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Lew says we are top of the league

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  1. It was clear to all that Neil Reynolds done the sign to the bench that it was game over, the bench did not react in anyway preferring to see if Deano''s head would clear.  IMO the Physio was overruled forget all the comments after the game at the time of the incident the management did not take the physios advice end of story.
  2. What an inept, passionless dreadful performance.  Villa lacking confidence & form destroyed us and but for poor finishing it could have been one of our most embarrasing scores ever.  Villa looked like Brazil & we made them look wonderful. The only thing I can cling to is when McKenzie came on he seemed to have a good understanding with Ashton who looks a good player & will score goals with decent service. What a miserable drive home & evening.  
  3. Nail on the head Marty Gary Holt & Damo are clearly the best midfield players we have & Fulham''s midfield & full backs will not have an easier day out than they had to day for the rest of the season.
  4. The standard of poster comments has gone down over recent weeks, over the last few months we have had rants about certain players. 1 week its Hendo next week its Holty, Helveg, Jonson even Drury this week who will it be next week Greeno. Posters wishing injury on players or just being stupid with their comments. Worthy out comments. Fans wanting us to spend money we don''t have no one will understand the legacy left by the Chase era & the years it takes to re-structure.  If I was a scum fan looking at this sight I would get great pleasure looking at the untogetherness that exists between the Norwich fans.  I look back to last season &  the civic reception with pride at the masses of canary fans in the yellow & green that evening.  The pride of playing in the premiership & actually competing better than I expected.  All this was acheived by Directors, management, players & fans sticking it out together not just last year but over a decade of turmoil.  In the last few month''s we have lost greats such as Ron Ashman, Geoffrey Watling & Bernard Robinson all who gave blood, swaet & tears to this club for little reward.  The thing NCFC has is people in the club from staff, Directors & players & a number of the people involved in the club today will one day be the greats of tomorrow & never to be forgotten.  Its about time the fans allowed the Directors to Direct the Club structure, let the Manager manage & let the players play with them having a feeling that everyone of us is behind them without unjust critisicm, we expect loyalty from players but what loyalty are a number of fans showing to the players. The comments posted on this message board in recent weeks would leave the greats I have mentioned wondering what they have left behind in an age when supporters would just back the club in whatever shape or form. PS I am not old & wanting old style football
  5. I can''t believe some of the stupid comments attributed to Gary Holt, has anyone thought the reason his performances have been slightly lacking is because he has been playing through a very serious injury.  This is why I personally would never criticise players because we don''t know the full story.  If anything its the Managers fault for asking players to play through the pain barrier.
  6. Nothing seems to matter tonight I feel empty at the loss of Mr NCFC
  7. Come on Worthy you have made some very ruthless decisions on players who in your opinion were not good enough for the club.  Players like Malky, Rivers, Iwan all have departed for the betterment of the squad, money has been wasted on players who have not improved the squad and your judgement on purchases has been awful.  All you go on about is discipline & you prefer hard working players over skilful players with a bit of devilment.  So go on for the better of the club we feel you have reached your level & its time to move on or bring Harry Redknapp in to assist you.  Harry would bring a level of attack minded football and if you gave him the same amount of money as you have wasted he would have unearthed a number of diamonds.  I don''t expect miracles but I expect more than what we are currently seeing.
  8. First 2 goals conceded yesterday would not have happened with Malky in the team & we lack leadership & height at the back. Unfortunately we can''t go back & get Malky so its time for Shackell to get an extended run as centre half.
  9. I thought the fans were tremendous yesterday, but for me when Holt was down injured to sing for Mulryne was a  disgrace.  Holt gives his all week in week and is Norwich through & through he''s not skillful but he does the job asked of him by the management.
  10. whats the name of the horse Stevanage fan I will place the same bet.
  11. I really beleive that we are there, I love this squad & I am so proud of the club, How horrible for big fat scumbag joe, colin warnock, Alan Pardew Norwich will feel the pressure. Yes you so professional managers catch us if you can but sorry you cant Cause we are top of the league say we are top of the league
  12. Compared to Matt Svensson Lewis Jim Brennan haircut Greengrass reckons Wigans forward is Nathan Wellingtons, cause he got caught in the Norwich April showers
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