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  1. make sure you read the rules if you are having a bet cd. if Irvine is still in charge for the QPR game that''s 10 games in charge and that''s what the books pay out on.
  2. The big problem has to be all the changes to the team. that is 25 premiership games and 28 different players ,must be nearly a record.
  3. I noticed that, be a good addition if we did go down. or maybe someone''s had a tenner on .
  4. Same old Norwich until we get some investment on the board nothing will change, deadly silence from McNally today or have I missed it.
  5. sky reporting 6million so how much have we spent
  6. still 33/1 with skybet think someone would have snapped that up if there was anything in it.
  7. Board must have been scoring Europe to come up with this one.
  8. My choice would be. Ruddy Martin R Bennett Turner garrido Tetley Fer Johnson Redmond Lafferty Grabban
  9. No one suitable in January you have to laugh.
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