. How many people on here said investment was close and it isn''t is it?? [/quote] Oh don''t worry CA, I''m sure that nice Mr Moore has got some change left in his pockets.
  19. [quote user="cityangel"] Gunn Roeder - Foulger - Wynn - Doncaster Clark - R Martin - Goss - Stephenson Doncaster - Ferrari Let the staff get us out of the mess we''re in!!!! [/quote] LMFAO CA!! [:D] [:D] [:D] [:D] Gunny would fill the goal and then some, plus you''ve got Doncaster playing in two different positions LOL [:D] [:D]
  20. [quote user="Titanic"]Do you still  have confidence in Glen Roeder, Yes or No?.[/quote] It''s our board that I don''t have any confidence in. In my opinion, they are the reason that Roeder has had to bring in the players that he has. He may make one or two strange decisions with his tactics and subs, but all managers do that from time to time. He''s made certain comments too that I haven''t been particularly impressed by, but it''s still a yes for me as I believe he needs at least one full season with us and I''m still confident (at the moment) that we can finish higher than what we did last season - somewhere around mid-table.
  21. [quote user="1st Wizard"] And no, I''m not saying this okay?[:|] But be totally honest here, is anyone thinking it? [/quote] To be honest Wiz, I actually thought that yesterday before they went and beat Watford 3-1. I''m not thinking it now though and I most certainly will not be thinking it on Saturday!!
  22. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Maybe we could anoint him Sir Chopsy - or if he gets though to the final curtain by Xmas perhaps we could stretch it to Lord Chops of Mousehold - or even under certain circumstances which could [:D] arise Baron Chopsy of Stowmarket-under-Ipswich. The vote''s in. Unanimous. Arise Sir Chopsy. OTBC   [/quote] Indeed Bly, I second that! Mr Chops, that simply has to go down as the Post of the Year and I look forward to the next instalment and more laughter! [:D]
  23. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Am I right in thinking our last shirt lifter scored a cracking winner against Man Utd?[/quote] No, that was Newcastle...
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