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  1. He definitely needs to improve his crossing and to some extent I think he tries a bit too hard at the moment. It''s not quite going for him. I think he could be in a bit of trouble when Chadwick comes back but I still think that Crofty has the potential to be a very exciting player for City.
  2. [quote user="BarclayMan"] If you thought Thorne did alright against Wolves then you must be easily satisfied. Name me one thing he did that was of any worth to the cause, and i dont mean the occasional header or layoff, as thats the very basics of his job as a striker. He was woefully ineffecitve in front of goal and posed no threat whatsover. Ive not got it in him, he''s just plain and simple not the player he was and just not good enough anymore. Regarding Martin, what I meant was if its a choice between him and Brown to partner Hucks, for me Martin has done more, against Leeds and Wolves he looked sharp and given 90 minutes I think he could make an impact. Brown''s had his chance and not done much with it, so I think its Martins turn. And coming on against tired defences? Your having a laugh now arent ya, there professional athletes, able to perform for 90 mins. I didnt see any tired defenders yesterday or against Wolves, and in fact I do remember a fantastic goal line clearance late in the game against Wolves from a so called ''tired defender''. I never said Martin doesnt have to earn the right to play, just that for me he''s ahead of Brown to start, purely because he''s looked better than him in the last two games. He''s looked sharp, confident and full of self belief, so I believe he has earned the chance to start a game ahead of Brown and be given the chance to show us what he can do over 90 mins. [/quote] I''m not easily satisfied at all - it''s more a case that I don''t go out of my way to find fault. Peter Thorne did alright against Wolves, he wasn''t great but he certainly wasn''t ''diabolical''. To say his performance was diabolical is an absolute farce. Now I think you''re being a touch foolish and naive if you don''t think that lots of players legs get a bit tired towards the end of 90 minutes. I dare say if you asked any player, coach, pundit etc etc they''d tell you that people will get tired legs. That''s why Huckerby often comes to life in the second half when he knows people aren''t quite so fresh and he can have a really good run at them. I think it''d be fairer to judge Chris Brown after he''s had a couple of games with a suitable striker partner alongside him. I doubt Chris Martin would have done a lot had he started as a lone striker yesterday. 
  3. I think Dickson is in that unfortunate position now where many City fans have got it in for him and no matter what he does they''ll never be happy with it. Etuhu is surely the kind of player that could be an assest to Norwich. He''s a big lad and he gets through quite a bit of work. Going back to last nights Canary Call somebody called in and said he pulls out of tackles which Neil very quickly discarded. It''s not true but because that person has already made up their mind about him they''ll blindly find fault. Yesterday I thought he worked fairly hard, his passing wasn''t great but we''ve seen that he can be a really good passer of the ball. He also had a couple of good surges forward into the Leeds final third. Earlier on in the season he was our best performing midfielder and one of our best players overall. Surely he and the coaches just need to find a way to bring his top form out of him all the time. I suppose it can only help if people encourage him rather than wish he didn''t feature for Norwich.
  4. I think it''s interesting that on this thread people seem to be adopting a more...sensible/cautious approach to Lappin. Saying that although he''s played one really good game we''ll need to see more before we can judge. Yet on other places on this forum people are more or less building Chris Martin up to be the next Thierry Henry after a couple of brief appearances and expect him to be in the first team.
  5. [quote user="BarclayMan"]  What a joke, against Wolves Thorne''s performance was pathetic, totally ineffective, he was diabolical.  so for me I think its Brown who has got to earn the right to partner Hucks and it should be Martin and Huckerby to start up front. [/quote] I don''t think it was that bad, me thinks you''ve already got it in for Thorne (and I won''t deny he''s been fairly rubbish for Norwich) but he did do alright against Wolves. To say he was diabolical is ridiculous. And then you say Brown has to earn the right to partner Huckers. But not Martin as clearly coming off the bench a couple of times with fresh legs against tired defences has earned him the right to be a first choice striker. Amazing.
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Brown is far to clumsy! i know he has only played twice but he seems a poor striker thus far... he went round the kepper and missed when he had an open goal today! worrying! jas :) [/quote] I''m pretty sure he knew he was offside when he missed the open goal. Fair enough he''s not going to be Sammy Eto''o but he''s shown enough to suggest he could prove to be a good signing.
  7. I think you''ve made a lot of good points, Zippers. PG said on the radio after the game that he''s not a cautious manager but starting with 1 man upfront at home against the side bottom of the league isn''t very adventurous.
  8. [quote user="Dan Grant"]for those who attended todays game, how many of you thought martin looked lots better than brown. i thought brown looked clumsy when in possesion and kept tripping over his own feet when he had the ball. but martin looked really sharp, and his passing, abbility to turn defenders and workrate impressed me. good signs for he future providing grant brings him on every week or maybe even gives him a start. [/quote] Well they''re different types of players really. I thought Brown did the best he could today. He won the ball and he used it quite well when he had decent support. He''s not overblessed with pace though so he needs somebody alongside him. Martin looked bright when he came on but because he''s a young player coming through the youth ranks lots of people are going to be inclined to think he''s awesome. Where lots of our young players are concerned people seem to wear the rose tinted goggles. I''m not saying I don''t think he''s got ability because I think he has. I''m sure if PG thinks he''s ready for it then he''ll get definitely get a chance.
  9. Definitely seems to be a quality player. Obviously it''s always sensible not to get carried away but he had a superb game today and seemingly had all the right attributes to continue it. Excellent left foot.
  10. [quote user="SpanishCanary"] Both scored today and two more we ''looked at'' but didn''t try for!!!! We''re 1-0 down AGAIN!!! Someone said that Varney isn''t that good and that he''s over achieving this season, well I''ll tell you summit, I''d like to have seen him carry on over achieving and scoring for Norwich!!! wouldn''t you??? we need a goalscorer. Losing at home to poor teams, these are sad times. I don''t even live in England anymore and listening to the game on the radio is painful enough that it makes me want to support my local team here (Elche) rather than a this sad sinking ship. NO PASSION!!! NO PASSION AT ALL!!!! PATHETIC. [/quote] So let me get this straight...you weren''t at the game and you''re criticising the team (before the game was over) dubbing them pathetic with no passion. Even though we were the better side from start to finish and got the result we deserved. And you''re singing the praises of a player who plays for a team in the lower regions of the league below us who wasn''t good enough to keep his team up last year. You''re welcome to support ''Elche'' to be honest.
  11. [quote user="Smudger"]  I am scared of us losing but another half of me feels that it may be in the long term best interests of the club... [/quote] I take it you mean that because a defeat would steer us closer to relegation. Relegation has never been and will never be in the best interests of any club in the world. Why? Because there''s never any gaurentee that you''ll go back up.
  12. [quote user="Greg Sayer"] what i meant was that he jumped for the 1st club that came in, he didnt wait for a better club. i heard rumours that the addons for green and ashton were cancelled as compensation for signing grant [/quote] Well West Ham are what you''d call a big club, in the grand scheme of things. Green isn''t up to big 4 standard so West Ham isn''t a bad move at all.
  13. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Foster may make it as he is still young, but Kirkland shouldnt be anywhere near the squad having been consistently poor this season.   James and Murray are both better keepers and Green better than both of those.   Interesting to see that while Curbs favours Carroll the wet Sham fans have been calling for Green during games. [/quote]   Are you saying Rob Green is a better keeper than David James??
  14. [quote user="apprentice"] I cant believe how few people even have Ryan Jarvis on the bench.  Has he really dropped down the pecking order that much from the lad who was going to be a big star!!! [/quote] Really? Is it that hard to believe? I think it''s become fairly obvious that he''s never going to cut it at this level and that the club probably made him out to be something he''s not. I know some people will argue that he''s had limited opportunities etc but I''m pretty sure that''s because the managers and coaching staff have looked at him and realised he''s not up to it.
  15. [quote user="Steve H"] On a different note I must say that I am pleased to see the back of Robinson, believe me he is no loss to us. Just Thorne, the Doc, MLJ to go now and maybe Hughes & Etuhu if they don''t step it up. [/quote] While I don''t think Carl Robinson is Zizou he''s clearly a decent player. He''s played about (roughly speaking) 250-300 league games at this kind of level and he''s played for his country 35 times. I''m sure City will have better players than him but I''m also sure that we''ve had worse and that we''ll probably have worse again in the future. Not a great or spectular footballer but he''s definitely a decent footballer. I''ll agree on Thorne but I can''t agree on the Doc. If Jason Shackell was the player we brought in and the Doc was the youth academy product then it''d be Shackell that people want rid of. Gary Doherty will always be a better defender and footballer than Shackell and if people can''t see that then they''re blind. MLJ is just unlucky...he was one of the best fullbacks in the league when he played for Forest. Hughes...works hard but passing is far too erratic. And Etuhu obviously has got quality but isn''t very reliable. If we get the reliability out of him then he will become a very good player for Norwich.
  16. I think all 4 outfield players will prove to be a success and I think Marshall will do a job in goal. I really think we need a couple more defenders but I''m not disappointed by any of the signings.
  17. I think Carl Robinson is quite a decent player to be fair to him. But that''s as far as it goes. He plays in the comfort zone...that''s not to say he doesn''t try it''s just that he''s more comfortable playing within his limits. He wins the ball and plays it simple. I always think if Norwich were doing really well he''s the kind of player you''d like to have on the bench. Good luck to the man.
  18. Me thinks it''ll be                          Marshall Hughes        Doc           Dublin       Lappin Croft           Safri          Etuhu         Hucks                          Fozzie                         Brown Assuming that suspensions and injuries are as I expect them to be. Potentially quite a decent side. I expect Hucks to give Leeds a battering.
  19. Pleased that we''ve signed a couple of players but I woud really hope there''s at least 1 centreback on the way and another striker. Ideally another 2 or 3 defenders would be nice. I think it would be a bit foolish not to beef up our options in defence.
  20. [quote user="gareth"]Smudger..your comment regarding the fans deserving relegation is a disgrace. Financially we are not competing, i grant you that, however try getting behind the club and SUPPORT them. If you can''t do that then kindly keep away from carrow road. We don''t need idiots like you there.[/quote] What an absolutely excellent post. All he is is a whinger, from what I can tell he doesn''t have any real love for the game or the club. Sure he dresses it up as the club letting him down and what not but really people who love this game and this club will always try to be positive.
  21. [quote user="a1canary"]  [quote user="cityangel"]Hes just signed a new deal, his wife refuses to move from Norwich and he loves us so ignore that rumour.[/quote] You''d better believe it people. Why? 1. He and his family can stay in the area easily enough if he goes to Charlton 2. He and Grant don''t see eye to eye as evidenced by Grant''s open comments in the press and vice versa 3. Grant has no particular loyalty to him in the way the NW did. As far as Grant is concerned, he''s a useful winger, but a luxury one that can be replaced (Lappin), and an inconsistent striker. 4. He (and Earnie) are undoubtedly the highest wage earners at the club, PLUS he could generate some decent transfer income if he was sold. Sorry to say it but it''s not so far fetched as it may at first sound.  :( [/quote] He''s pretty much one the most dangerous players in our league, he''s worth every penny we pay him in my opinion. Whatever anyone wants to say about Hucks or Earnie being luxury players letting either of them go would be absolute suicide. And there''s just no way in a million years Hucks would leave Norwich for Charlton.
  22. [quote user="San Miguel"] On a slightly more positive note I''m thinking that Colin is probably our best player. His overall effort and ability are second to none, and most importantly he is consistent in his performances. Some will say that Hucks or Earnie is our best player, but IMO, Hucks will always have a problem with his attitude and teamwork (one of the reasons why he is such a deserved cult hero) and Earnie is a bit of a luxury player who is fantastic as a striker but that''s all he is. For me, Colin is our best player right now and I think his position at right back makes his good work go unnoticed by a lot of fans. [/quote] I don''t see there being any issues with Hucks attitude or teamwork. His attitude his spot on, he wants to play for Norwich and you can see that about him. As for teamwork...if Darren Huckerby spent all his time trackin back it''d just take away from his energy to burst forward. When you run with the ball like he does you need to keep your legs as fresh as possible so you''ve got that bit extra to go past a defender. When he gets the ball I think he''s very much looking to do his best for the team.
  23. [quote user="Smudger"] Loughborough Canary...  It is all about results for us now (which we are not going to pick up with this shower of $. hite)...  Everybody seemed to get behind the team tonight (not that it mnade any difference)...  Thi sgetting behind the team thing is yet more club spin...  what the true fans of this club now need to do is admit that people like Wiz, Cluck, Alex, Ricky Knight, Mello, CJF & Co and myself have been right and unite in demonstrating against and freeing us of this board that is suffocating this club of ours!!! Yes Ricky...  We will go down and 99% of our fans will deserve it... NO ACTION against Delia & Co is why we find ourselves where we are today!!!  [:@] [/quote] Are you actually a Norwich City fan? If so you''re at best an embarassment but more truthfully...a disgrace.  
  24. Well it wasn''t the home win I was hoping for but we were by a long long way the better side. If we''d have had Earnie or Dion upfront then we''d have pasted them. There were only 2 poor performers tonight really - Hughes and Crofty. Thought everyone else did well. Martin looked decent when he came on but really he needs someone like Dion upfront with him, I wouldn''t put him in the team for Saturday if he wasn''t partnered with Dublin. Shame we didn''t win tonight but there''s plenty to be positive about.
  25. [quote user="Alex Harvey-Jones"]Can''t see any of these leaving now to be honest! Wouldn''t lose any sleep if Robbo went but we don''t have enough players to let any more leave![/quote] Robinson was excellent tonight.    
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