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  1. That sort of class... but without all the major trophies.
  2. Which two games? Michael Keane was clearly their MOTM last night.
  3. Not including Pukki in a top 5? Frankly, anyone who hasn't got Pukki in their top 3 needs to try again.
  4. Young players are pretty much always "highly rated" by their club.
  5. There isn't a choice between Henderson and Winks. It's Henderson.
  6. Three at the back might work with the right people in the 3 and the right people on the width. I find Trippier is too lightweight. Yeah he can put a good ball when he gets the time and space in but he doesn't carry enough threat. As for midfield, I'd rather see someone with a little more zip in there next to Henderson. Winks is a good player but doesn't quite have that edge to his game.
  7. Henderson isn't full of natural flare but he is still a very good player and an extremely hard worker. He's worth his place.
  8. What doesn't really sit well with me is how long Grealish has had to wait, when it's been clear for some time that he has a lot to offer England, while some of the plodders who regularly turn in mediocre performances for England (Dier, Trippier etc) get cap after cap. There's a lot of exciting talent available to England so hopefully Southgate will do a bit more with it.
  9. I think Wright's delivery sometimes leads people to assume he's not offering insight. But he is. Worth listening to.
  10. I missed Wright's comments at the time but it sounds like he was right. And to be fair, the guy does understand football and does offer insight. It was when the guy on the right for Ireland (Horgan, I think) cut the ball across the 6 yard box. It was obvious that was the ball he would look to play when he got on it but Idah hadn't read it. But then, realistically, Idah is not a world class prospect. He's a good prospect for a club of our size.
  11. Can't argue the penalty. The lad panicked but otherwise played well.
  12. Hmm. Looked like he was a little bit asleep on their goal and he didn't do enough to stop Martin getting that shot away which hit the post.
  13. Played well, worked hard, should have scored.
  14. Rupp was very good indeed. He's had quite a few good games now. Worth his place.
  15. In fairness Birmingham sat back so far for so much of the game it was an easy night for our defenders and defensive midfielders. Infact they're probably not going to get an easier game.
  16. When you get a team sitting back like Birmingham we've seen that Rupp and Skipp are not going to undo them. Rupp has a bit more of an idea and can combine better in the tight areas around the box but Skipp is a pretty safe/steady player.
  17. My favourite commentator/pundit on our games. By a distance. Much, much better than some more high profile former players.
  18. His stubbornness over Grealish is annoying. He's the best Englishman currently playing the game. Feels like Southgate is trying to prove some kind of point but I'm not sure to what benefit.
  19. Not specific to Cantwell but as soon as you describe yourself as humble you've stopped being humble.
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