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  1. [quote user="Hardhouse44"] Lappin is also a doubt as far as I am concerned. He isn''t a left winger for one reason he can''t out run anybody. He has no pace. This will be Eagle''s problem along with his lack of physical stature. Fullback is probably the place for Lappin if he can improve his defensive side of the game. Imagine that a fullback who can get forward once in a while knows what to do with the ball at his feet and can deliver a decent cross. Wait, now I''m just getting silly!!! [/quote] I think Lappin has been quite impressive so far.  Although I think everyone likes a winger with a bit pace sometimes speed of thought can be just as much of an asset and I do think Mr Lappin is quite an intelligent player. He''s definitely a player who has improved our squad and I think, if used correctly, he will become a quality player for Norwich
  2. Difficult one, in some ways. I liked Nigel Worthington, I thought he was a good manager who wanted to play good football. Unfortunately he did start to lose his way and it was time for him to move on, but that happens to plenty of managers, As for Grant...well he gives it the big talk but so far he hasn''t quite delivered. Fair enough he needs time to build his own team but there are aspects of his management I don''t like. I can''t help but feel he over does the ranting on the touchline, there''s a time and a place for it but he does it too much. You know sometimes you''d like to have your players nice and relaxed but focussed on the game, not being distracted by some Scotsman barking out things they probably already know. Another thing I dislike about him is his habit for changing a winning team. He has done it so many times since he''s been here, pretty much everytime we win a game he changes the side/system for the next game. Even just putting in Martin for Dublin gave us less of a chance yesterday. Also his team selections have been a bit dodgy over his time here, although there has been improvement in recent weeks. At Nigel Worthingtons peak we were the best football side in this league, box to box we played the ball better than anyone. Can I see Peter Grant getting us playing that well? Nah, not at the moment. We''ll have to see what happens after the summer but for me it''ll take a bit more than putting a youngster into the team, sending a couple more out on loan and promising to drop under-performing players to impress me.
  3. No doubt that we were outplayed today. The manager picked the wrong team. As soon as I knew Martin was in for Dublin I thought we''d be in trouble. Why? Because Chris Martin hasn''t got what it takes to hold the ball up, especially at this level. I don''t buy into any rubbish about Dion not being able to play 2 games that close together, he''d have put in a performance had he started. What Martin is good at is running at defenders, twisting and turning with the ball at his feet. But he isn''t cut out to hold the ball up so the ball keeps coming back at us. It''s happened in several matches lately but it doesn''t look like Peter Grant can see it. I think I''d just about pick Dickson as my man of the match, worked quite hard and scored a great goal. Thought Andy Hughes had a good game too. West Brom were one of the better sides I''ve seen down here this season though, they looked better than Birmingham did.
  4. [quote user="tim howard?"]could he be the next c.martin hes defiately very quick /quote] In the way that Chris Martin isn''t very quick.   [;)]
  5. I think Eagle has got a decent left peg on him, he can deliver a good ball. But I don''t think he''s got a lot else at the moment. He''s clearly short of pace and he''s not exactly got a big build. In the couple of appearances he has had in the first team he''s looked way out of his depth. Definitely needs a loan move next year to see what he''s made of.
  6. [quote user="jimmy500"][quote user="GJP"][quote user="jimmy500"] I must admit that my old dad has a point when he says drop the lot of them and play the kids.  After all a team of hungry 16-18 year olds can''t do any worse than that bunch of overpaid t**s*rs. [/quote] If we played the kids from the start of next season we''d be relegated before Christmas. [/quote] Congratulations for stating the obvious, it was a tongue in cheek quip. Pr*t [/quote] Well I know people who want to see the Norwich team made up of young players so it''s kinda hard to tell that your comment was infact a ''tongue in cheek quip''. It hardly warranted calling me a ''pr*t'' but if makes you feel big then go for it.
  7. [quote user="Shack Attack"][quote user="GJP"] I think most people, who understand the game, know that England fail to perform because a set of top players has fallen into the hands of bad management. An unnatural and unbalanced team isn''t going to perform, no matter who you are. Unfortunately we''re lumbered with a negative manager who can''t pick a team. [/quote] Sorry but I think you''re wrong there. England''s main problem is that although their ''world class'' players look just that in The Premiership this actually means nothing in the world of international football. The Premiership is a unique competition, unlike any other league, that''s why it''s shown in so many countries around the world. It''s exciting, it''s fast paced, possesion is lost one second and then gained back the next. In other words, it''s absolutely nothing like international football and therefore it''s no surprise when players who look ''world class'' in The Premiership fail to carry this form over to international football. If you want an example then just look at Frank Lampard. Scorer of 15+ goals each season in The Premiership because the game suits him, stick him in an England shirt and, with the exception of a few games in Euro 2000, he looks like a fish out of water. It works the other way round as well. Check out Fernando Morientes'' goal scoring record for Spain and various teams in the Champions League. Now does that sound like the same player who played for Liverpool last season? The same goes for Alexander Hleb, many people in football rate him as one of the best midfielders in Europe but in this country he''s portrayed as ''weak'' by the media and thought of as ''not up to The Premiership'' by many fans. Until we change the way the game is played in this country and coach our kids to play a more continental style of football we''ll go on getting bad results against teams who play a different style of football to us. Whilst some people ''who understand the game'' realise this the rest seem content to throw insults at yet another England manager, as this is much more fun than addresing the real issues. [/quote] I can see your point but if you look to these seasons Champions League it''s English clubs that have the strongest representation. Obviously Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool have several England players in their teams and they seem to have no trouble mixing it up with the best in Europe. The recent successes of Man Utd and Liverpool in the Champions League suggest that the English brand of football can compete with anything else out there. If anybody thinks Steve McClaren has got what it takes to be a good manager for England then they''re on another planet. England are suffering because they lack a manager who can pick the right players/formation/system, of that I remain convinced.
  8. [quote user="jimmy500"] I must admit that my old dad has a point when he says drop the lot of them and play the kids.  After all a team of hungry 16-18 year olds can''t do any worse than that bunch of overpaid t**s*rs. [/quote] If we played the kids from the start of next season we''d be relegated before Christmas.
  9. I don''t think you can expect Safri to pick between club and country. If playing internationals causes him to underperform for Norwich then the manager needs to make a decision. But if he still wants to represent his country then that''s up to him.
  10. I guess it all depends what you consider ''proven'' and ''world class'' then.
  11. [quote user="Cobain18"]Lumbered with bad management? funny how that always happens to england isnt it? never the players fault. if you recall i went through the england team and said why they are not good enuf[/quote] No I think in say the mid-late 90s England didn''t quite have the quality of players they needed. I think now most people generally realise that there is alot of talent and quality available to England but Sven and Steve are not the men to get the best out of some very gifted footballers. I know you highlighted that Paul Robinson isn''t the greatest keeper the world has ever seen and I would agree with that. And I know that Lennon hasn''t proven himself to be ''world class'' But what you seemingly fail to realise is that many of those Brazilians you''ve named have also never proven themselves to be world class. It just seems that you are only capable of seeing faults as far as England go. At least I can see what''s wrong with England but can also appreciate where other people fall short. Obviously there''s a couple of Brazilians who you wouldn''t mind in the England team but there''s some English players who''d improve Brazil. Aside from bad management there''s a lot of good out there for English football at the moment. Our squad has plenty of players who play at the very highest level and we have some very talented youngsters coming through the ranks. And you can be sure...going into any major tournament England will be regarded as one of the biggest threats, which is why we were amongst the top 2 or 3 faves to win the last WC. Because people look at us and know we''ve got the quality.
  12. [quote user="Cobain18"] thats where ur wrong, im not a doom merchant - i think norwich will do very well next season, i dont think i no better than everybody else because not everybody appears to be so deluded over why it is that england constantly fail to perform, i am however a realist. the grass is not ALWAYS greener on the other side however england''s form for years has been worse than expected and they havent won anything for years - there is a reason for this. You clearly have run out of logical argument as you have now resorted to insulting me which doesnt prove anything, but i will guarantee you with this set of players england will not win any major tournament despite what the english media may say if we qualify through this group! [/quote] You just haven''t talked to me about football though so it''s difficult to continue this. All you''ve done is said all these Brazilians are better than the equivalent English player but you haven''t actually given any insight as to why you think that. At least I picked out a handful of players and said yeah he can do this but he can''t do that. Shows that I actually understand the game a bit. You''re argument seems to extend to...he''s Brazilian so he''s better. Oh wow look at me I can list the Brazilian squad so therefore I must know what I''m talking about. I''m disappointed by Englands recent form because they have the quality to do better. But also there can be only 1 World Cup winner, just because you don''t win the WC doesn''t mean you''re a bad side. I bet you wouldn''t slate some of the other big nations who haven''t picked up any trophies in recent times. I think most people, who understand the game, know that England fail to perform because a set of top players has fallen into the hands of bad management. An unnatural and unbalanced team isn''t going to perform, no matter who you are. Unfortunately we''re lumbered with a negative manager who can''t pick a team.
  13. [quote user="Cobain18"] well of course media abroad puts focus on their domestic football, however the English media do not know nearly as much about other domestic leagues as the media abroad, i was in Italy for the world cup and instead of focusing purely on their players they actually took the time to look at the oppostion players from different leagues. Even look at the Scottish media and they have a much more balanced view of players from other domestic leagues.   "I''m also glad we''ve got you to englighten us that other countries produce some good footballers too. We''d never know if not." In response to that quote I don''t think you do realise the quality of other players abroad mainly due to the English media as usual, believe me i have been abroad and seen the French, Italian, Spanish, and other media and you will not find any media coverage as biased to their national side or as ignorant about the opposition as the English media! [/quote] No I can''t see that at all. It''s just plainly obvious that all you do is criticise anything English, nothing but a whinging doom merchant. You''re the kind of person who likes to think they know something the rest of us don''t. The English players don''t do this, the English media don''t do that blah blah blah. The grass is always greener on the other side. I''ve seen it a million times before and I''ll see it a million times more.
  14. [quote user="Cobain18"]I dont think that every other team in the world has world class players, i think that there are easily four or five teams in the world who are better than England - for this reason we will never win anything because we don''t have the quality of players they have. I think that the reason English players are so well known and everyone loves them is because most of them play in the premier league (the most exciting league in the world) However they play around foreign players, the majority of who are the best in the world. The English media do not seem to apprreciate a foreign player that plays abroad as they know less about them and theyre less household names in Britain, this doesn''t make them any less of a player. Take Fred as Smudger said, he is an awesome player but isn''t given as much credit as English players because people don''t see him week in and week out [/quote] "I think the reason English players are so well known and everyone loves them is because most of them play in the premier league" Well...terrific insight there. I''m also glad we''ve got you to englighten us that other countries produce some good footballers too. We''d never know if not. I''m relatively sure ''The English media'' know a good footballer when they see one. But I don''t think there''s enough hours in the day to spread their focus to every single professional player in the world. Therefore they tend to concentrate on players and teams wh actually mean something to people in this country. Unless of course you think it''d be a good idea for your Sunday supplement to be a roundup of the games from the Turkish championship. I''m not particularly well travelled but I imagine if you go to other countries the media there tries to put focus on their domestic football. Oh and also...maybe just maybe...because of the more intense media focus on domestic football players are more critically scrutinised and therefore the fans are made more aware of faults and errors. I wonder if Fred would still appear to be as ''awesome'' if you saw him play a full 38 fixture season in a more competitive league and also if he wasn''t Brazilian but from a more bland footballing country.
  15. [quote user="Smudger"] Fred is more than pretty good in my opinion!!! [/quote] Yeah I think Fred is a pretty nifty player. I haven''t watched him loads and loads though so I won''t pretend that I know all about him. Got some good touches on him though and knows where the goal is, will be interesting to see if he goes to play in 1 of the big boys leagues.
  16. [quote user="Cobain18"] no no GJP, i do know these players, so i presume that either you don''t know these players OR as i suspected you have a highly inflated deluded idea of the England national team players skill. The English media make sure that every England fan does, everyone needs to get this idea out of their head that we are that good. Robinson is not world class, Rooney is only 20 and dissapoints more than produces, we don''t have a top class let alone world class partner for him. We do not have a world class left winger, Aaron Lennon has not proven himself to be world class, his dribbling is awesome but he lacks a final ball, gerrard is world class in CENTRAL midfield, the amount of goals Lampard scores at club level is world class but he is not an all round world class midfielder and does not score for England. I could go on but the fact is whatever anyone says, we are not individually good enuf! Oh and btw Ronaldo has been top class a Milan, and yes I have seen him so I suggest you watch him and a few other players I mentioned GJP [/quote] You definitely make some good points about where England fall short, however, nobody is perfect and there isn''t an international side out there without it''s faults. You only have to look back at Brazils tame efforts at the WC to see that all those big name stars don''t always do what they''re supposed to. I don''t ''have a highly inflated deluded idea of the England national team players skill'' because a little bit of common sense will tell you that most of those players play for big big clubs at a very high level and therefore those players have got quality and ability without question. All Englands problems stem from the manager, in my opinion. We''ve got the players, without doubt, to cause any team in the world problems but we need someone incharge who can make it work. And also I think if you read what I say about players and how I pick strengths and weaknesses in their game it''d be fairly clear that I know a bit about what I''m talking about. I mean you suggest that I should watch some of the players you mentioned but if you go back to my previous post you can clearly see that I can pick out a few players and give an opinion on them. I just like to try and see things a bit more evenly, but if you want to carry on thinking that every other country in the world has a world class player in every position then you do that.
  17. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] ive got a bet on him, placed in august, to become top scorer this season in the league! i hope he comes back scoring as i still have a chance of winning my money! jas :) [/quote] Me too, got it at 10/1
  18. [quote user="Cobain18"] gjp, no one rivals us for quality? look at the other teams in the world this kind of delusion is y everyone is always so dissapointed when england lose. the only thing i can think is that maybe u aren''t aware of som freign players. just as an example look at brazil''s 1st team squad:    1 Nelson Dida 2 Marcos Cafu 3 Ferreira Lucio 4 Silveira Juan 5 Fereira da Rosa Emerson 6 Roberto Carlos 7 Leite Adriano 8 Ricardo Kaka 9 Luiz Ronaldo 10 Gaucho Ronaldinho 11 Jose Ze Roberto 12 Rogerio Ceni 13 Joao Cicinho 14 Anderson Luisao 15 Cristiano Cris 16 Da Silva Gilberto 17 Gilberto Silva 18 Jose Gomes Edmilson 19 Juninho Pernambucano 20 Luis Ricardinho 21 Chaves Fred 22 Soares Julio Cesar 23 De Souza Robinho the fact is that this team is just better than england''s whichever way you look at it, robinho, fred, ricardinho, gilberto, cicinho, ze roberto, ronaldinho, ronaldo, kaka, adriano, carlos, emerson, lucio, cafu and dida and juan would all stroll into our team, so i really can''t see why you think England have the quality. [/quote] This is what I''m talking about - you''re just naming names. You don''t know these players games. There''s only two world class players in that group - Ronaldinho and Riccy Kaka. Although obviously Cafu was outstanding in his prime and Ronaldo used to be awesome. Let''s pick some names...Emerson...good footballer but nothing special - lacks a yard of pace. Cicinho....ultra athletic but can''t defend when used as a right-back or wing-back and his end product going forward is very much hit and miss. Adriano... once rumoured in the media to be worth £60mil but that''s a lot of money for a player who can only use 1 foot, has no pace and is prone to long spells without a goal. Lucio...known to be caught out of position, however, on his day he can be immense. Ricardinho...has largely failed to succeed at any decent level, although he does use the ball well I think. Robinho...fantastic dribbler of the ball but let down by being too lightweight, having inconsistent end product and being too selfish. So no...it''s not really a ''fact'' that it''s better than England. You''re one of those typical people who go on about the superior art of football on the continent or in South America but really know very little about the players you praise up.
  19. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] no place in my squad for the over rated Ferdinand, [/quote] Just wondering...how is Rio Ferdinand overrated? He''s first choice central defender for pretty much the biggest club in the world that currently sits top of the (arguably) the worlds best/strongest league. He is one of the best in the world in his position, that''s why he''s got to where he has.
  20. I''m guessing the reason he has played so many games is because he''s decent in the air, he just about has enough pace and he can actually play the ball quite well with both feet. It''s also a well known fact that since Woodgate left Newcastle have remained a Premiership club and have played in contintental competition.   And well you know... Djimi Traore has actually played in the European Cup final for one of the worlds greatest clubs and actually came out of it victorious. Clearly the mark of a poor player who would never be good enough for Norwich. Use a bit of common sense, players who have played at that level have done so because they have a bit of ability. Very rarely do you get that far in the game if you''re not up to it.
  21. England clearly don''t lack quality players, a large majority of our first choice players play for the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. All players that play at the very top of the game. So really...just that bit of common sense says we don''t lack quality. What we lack is a manager who has the ability to pick the best players in the best positions that allows the team to function well. If we had a better manager England wouldn''t need to fear anyone because nobody rivals us for quality. I know people will bang on about Brazil or Argentina or something like that but nobody really has anything much better than us. People often say that we have a tendency to overrate the quality of our players but the same is true of people who think there''s half a dozen or a dozen international sides out there that seem to have a world class player in every position. Oh and just for anybody who seems to think Peter Crouch is our best striking option/scores goals....look at his record. He can bang in hundreds against any really weak side but when it''s against the more established sides he generally produces very little. He''s good against the average and average against the good. Michael Owen is still the best goalscorer this country has.
  22. [quote user="deano"] word was at the stoke game that we''ve had a 1.5 million bid from middlesboro for shackell. its quite a bit of money but i don''t see why he''d wan''t to go there. [/quote] If he did want to go there I''m guessing it''d be because they''re a fairly big club that plays in the Premiership and aren''t short of a few quid. Just a guess though.  
  23. [quote user="jjohnny"]Why would you like to see someone who is prone to errors in the team?.My god he''s the last player i would want to see at norwich[/quote] How many Norwich players have played as much Premiership football as he has for a big club?
  24. We''ll all get to see how good Shacks really is in the years to come anyways. If you look at say Lescott, Dawson and Davenport they''re all young centrebacks from this league who (biggish) Premiership clubs were prepared to pay money for. If he never gets any further than a club like Norwich then we''ll all know he''s just ordinary.
  25. Should be in the senior squad, he''s a more natural footballer than Lampard and he''s got more to his game than Downing. But this is Steve McClaren who is completely and utterly clueless.    
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