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  1. More realistically the left back area isn''t great. Clearly not a natural position for Stiepermann. Husband has looked average at best. Lewis may be the answer but is totally unproven and untested.
  2. He''s quite clearly a good footballer. You can see that from the way he uses the ball. But he has needed time to adapt to the league (which many haven''t allowed him) and he has been deployed in positions that don''t suit him best. He was our best midfielder at Cardiff and he had another good game against SW so the signs are there that he can play at this level and has something to offer.
  3. I thought Maddison was very good 2nd half but I thought the goal was a fairly easy chance, it wasn''t a real tight angle. Think the ''keeper will be disappointed to let that in, it was a nice height.
  4. Off form at the moment but Oliveira is just miles and miles better than RVW.
  5. Angus. For both his ability now and his potential.
  6. Has it not become obvious over the last few weeks that we need Tettey in the team for as many games as possible?
  7. I thought he said he wouldn''t apply for the job but not that he wouldn''t want the job. Pretty sure he said he has made his money so it''d be about if the club came to him and if he fancied it.
  8. Morris isn''t even in the top 20 scorers in League 1. If he wasn''t a Norwich player would anyone want us to bring him in?
  9. Yup. Similarly you see players who try to take responsibility but make a mistake get more stick than those who hide away and take the easy way out.
  10. Ability wise....good luck finding a better striker than him. But if he doesn''t want to be here then so be it. He could make the World Cup squad and you could hardly blame him for wanting out of a midtable Championship club for the chance of going to the WC.
  11. Lack of goals and attacking intent combined with a mixed bag defensively.... Hard to know how people can take many positives from it. I''m sure Farke would like it to be better. But doesn''t mean he can make it better. It''s not as if he''s got a proven track record at this kind of level. There''s nothing substantial you can really look at and say "He''ll turn this around". But we ***hope*** that he will.
  12. Wildschut featured quite a bit in the good run but has hardly been seen in the bad run. Pretty sure he started the last time we won.
  13. Yeah I think it''s pretty obvious Pritchard is more dangerous in the final third.
  14. I don''t think there are many clubs out there where someone could go in and say "Actually you''ve got everything spot on. No changes or improvements required."
  15. Hang on, have we been over-paying underperforming players?
  16. Whenever I see our line-up I ask myself who I would be worried about if I was an opposing defender or defensively minded player. Is Maddison running past me? No. Vrancic? No. Hoolahan? No. Stiepermann on the right wing? No bother there. Josh Murphy? Well he''s got a bit of pace and a trick but he doesn''t battle for the ball.
  17. I can remember Yanic started the game at Portman Road and caused them a few problems. And we won. I can''t be bothered to do it but it''d be interesting to see something like how many games started/minutes played Yanic had in the good run compared to the bad run.
  18. If Yanic had the final ball to match his pace and power he probably wouldn''t be playing for us. Similarly if some of our ball players had pace they wouldn''t be playing for us. But you have to get the balance/blend right and our midfield seems too much of one thing. Pace worries defenders. And just getting the ball into the right area can be of benefit.
  19. He''s got more of a free hit with Sunderland though. Can blame errors of the past/state of the finances if he doesn''t do anything with them and if takes them up the league he''s done well. WBA he''s got to keep them in the league and improve the style.
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