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  1. Is he "absolutely brilliant"? I get there's a difference in the quality to what Liverpool require to us or Sheff Utd, however, I do wonder if Liverpool thought his ceiling might not go much higher and took good money for him.
  2. There's more with Buendia. More natural talent, more in the locker. And he puts it in for the team. As good as it gets in a Norwich City shirt.
  3. Hmm. He isn't always the strongest tackler. Good player though.
  4. He slowed the play down too much at times and he also ran out of steam in the second half - which he is prone to doing.
  5. Yup. Already done more than Dowell and Cantwell combined.
  6. I would suggest he was never totally sold on RVW. It's not unheard of in football for clubs to sign players the managers don't really fancy.
  7. But why would Hughton, a cautious type, chuck money at strikers who don't fit what he wants? I think it's possible he may have wanted one of them. I doubt he really wanted both.
  8. Hughton was and still is an incredibly defence minded and risk-averse manager. However, he is also clearly a thoughtful, intelligent and sensible chap. So I don't think it really stacks that he would blow money on players in the first place and then "refuse" to utilise them correctly.
  9. That sort of class... but without all the major trophies.
  10. Which two games? Michael Keane was clearly their MOTM last night.
  11. Not including Pukki in a top 5? Frankly, anyone who hasn't got Pukki in their top 3 needs to try again.
  12. Young players are pretty much always "highly rated" by their club.
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