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  1. Quite impressive so far. I think criticism of his final ball is a bit unfair. He looks to me like he''s generally trying to find the right ball rather than just hoping. Although sometimes a winger does just have to try to put it into an area.
  2. Pinto or Tettey would go in there. No drama.
  3. I would be very happy if we can find a way to keep him.
  4. I like Reed but I wouldn''t pick him as first choice in any position. As for the comparison to Pinto... If people look at the Bolton game two things were notable: 1) We lacked an attacking thrust down the right side because Reed offers almost nothing going forward. Pinto does. 2) When Bolton did start to get some joy it was because they started to target Reed.
  5. Doesn''t matter where owners come from. There are just good owners and bad owners.
  6. Sessegnon is still only 17. Ridiculous when you consider what he''s done so far. He will get a Prem move. No doubt.
  7. Sounds like make believe to get some clicks or the club trying to spin it.
  8. If the money is right it''s a no brainer to keep him.
  9. If he''s better than Huddersfield why isn''t he getting in the team? He''s a top end Champs and lower end Prem player.
  10. Although he wasn''t under pressure he showed that he could pick the lock and we have lacked that at times this season. Great vision and awareness.
  11. And Lallana had proven himself in the Prem.
  12. Just playing their cards close to their chest and lowering expectation. Usual stuff.
  13. Disagree. I''d rather use the money to buy 2 or 3 quality additions and improve the squad as a whole.
  14. I would be amazed if anyone pays north of £20m for him.
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