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  1. Jimmy will be on a pay-as-you-play basis. This has come from a source inside the club who has previously put money into the club. They also hinted that there would be some changes at the club this season but didn''t go into what changes.
  2. Been to the game today and then out for a few drinks afterwards. Thought it was totally awful and I''m already looking into selling my season ticket. It''s not a knee jerk reaction, it''s just that I can''t endure another season of transparent spin and little or no ambition. But, to come to the crux of my post, I saw Lee Croft leading Simon Lappin and Jason Shackell into Mercy nightclub tonight and although two of the aforementioned didn''t play today, it really does put over the wrong message to the fans. I realise they need to unwind as much as the next man but, after today''s performance, a night on the town just seems like they''re taking the pee.
  3. [quote user="C.T "][quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="Ginger Pele"]6th[/quote] oh dear... [:$] Try 24th and just being grateful that there aren''t more teams in this league that we can look worse than. [/quote] Smudger FFS change the record. Norwich looked great on Saturday, im not saying that we''ll finish in top half however we will not go down, of that I am sure. [/quote] Don''t humour him. I''ve been reading his immature ramblings on here for a long time, and everytime, someone bites.
  4. Just read that Leicester want Paul Jewell. I fear it will be the same as all the players we have "done everything we can" to sign. He will end up going to the place with more money and more ambition. Oh well, Tilson or Allen will be excellent second choices but we should all admit that Jewell was everyones ideal manager!
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