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  1. Would have liked a striker in but that''s that!! But at least we kept all our squad apart from Redmond and bought Pritchard and nelson Olivera. Disappointed to loan out Maddison but at least he''ll get game time. Should have a squad to push on starting with 2 home games and most back from injury in time Get behind the team and manager against Cardiff and let''s get 3 pt s
  2. McCormack playing on wing and chap from Bristol didn''t get a look in against us.. They''ll score but not 20 each, hopefully!! Hope the price tags put them off a bit. Villa are wasting money.. Hope it bites them in the arse
  3. why all the slating, some so called fans on here are pathetic, i bet the chelsea fans dont moan about drogba do they. why moan about one of our own players its pointless
  4. what a load of crap chelmsford canary..go and support the scum
  5.  i joined this forum the other day to see what the cardiff fans were moaning about, and they were moaning about everything to be honest. once they clocked me on their site all the inbred jokes come flooding in and delia this and that, and six fingers blah blah, so i gave as good as i got and got banned.... so if anyone else wants to join and give them some stick back ..... there was also a love in between them and qpr about how much they hope each other go up because they both hate norwich.. i told them to get a room...... and got some more flack... quite fun really      
  6. i think you will find WORKING CLASS PEOPLE sit everywhere you prick. but i doubt you are classed as working, probably just a knob head dole bludger so keep your opinions to yourself  for what they are worth  
  7. What a typical John !! you are lol... watch the game yes.. and that is to see that prize prat in between the posts let goals in.. and then take the piss out of the fans you f**k**g muppet.  £21 to watch a load of muppets and thats all, if you want extra you pay me more !!!     pedro half of that didnt make much sense, i think you are still a penis.....   and as for me being a fuc@ing muppet... i should imagine thats what you go to bed with each night you silly little boy     and you are still a penis
  8. So then I suppose its the Stewards fault then is it ? if you look at the lower Barclay towards the Away supporters 95% of the Norwich fans shout verbal and physical abuse at the away fans !! so what are the Stewards supposed to do? march the whole out of the staduim. you would have a flippin riot on your hands.. pound to a penny if the steward had approached these So called Norwich fans last night he would of got either verbally or physically abused as well and its not worth that for £21:00.. So there you go.. and some qoutes from a while ago Well if you are so bothered about the Policing and Stewarding at Yesterday''s match, do something about it by joining either the Police or the Stewards otherwise keep quiet..I am a Steward and from what I saw yesterday Norwich fans were as bad as Leeds fans, if you wind up the oppositon then you get what you deserve and I witnessed plenty of Norwich fans doing that, by which we told them to sit down and shut up or get thrown out !! and by the way not all stewards support flippin Norwich !! we are there for the pay !!  28/03/2010   Who''s give a toss,I don''t you flippin idiot, we don''t get paid enough so why should we bother..I go to watch the game and get paid to do so thats all I am there for..you prized prat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 28/03/2010 pedro i think you are a  a penis, and give the ncfc stewards a bad name. in one qoute you said not all stewards support flipping norwich and in another you said i go to watch the game... you need to make your mind up you sausage jockey, and for moaning about the £21 dont  f@@king do it then, go and get a job at tescos    
  9. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Bruces Header"][quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]Maybe Jackson is being lined up by Saints to allow Ricky Lambert to come here?....[/quote] If only that were true... Holt & Lambert would be a tasty combination! [/quote] Nah.  Both found their level in League One. mister chops you are a penis.. we have only just played our first game and you are moaning about something allready [/quote]
  10. [quote user="Delia Out!"] Let''s face it, fair enough Holt worked hard, but there is no way he is worth £400,000! He is the most expensive league 1 player for this season and he needs to show it.   Well he didnt do too bad tonight did he Delia Out... these players need to be given a bloody chance, a hatrick away from home in his 2nd game is rather good i think   see if you can find a negative in tonights performance from him then
  11. the fat one looked a bit violent when he shouted something at wes.. why have a go at him there were worser players on the pitch.. prob cos he is the smallest, i reckon he didnt fancy his chances against otj did he did you not cheer when we scored??
  12. [quote user="Bryan Bryan Gunn :)"] [quote user="john"] thanks mr carrow, at least someone else on here with common sense. i take it by your response you are not 12 years old like all the others on here, who have no idea about football [/quote] agreed ! looking at the performance, he made sum neat little passes, spread the play well. if he had wingers who actually stayed on the wings, would have proven to had a good game   some more common sense... not seen this much sense for ages apart from when all the kids who post crap on here every night have gone to bed ( cos mummy told them too ) if Whaley had done his job and ventured across the halfway line a few times or even once Gill and otj might have had someone to pass to instead of looking around for someone
  13. thanks mr carrow, at least someone else on here with common sense. i take it by your response you are not 12 years old like all the others on here, who have no idea about football
  14. [quote user="pennywise "]the keepers getting all the stick and rightly so  but  jesus christ this bloke was awful ...i first saw him against man u ressies and it all went pair shaped when he replaced ameyadi and today he was absolute kak...lightweight and clueless not the only one by any means  obviously  but  useless none the same ...[/quote]   BOLLOX    the whole team were shite did you not see him passing it around, short simple passes in the middle, otj was alot worse in my opinion
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