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  1. 25 goals, the work rate (attacking and defending) and the sheer brilliance of his movement... I can't see how people can put more than Buendia ahead of Pukki. It's Buendia and Pukki who sh*t the opposition up. The opposition don't look at us and hope Hanley or Skipp aren't playing, they're hoping they haven't got to face Buendia or Pukki. Hanley, Skipp and others have had great seasons but it's Buendia and Pukki who truly make the difference.
  2. Surely Pukki will be in our top 3? Our top 3 should be Buendia, Pukki and one other.
  3. Not surprising when you look at Derby's squad. There's not much to get excited about. No problem with Rooney though. Great player and it'll be interesting to see how he does as a coach in the years to come.
  4. I mean, he has come into a pretty nice setup. He plays in a team which is stronger in most positions than every opponent they come up against. He's also playing in a team that is very good at keeping the ball. He's been brilliant for us but I would say his contribution is quite obvious.
  5. I notice people refer to Skipp's age and career experience quite a bit. It's like he gets bonus points for it.
  6. He's never looked truly good enough to do that - regardless of what he does away from the pitch.
  7. Remember a few weeks ago when he took the opportunity infront of the cameras to do a socially distant goal celebration? What a hero.
  8. Nobody has given us a better game than Barsnely.
  9. Can't see it. Also, not that similar. Skipp is much better at winning the ball.
  10. Yup. It's easier to do what Skipp does than what Buendia does. Skipp has been absolute quality for us but he's an ordinary type of player. Buendia is on another level and he's what makes the difference to us.
  11. Yeah, Maddison is good on the set pieces. But Buendia can play in more areas and he does more for the team. Maddison is good at what he does but he's more limited. Buendia is a much better all round footballer and actually I don't think that should be hard to see.
  12. Yes. Not even that close. Buendia has much more in the locker, his all round game is much better.
  13. Sometimes England matches aren't the most exciting but Norwich have served up their fair share of dross over the years. I didn't stop supporting Norwich when they were sh*t, so why would I stop supporting England? And, actually, England are now a pretty good side. Easily one of the top international teams. I don't always agree with what Southgate does but it could be a lot worse.
  14. Yeah, I've always thought the Norwich job was likely to be as good as it got for him. Right place at the right time when we got promoted but I thought it became clear pretty soon into the Prem season that he lacked the nous at the higher end.
  15. Gayle is also said to be on ludicrous amounts of money.
  16. Coady is a really good passer of the ball. Probably only Stones is better. I'd pick all of them ahead of Dunk and Tarkowski. Would probably pick Keane over them too. Apart from Dier. He's a good player but his lack of pace gets him caught out too much by the better operators. He's clearly a manager's favourite though. Similar for Trippier. Yeah, he produces a good ball when you give him time and space but he's not great in one on one defending against top players and his lack of pace is limiting at both ends of the pitch.
  17. He's just unbelievably good. The number of goals he scores combined with the work he puts in for the team. You don't see many better in the yellow and green.
  18. Brewster looked like a desperation signing to me. He might do alright for them next season but never looked like the answer for this season.
  19. Looks a good player. Possibly needs to do a bit better in one on one defending.
  20. Said when he was here that he looked a good player. Didn't get the goals but he worked hard and took up good positions.
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