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  1. Hi there I have registered on your forum as I need your help. My friends at work are big Canary fans and I have been to a few games this season they have pointed me this way We would be eternally grateful and we are contacting every fans forum in the country at present to ask the same As fellow Football Fans we need some help over at Blackpool For the last 10 months a fan has been in legal wars with the owners of Blackpool Football Club – the despised Oyston family This week the fan has had to settle out of court to the tune of £20,000 plus 10k in his own costs as he could not afford to take the risk of having his day in court as the Oystons were going to claim £150,000. The law in the UK for libel is heavily weighted towards the rich rather than the just I have provided a link below to an online support fund where we are asking all football fans in England to share and donate any small amount towards this fight. The Oystons seem to take great pleasure in suing retired pensioners. Even if you cannot afford to donate please share with all your fellow football fans on facebook, twitter, via email and any other means so we can try to help Many thanks for listening and link to the support fund is below http://www.gofundme.com/s5bbb8r You can also see more about our ongoing battle with the despised owners of our club at the link below https://www.facebook.com/tangerineknightssupport?fref=ts Links to the full story below http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3042292/Blackpool-fan-forced-pay-staggering-20-000-damages-allegations-online-Oyston-family.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3030302/How-Blackpool-laughing-stock-sorry-story-Oyston-mess.html
  2. majority of pool fans would have him back http://fansonline.net/blackpool/mb/view.php?id=684901
  3. Last time i posted on here I got riddiculed for saying Roeder is an Aragant person --------It was when I informed how Norwich acqiured Wes Good ridence to the Rodent
  4. Hi, I''m a Blackpool fan living and working in Norwich for the last 25yrs. Let me tell you how Norwich came to getting Wes,to come to Norwich. Last November a Monday evening after checking in at the terminal for my flight out to Ams.(was working out there at the time on a 4on/4off shift pattern) Walked  into the departure lounge,to be greeted by a bunch of  blokes in separate small groups wearing ''Flybe tracksuits''.Anyway I find my work colleagues and sit down. It took me a while to realise it was the Norwich squad waiting for their charter flight to ''Bloomers''.I look around and then see Glen Roeder sitting just opposite me wearing a black suite and tie within four feet of me.So I start talking to him. me:- "It''s going to be a tough game tomorrow night,for you against Blackpool" him:- " There all tough in this League"---- came his arragant reply me:- "You better watch out for our Irish wizzard,Wes Hoolahan".----- take that then, reply ''you stuck up your own a-se tw-t'' him;- "Who". Yes he said "WHO". Now would''nt you think he would know a bit about the oppositions squad before a game.For him now to be saying he''s watched him since that game.Yes he has since it was me that told him ( Where''s my cut of the transfer deal eh, Mr Roeder, you know you can''t deny the conversation and the content ,can you!!) Wes might be still at Bloomer''s if "I''D GET MY GOB SHUT"
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