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  1. Hope they keep him till the derby, then fire him straight after! I know I am a cynic, but Ipswich losing heavily at home to the side Magilton played for?  
  2. I personaly feel the article is very worrying. He states we are paying twice the wages for the crowd size we get. Well, how can teams who have half our crowd size pay players that are good enough to see them challenging att he top end of the table? Are the board a soft touch when it comes to negotiating wages for new players? It also states the debt is stable and manageable because of the continues support of the Wynn Jones'' and the Foulger family. Great but how is that stable when you are relying on their personal contributions. Unless you have gaurantees in place that they will keep doing this till the debt is paid, they could stop the funding at any time. Hardly stable in my opinion. Just one final thought our Chief Exec has a law degree, not a business or finance degree. God forbid any of us found the need to be defended in a court of law, would you use an accountant?  
  3. The big guy who was missing last night and also at Charlton? Not sure about Sheff Utd as I was not there
  4. How about Tommy Wright, the Goalkeeping coach? Or has he been fired as well? 
  5. My guess is it will be humble pie after the binners spank us!
  6. [quote user="T"]If you were the CEO of NCFC bearing in mind the financial reality of running a football club, the business has been publicly put up for sale but there has been no sensible offers to buy the shareholders out what would you say and what would you do. I''ve heard the criticism but I have not heard the proposed solution.[/quote]   We have to remeber also that the Mr Doncaster graduated with a law degree, not a finance degree. So perhaps a person with a stronger finacial background should be put in charge?
  7. [quote user="The Butler"][quote user="Chunky"] Just listening to Radio Norfolk, and our Chairman states ''The Turners left for personal reasons that he does not know''. What sort of Chairman lets 2 wealthy investors leave without knowing the reasons for it?   [/quote] One who''s not going to admit anything and risk being sued perhaps. [/quote]   Fair point, however he could of just said he knows the reasons but is unable to say at the moment. Would at least be a more acceptable answer than ''I don''t know''!
  8. Just listening to Radio Norfolk, and our Chairman states ''The Turners left for personal reasons that he does not know''. What sort of Chairman lets 2 wealthy investors leave without knowing the reasons for it?  
  9. I think you will find its their company thats worth that, not them as individuals. I''m sure if they had that amount sloshing around in personal accounts they would love to spend it on their favourite football club!
  10. [quote user="C.T "][IMG]http://i37.tinypic.com/rtzwbl.jpg[/IMG] [/quote]   May not agree over the size of the club C.T but that last post made me laugh!  
  11. 1st Wiz I hear what you are saying re the defence, but how much of their lapses are due to the fact we are not scoring. They know 1 slip will lose us the game when we fail to score and thus creates pressure on the back 4
  12. That is not what I said. I agree we deserve better, however to class as a great club is an exaggeration imo! Ipswich are not a great club with a wonderful history, however there is no denying however much it sticks in the throat they have one more than us, although not enough to be a great club.  
  13. I thought Ameobis record was 28 goals in 168 apprearances (courtesy of Wikipedia, not reliable but quickest I could get to!) thats 1 in 6 compared to Lee''s 1 in 3 If you can give me a link to prove Ameobi has 50 Prem goals I will be delighted to come and join you on whatever planet it is you are on!
  14. [quote user="C.T "]I havent been corrupted. Its called waking up and realising where our once great club is heading. Unlike wiz i dont blame Roeder at all, I do blame Delia [/quote] Our once great club? We are a provincial club who took 70 years to even reach the pinnacle of English football. For 20 years we went back and forth between the top 2 divisions. Now for the last 10 - 12 years we have had one year in the top flight. We have appeared in the League Cup Final 3 times (winning twice) We have never appeared in an FA Cup Final (3 semis at most) We had one season in Europe, admittedly could have been more if it had not been for Heysel. Its hardly a massive record of achievement compared to many others. However we are a proud well supported club, who deserve better and more respect from the people who run this club, but to call it a once great club imo is an exaggeration. We can all see the problems, Roeder sees the problems, we need a striker and quick!
  15. [quote user="Chunky"]When I read the report, I too thought why would we be bothered. You came here on a months loan, did nothing. Sorry Mr Lisibie but I have no reason to forgive. The only thing I feel for you is pity that in your deluded world you actually think we are interested. Also Archanct for even publishing it! A classic piece of journalism on a slow news day![/quote] My fault typed forgive when I actually meant bothered! My point was really why are Archant even publishing the story, its of interest at all!
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