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  1. Gallacher Cave-Brown Spillane Shacks Lappin Chadwick Fotheringham Safri Eagle Martin Hucks IMO that should roughly be the team for the remaining games.
  2. At home to coventry in the f.a cup they were a prem team a the time and we lost 3-1 was about 8 years ago i think
  3. hes scored 6! he would be 2nd top scorer behind an injured earnshaw so he would be our main goal threat and we wouldnt need the awful chris brown!
  4. ure havin a laugh int ya mate! no noise from the barclay  we sang constantly for thw whole game, i looked round the ground and every other stand was quiet all sitting there doing jack!  i reli cant believe u said that my voice hurts today i can hardly speak mate! but other than that it was a good game and bring on chelsea!
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