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  1. agree, hughes is far more effective and is proven at a higher level of football than exeter
  2. but surely not ''punching above his weight'' so this would rule him out.
  3. The Doncaster chairman is quoted as saying that O''Driscoll is ''punching above his weight'' - is this a clever little clue by our new CEO with regards to who we are approaching as our no. 1 target? No problems with the ''''Arsene Wenger of the lower leagues'' being our new boss.
  4. I think they are all concentrating too much on one result and not the state of things over the last season. Gunny is not the man for the job and we need someone proven, adkins, o''driscoll etc etc to take us back up and keep us up
  5. "Sean is used to punching well above his weight, which is what he had to do at Bournemouth, but he''s used to getting the best out of players and he gets them playing great football.   above is a quote from the Doncaster chairman, - is our CEO being a little bit clever with credentials used in his interview??
  6. I would buy them out for 56 million, invite Mr. Cullum along as my matchday guest and say over to dear chap - fancy a large one?
  7. think the whole waiver thing will just cause more division between the fans of this fine club. We have been totally divided over too many issues recently and I think that this is just something else that will cause unnecessary friction. If people want to claim their money back then so be it and f people want to waiver then good for them, either way it should not be a guilt trip or a matter of self gratification. Personally I''m undecided.
  8. I agree, I think he would tear some of these championship defences a new a hole 
  9. I shall pick and choose. Like I said, I am and always will be a life long fan, its in your blood but I just want to make a point over the way things have gone.
  10. I phoned club this morning to enquire about giving in (with massive regret) my season ticket. I wont bore you with ''I''ve been going since 1979" etc etc but NCFC has and always will be a big part of my life, but I''m sick to death of the way things are going under Roeder. Anyway, I was told to put my reasons in writing and this is what I have sent. (I didn''t even mention a certain Mr. Huckerby because I wanted to keep my blood pressure down)! Just thought I would see if anyone else was tempted to do the same? Dear Mr. Gough,   Re - Cancellation of Norwich City Season Ticket   It is with considerable regret that I write this letter, giving seven days notice, as laid out in your terms of agreement, to terminate my season ticket with immediate effect.   My reasons for the termination are:   The way team affairs are being managed in relation to the numerous loan signings and the lack of opportunities given to ‘full time’ Norwich City players.  This has left me feeling despondent and I have lost confidence not only in the current set up but for the future of the team/club as well.   The above point relates directly to this one in that I no longer wish for my hard earned money to be ploughed into something that I no longer have any faith in. I have always blindly renewed my season ticket without a second thought. I now feel that I am throwing money away on a team that is mainly borrowed, doesn’t really belong to me, and will eventually be returned to its rightful owner. I feel that I can no longer identify with this team.   The whole match day experience is depressing. When once I could not wait to get to the ground I now feel ‘why bother’. I find myself attending out of duty because I am a season ticket holder. I have spent virtually all of my working life away in the armed forces but always kept the faith and kept my season ticket going, even when deployed abroad for 7 months of the year. I assist a very good friend of mine in running Forces2Canaries and take part in all the events and fundraising and will continue to do so, but what I cannot do is go on funding something that I no longer believe in.  
  11. Superb post and I totally agree. The inhouse petty bickering has got to stop now, or at least for the 90 minutes that the team is on the pitch. We have got to look at the bigger picture as one, and that is to get behind the team and the management every game until this sorry season is over and we can look to start afresh, in this division, next season. I seem to remember Worthington saying "judge the team I build" and "give me 3 seasons to get promotion" etc, well, lets give Peter Grant the same chance that his predecessor had, and back him, not stab him in the back. Lets get behind the lads today and heres to 3 points - OTBC   
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