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  1. He doesnt strike me as the sort of bloke who will accept he is out of his depth though. Unless he is sacked we stuck with him, couldnt see him walking
  2. Oh dear lord that was awful. Only one who looked like having a good game was subbed!! On that performance we look to be the team everyone will want to play for an easy 3 points. If Grant goes though ( and I think he should ) who on earth would want to take this on?
  3. I was really encouraged by last nights performance. Only gettin to matches in the north I have been reading the posts with regards previous posts with dread. My kids were warned in advance not to be too upset if we got hammered but I feel we played well and i was pleasantly surprised. Didnt feel we were outclassed , n i know it wasnt svens first team but then neither was ours
  4. I am far from what you would call Doc''s biggest fan, in fact i usually cringe when the ball goes near him,but he played well last night. Credit where credit is due
  5. I agree. Why for once cant some people accept that we played well. I too hope it isnt a false dawn and that performance can be replicated in the league . Last night might just be the kick start we need. Lets hope so
  6. Went to the game last night and have to say how proud i was of the team. They gave their all and while unfortunately it wasnt quite enough it bodes well if they can carry on playing with as much grit and determination.
  7. Lets face it barring a miracle we are gonna get hammered. But i will try to stay a glass is half full person. Whoever plays lets hope they at least play with passion.Can take defeat if they at least look as if they care.
  8. Exactly, if grant goes who the hell would we get??? Warnock n Jewell have been mentioned but would they seriously want to manage Norwich???
  9. I have always loved football but neither of my parents did. Therefore the only person I could talk to about football was my Grandad who lived in Norwich. I always made sure holidays were taken in Norwich when there was a game I wanted to watch. I might live about 200 miles away but am ensuring my 2 boys and nephew are brought up the right way. They are yellow n green too!!!!
  10. Ooh one I can attend at least. Think Man City have flattered to deceive so far. What does anyone think? Winnable for us?? Or we gonna get slaughtered? One off game anything can happen
  11. And that was the saving grace. Rochdale playing well was not quite good enough to finish the chances they created. Had they had someone to latch onto the end of crosses we would have been well beaten. Really got the impression we could have played till midnight and still not scored in open play. Please god we see an improvement against cardiff.
  12. I too thought that the penalties were taken well but was disappointed  we let the game get to that stage. After Dion went off i didnt see us win one header in their half and while we had a lot of the ball we were always in danger when they broke. Seemed to me the second half was lots of possession no end product
  13. I for one aren''t sorry to see Etuhu leave, healthy profit on a poor player in my opinion. How someone that big could get knocked off the ball so easily escapes me. I want to see players who clearly want to wear the shirt and play with passion, cant say he seemed to show that at all.
  14. Hi I am in Keighley just 30minutes drive from Leeds. We get to as many away games as we can that are around here. Nice to here of some City fans round here!!!!
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