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  1. Not really the same type of player. But I think Grealish has more in his locker.
  2. I like McLean. He's a decent sort of player. Like a lot of our players he's not quite good enough. Not to be starting in the Prem every week.
  3. You know that goal Watford scored the other night? McLean had to clatter the lad and he didn't. He was lightweight. That's dirty work. Winning headers against nobody or someone a foot shorter than you isn't.
  4. McLean works hard but he doesn't really do the "dirty work".
  5. Yup. Quite a bit of this. He struggles with what's going on over his shoulder. Then you put him in midfield where there's even more going on around you.
  6. Lacks a bit of charisma but knew what he was talking about.
  7. I've always thought Hanley is pretty quick over a short distance (and a longer distance too tbf). Being quick over a short distance is generally more important for a defender like that.
  8. We've moved away from what made us good on the ball. We've lost the cohesion and understanding in various areas of the pitch. We've made changes for either no gain or negative gain. We're now a worse side than we were a year ago. And probably a worse side than the first half season. Get back to what worked ahead of next season.
  9. He is a brilliant goalkeeper.
  10. We play our best football with Vrancic and Buendia on the pitch. There is also clear understanding between those two and Pukki. McLean might have a bit more of an engine and might win a few more headers but it hasn't got us anywhere. We're going to let goals in anyway so I'd rather we gave ourselves a better chance of scoring them too.
  11. When he has a good game he has a really good game but most of the time he comes up a bit short. Also often fades badly in the second half. Bit more pace than some, wins some headers but do we play better football with him in the team? No.
  12. He can pass and he's good on the ball is something people say about Godfrey when making a case for him to play in midfield. But the list of Norwich players that can't pass and aren't good on the ball is a short one. And actually I would question whether he is good enough on the ball and whether he is a good enough passer. Then there's his awareness with and without the ball. How he takes the ball in, opening his body up, playing on the turn etc. Don't know if he's streetwise enough. You can see sometimes when he's playing as left centreback that when he's got the ball he's slightly limited with what he can do with it. If there's a big diagonal and he can hit it then all well and good and it's an eye-catching thing to do, but when that ball isn't on he can be a bit hesitant. So I don't really know if I can see him going into midfield and having enough in his locker.
  13. I just don't see the midfield thing, not at this level.
  14. Know what you're saying but... we lose these games anyway. At least with Vrancic on the pitch we've got a bit more style and more likely to create something. Same with Buendia.
  15. We play our best football with Vrancic and Buendia on the pitch.
  16. I would also add that the Wolves system has suited him, often with Coady one side of him and Doherty the other. His role is fairly limited.
  17. None of our centrebacks are that great with the ball (Klose probably has a few more ideas than the others) but neither is Bennett. No obvious gain.
  18. Unbelievably good. You're not seeing a more naturally talented player at this club.
  19. He's a great passer. He keeps the ball. He scores goals. He creates goals. He wins tackles. He wins headers. With him and Emi in the team at the same time we play some brilliant stuff and those two clearly have an understanding (great football brains).
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