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  1. well done lambert culverhouse and the lads, i hope this gives the team the confidence to go forward
  2. lol then i stand with you enjoying the moment ;-)
  3. dont think its a caase of getting carried away just enjoying the moment fella....just nice feeling for so many...been a while coming
  4. cheers romantic....gettin boys!!! anyone for 7-2 lol
  5. my match viewer is playing up, is it 5-2....holt scoring the 5th?
  6. Ive tried to get my girlfriend to come watch a game at carrow road with me for ages now and after our transfer activity this summer she has now turned around and said "when are we going to watch a game" bemused by this I said why you said there wasnt anything you wanted to see! Well she said that the new signings have finally given her a team worth watching and that they looked! a talented bunch! The cheek!
  7. it does seem a little odd that theres been a delay which could mean one of a few things 1) whaley isnt sure about signing but did the medical anyway but asked for a little extra time to consider the move 2) gunn has delayed announcing the signing until he decides which triallists he will be signing in order to make it big buisness in media terms 3) something completely normal is holding it up and I don''t have a scooby what that is Oh well heres to waiting, summers are always a mixed bag at Carrow Road
  8. I really hope we give up on Lee as he will cost more than his worth age wise from what palace are quoting
  9. Bridges (I know most will say Maric I just really believe if Bridges signs we will see the best of him) and Askou I think McVeigh has probably already signed  
  10. cant believe i missed out mcdonald sorry , id have him contending with martin to start
  11. gk - Theoklitos rb - spillane cb - Nelson/Askou can''t decide yet cb - doherty (was hoping shackell would return) lb - Drury rm - mcveigh (if whaley doesn''t sign cm - gill cm - OTJ lm - Hoolahan cf - Bridges cf - martin bench/squad - gk rudd - lappin - habergham - smith - dumic -kelly - adeyemi - maric sell pattinson and stefanovic - bring in askou and whaley plus a right back...mtandari?
  12. 1) Norwich 2) Nantes 3) Arsenal
  13. after what ive heard from people so far id like to sign briges up and maric, apparently askou was assured on the ball and strong in the challenge and composed. Whats happened to mtandari has he gone? i presume they have let go of troy powell and chrysanthou aswell. So after the performances so far Im hoping bridges/maric/askou i think neilsen would be good as back up to whaley but gunn will prob bring in mcveigh what do you guys think will happen?  
  14. Ive gotta say I think Bridges could be a risk worth taking, he stayed pretty much injury free last year didnt he? according to my mate who supports his last club he showed glimpses of a return to his best, anyone know whether thats true? Id personally love to see him regain his confidence and stay injury free then pair him and martin up with mcdonald in the reckoning also
  15. I think the problem with mcveigh is that he believed he was better than playing for norwich and had his head up in the clouds towards the end of his time at carrow road, luton was quite possibly a bump down to earth. when he first signed for norwich he was a firm favourite and had some good performances as a young player. he is now older and hopefully more grounded and a player who can really cause problems on the flank, can score goals and has a decent enough delivery for league one, championship at a push. Im sure others would disagree but I really feel he would be a good signing perhaps signing scott neilson as well from cambridge....the way i look at it is that by signing neilson you have a lad whos desperate to make the big time and would love to where the yellow and green and then you have mcveigh who needs to revive his career, so neilsons enthusiasm could rub off on mcveigh (pay as you play contract perhaps?)
  16. sentimental slush....wishy washy fans....lacking business heads......hmmmmmmmmm some times people should take heed and read more carefully other wise points are missed. my point is that the ''few'' seem to spend more time slaggin are players and board off than being constructive with their comments, as a paying fan i don''t mind reading others opinions and feel were the majority are coming from, however to use abuse and taunts doesn''t help anyone especially not the players creating an unfriendly atmosphere to play in, so in closing its time for fans to realise that changes are made through leaders or people who can inspire belief, as fans we can help create this belief by cheering are team rather than kicking them while their down or attacking the board which although i don''t agree with everything they have done, they have done so in a manner which has saved this club and made it stable. we want to be in the premiership, as fans we want the days of old back such as european football but the effects that arise from the above are negative and not helpful, so if people have complaints state them but and construct them so their useful as you can guarentee that if aboard recieved abuse they would ignore it however if its a structured complaint supported by facts then change it is hoped would become a realisation....if not then we will know truly what NCFC board is about.
  17. it seems that all you read on the board these days is negativity, firstly worthington did great to get us to the premiership and we seem to judge him on the problems leading to his sacking, he underperformed why...we wont know, it could have been player unrest or both manager and team needing a fresh start and a new direction. peter grant, i read on this site a while back some one saying grant ignores youth yet if you read up on the youth team players PG has taken a keen interest and is clearly aiming to give them first team experience on loan so he can get a better look at how they will be when faced with the physicalities of playing week in week out at senior level. We can''t judge him on the goings on of this season, i believe this is clear, hes trying hard to bring players in and though doubted by the few (unfortunately making the many fans who do support through thick and thin look fickle which isnt the case). Chadwick, Marshall and Brown....chadwick and marshall are great signings and will prove to be so, brown is still young and with a run could be a good player as he was at youth. ryan jarvis, rossi jarvis, halliday and ian henderson....don''t write these 4 off they are all talented players who just lack exposure to playing week in week out, i believe PG rates all four but also he realises that especially in the case of ryan jarvis and ian henderson they were mis-used by his predecessor, henderson often played out of position and jarvis jsut put under either to much pressure or lost confidence either way lets support these guys they are young and whether you realise or not they are inexperienced and a stadium can be a daunting place when fans go against you. Delia and co, whether its doomcaster or doncaster...we can hate our board or love them but at the end of the day we need to wake up and realise that this team owes bucket loads to both its fans and the board, ive read comments from people saying delia is a great fan but not rich enough to support a team on its board as shes seen as a poor millionaire....revel in this, yeah she doesnt have as much money as a lerner or abramovich but id rather we remained an honest side that strives for success (and we do have the capacity to reach it). I want to say to Delia don''t go if we can bring in more money through other investors then great but we musnt lose the family atmosphere of what is a friendly club loved by many. Our debt has been managed and controlled by sensible buisness and im not talikng about worthingtons transfers! Robinson, Hughes, Thorne, Colin, Gallacher, Doherty i picked these players as they seem to get the most abuse, hughes as much as he has and still strives to do his best to impress he doesnt he may be trying to hard but being honest he just doesnt fit into the norwich style of play, ive seen a few silly moments from him on the pitch which i dont like but even still lets cheer him on he may still suprise us. thorne will do well at oldham, he didnt for norwich but good luck fella not all moves work. robinson again cheer him on, berating players won''t help, the way the league is we can make the play-offs but only if we support the team and make them realise with great support anythings possible. colin has really come along this season and started to prove people wrong and he looks to be settling into the style of play of the english leagues now. gallacher he has made some howlers and has also had some good moments, a talented keeper but clearly not on form it would have been great to give joe lewis ago but PG is obviously of the belief that lewis needs a loan to get some experience first we have to trust him on this as he has inherited someone elses side. doherty, the ginger pele to some (not sure bout that)....a donkey to some (definately not agreeing with that)...he strikes me as a player determined to do well for this club and enjoys playing for the team, he has given some silly free-kicks away but he should not be ignored as a commanding centre back, so give him a cheer as hes trying to hard right now to make fans realise his worth, so lets let him now how much hes worth to us...so he relaxes and returns to his dominant self and leads a shakey defence and turns them into a solid unit which indeed they should be. finally whoever we sign in this window good luck, i hope fans realise we can still turn a season going bad round and with a little luck and the fans spurring the players on maybe the players will roll those sleeves up and turn things around as they have the potential but lack the confidence! SO PG, NORWICH, DELIA and the FANS............LETS BE HAVIN YA
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