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  1. Pederson and Thompson have been released by Bolton they would be great for us! Thompson is a creative midfielder just what we are after and Pederson - altho getting on a bit is an excellent target man! I think GRant should make a move altho wages could be a problem? Thompson more of a chance of getting than Pederson but worth a go! Also Miller of Sunderland anyone been released!? I think great news on Otsemboor! Well done Grant!
  2. I believe these two should be snapped up now! Brellier has just rejected a new contract offer from Hearts and would be quality! Still in his 20''s and would be an absolute steal! Come on Grant time to Swoop! Also Mcallister! anyone actually seen him in action? How good is he? Do you remember when Norwich apparently ''snatched'' Marc libbra from under the noses of Celtic! He was a good player but didnt set the world alight did he! Well he occasionaly did with some of his fancy tricks and flicks! I know they are two different players and Mcallister is very young anyone think he will come to us! Worth a gamble! Also Dion please stay if not, you can provide our half time entertainment on your Saxaphone! OTBC!
  3. Quality mate! Lets flood the Shires of Ipswich with Norwich fans! OTBC!
  4. Thanks Dion mate for everything you have given us supporters this last year! You have given 110% every game! More than a lot of our whole team put together! Your an example not just on the pitch but off the pitch! In your post match interview on Radio Norfolk you summed up Norwich city''s season when talking about our performance against Wednesday! Mediocre, embaressing! Im sorry mate you deserve better than us the way we have played this season! Maybe we will see you again when you grace Carrow Road again as manager! Just by chance you dont fancy taking over this club do you? Like Niall Quinn did at Sunderland! You will never be forgotten and will always go down as a Norwich legend mate altho you werent here for too long! DION DION DION! OTBC!
  5. I was looking forward to us playing west ham next season until I say they were 3-0 up on Bolton! They should have been relegated already and planning their trips to us, turf moor, etc! Can someone please tell me why Tevez is on the pitch playing if he is inelegible? I hope they come down still and get sued by practically any other person or club that has any sort of a case against them ! The 5.5 million pound fine is a joke beacuse if they stay up they will get 50+million for staying in the league! Thats not a punishement! Guys what are your views on this ongoing saga?
  6. Just got back from Southampton game as I live down near Colchester and thought What a mess! Its the first match Ive been too with my fries this season and we sat in the Norwich and Peterborough Community Stand! Great seats and it was interesting to have a view and see first hand if all the criticism of the players on this board is justified! It was! No player looked up for it! It was a gutless, passionless display! Not once did we close the ball down! Martin was played out of position again and when he was moved into his normal postion wasnt great and rightly substituted! I know we really dont have much to play for but still it seemed to be a sorry display! Huckerby carried the only threat how much longer do we have to rely on him to win matches single handedly! When he leaves us I dont know what we will do! Dublin give him another season! He gives 110% and he looked shattered at the end of it! Fotheringham I didnt know he was even in the starting 11 until my friend told me on 60 mins! The whole team display wasnt great Grants got a lot of work to do in the summer to find players who would want to play for us! we need not 5 0r 6 new faces but maybe 10! I think the summer is going to be an interesting few months! Last point i wish to make is that on radio norfolk last week a caller rang up and wanted to know where all the money had gone from the club! We are round about 15 million in the red! Id like to know y! Good players cost money! However I have faith in Grant but if by Christmas we are not moving anywhere fast I can see a few supporters voting with their feet and not attending matches that are sold out every home game! Ill keep the faith tho! OTBC!
  7. Guys Colin cameron is being released by Coventry! He was good for Wolves remember the playoffs when we beat them he was one of their best players! Anyone think he could do a job for us? Mandaric has said worthy is in the frame for the job.....god help him!.....was he drunk when he said that!
  8. Just heard Lennon say hes leaving Celtic in the summer! Worth a shot anyone or not?  He will probably be trying to earn a contract with a premiership team tho! Hes 35 but Dublin''s 38, age shouldnt be a problem! Also Grant with his scottish contacts in the SPL, you never know! Coming to the Southampton game btw, one big performance lads come on, give us something to look forward to for next year better performances! Also if we beat Southampton could help Colchester get in the playoffs! haha!
  9. Just wanted to ask your thoughts on the upcoming players we have in the academy and reserves who might be playing on Sunday! bally Smart how good is he? Spillane sounds good and hopefully may get more 1st team football between now and the end of the season! I hope Cave Brown plays this season I was impressed with him when he played under worthy until he got that nasty injury against Torquay! Renton havnt heard too much about him but y not give him a chance we have nothing to play for now apart from beating the Scum on Sunday! Im really praying that Huckerby and Dublin are fit for that game! Also what do you think to the prices of tickets to see matches? Im coming up to my first game of the season against Southampton next week as I live down in Essex - £26 adult price! Is that Good value for the championship what do you think guys? OTBC!
  10. Hey guys do you think Earnies comeback was kept secret and underwraps? Grant kept saying he wasnt fit enough yet! And Stuff and look hes back for sure! He can still get the top scorer in division! Hattrick against the Ipswich mate and hes up there again! Grant dont sell Earnie in the Summer Keep Dublin sell Docherty!   Bring On Burnley! Our Away forms gonna end up better than our Home form! 1st time for that hey! HAHA! OTBC! Welcome Back Earnie!    
  11. For anyone who watched the Roma and Manchester United game the otha nite! Did anyone else have to take a second glance at Philip Mexes Romas centre half as I could of sworn it was Mcveigh with that hair! Speaking of Manchester United do u think Norwich should make a season long loan move for Keiran Richardson? A lot of United fans on the radio have been criticising his performances but I think he would be quality for us what do you think? Also Im off to Norwich V Southampton last home game of the season - what do you guys think the atmosphere will be like up at carrow road as this season has been somewhat of a dissapointment to say the least? One of Happiness as  this season is over and looking forward to seeing what grant will do transfer wise over the summer or one of  quiet optimism?! I personally will get behind Grant and the lads I hope to see Earnie back in time and score those 6 goals he might need to finish top scorer in the league!
  12.   I hope now that Worthy is manager of Leicester at least only till the end of the season at the moment, do you think if he got the job full time he could buy some of the rubbish players back off us he brought in when he was at norwich and take them to Leicester? Maybe Doherty Gallacher etc? Also can anyone give me an opinion on Andy Hughes? Is he any good really people give me mixed opinions? I thought Mickey Spiallane and Cave - Brown may have been given a chance by Grant too by now!
  13. I forgot about Dublin I am sorry! And I completely forgot that I had put Huckerby in twice! Still on his day he can be as good as two players put together! Heres a question guys! Out of all the managers and the coaches in the football leagues can you put together a scottish  eleven football team?  We now have 3 scottish coaches Gunn, Duffy and Granty? U could have Moyes at Everton? Is he scottish? Billy Davies Derby? Would be quite funny to be able to make eleven!                                                 
  14.                                                        Joe Lewis                                     A.Hughes   Shackell    I.Culverhouse ( Doherty isnt English thank God!)    A. Drury                            L. Croft   Rossi Jarvis   L. Chadwick    D Huckerby                                            D. Huckerby       C. Martin   What do u think to this team guys!!!!!!!!!
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